Lifetime Income Report – Scam or a Legitimate Way To Earn [Review]

We recently stumbled across an investment opportunity known as lifetime income report. If you're wondering if it's really worth a shot or if it's a scam, stay with us. We will uncover the secrets in our review.

It is a monthly investment newsletter by Agora Financial which is all about investing in stock dividends. His sales pitch makes it look like the real money maker but that's not the case though. No such system is that 'simple'. Without further do, let's dive in.

The Big Book of Income's Sales Pitch

The big book of income is a pre-sales pitch which the company Agora Financial uses for promoting the Lifetime Income Report. The book claims to be sharing '47 secrets' which the wealthy use to grow their income exponentially. 

These are the secrets the book claims to feature:

  • Earn 12x interest from your savings account
  • Get a 7% dividend on gold which is their 'secret sauce'
  • Make 35 dollars an hour while you walk on the beach
  • Make more money with social security
The big book of income reviews

This book was written by Zachary Scheidt who publishes a lot of newsletters for the company. Nothing against the book, but if you do your due diligence, it's pretty obvious it's mostly hype and the results you will get won't be close to the bold claims they make.

Yes, There's a Catch!

This book is more like a lead magnet which encourages visitors to grab a copy, and is not free!

The book only comes in hardcover and they ask you to cover the shipping expenses. There's no way you would get the book without paying $4.95 shipping. This is one reason some say you should stay away from the big book of income scam.

Lifetime Income Report

You're required to grab the physical book - it's a tactic they use to get sales. They are asking for a micro commitment from the end users by asking to pay for the book so they can probably buy other products from the same company later on.

That's how the company operates. Get in people at a lower price tag, and then the game of upselling begins!

Only 450 Copies Left?!

That again is not true. They are showing fake scarcity so that lures you into grabbing the book and their chances of closing the sale are higher as a result. Most big book of income reviews miss this fact.

The big book of income scam

By the looks of it, Agora Financial's only goal is to profit from their customers - including YOU! With LIR, we didn't really like why they use timers on the checkout page too.

Again, that's a marketing tactic and you can still order from them when the timer runs to zero. Simply refresh the page and the clock restarts. That's hardly considered ethical and scammers do it all the time!

So, What Is The Lifetime Income Report?

Life-time Income Report is a newsletter written by Zachary Scheidt who is an employee of the firm Agora Financial.  His focus is mainly on investments which offer the biggest dividends. 

Lifetime Income Report:
Review Summary
Creator: Agora Financial/Zachary Scheidt
Cost: $99 per year

He takes it a step further and says it's like having a full team of financial experts by your side. That's a pretty bold claim right there. 

It comes at a price tag of $99 per year which is not that expensive but things don't work the way they show it. The buyers are hardly on the same page because of the unrealistic claims they make - 'they never disclose stuff like how much you need to invest'. 

After some investigation, we found some reviews from their customers which tell otherwise and it's obvious they're not very happy.

These people seem rather upset and we're not surprised.

Conclusion: Is Lifetime Income Report a Scam?

LIR is not a scam but the means through which they market their product is not very ethical. Also, most of it is pure hype and they choose to keep buyers in the 'dark' by not sharing absolutely everything but promising the riches instead.

That alone influences our conclusion. We prefer honesty over anything else and if they were a bit realistic, we might have recommended their newsletter service. 

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