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How to Make Money Reselling Tickets: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you want to know how people make steady income through ticket brokering? This guide offers complete insight into the lucrative realm of reselling tickets – from buying tickets at their original cost and then selling them for a higher price to mastering techniques that guarantee success. With it, one can make money by easily reselling tickets and overcoming any challenge.

Key Takeaways

  • Ticket reselling is a profitable industry with commonalities to stock trading.
  • Essential tools and strategies are needed to become successful, such as understanding the fees and policies of online marketplaces.
  • Advanced techniques like leveraging analytics tools and exploring niche markets can help maximize profits in the ticket brokering industry.

The Profitable World of Ticket Reselling

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Many individuals have found financial success as ticket resellers, buying tickets for events and selling them at a higher price. Reselling concert tickets is an especially popular side venture for making money. You should look to sell the tickets for 30-50% more than what they originally cost. How did this concept of ticket brokering or ‘touting’ become such a great way to make extra cash?

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It all began with street scalpers attempting to capitalize on reselling event passes— but eventually evolved into its current digital marketplace form!

The rise of online ticket brokering

The practice of reselling tickets for a profit has been revolutionized by the internet, as opposed to traditional street corner scalping. Ticket brokering is now commonplace, and it enables brokers or individuals wishing to buy or sell spare tickets at competitive prices, essentially trading them to capitalize on high-demand events.

But while partaking in this industry can be lucrative, one must also understand its legal implications and ethical responsibilities when selling these highly sought-after tickets.

Comparing ticket reselling to stock trading

When it comes to reselling tickets, there are lots of parallels with stock trading, such as needing knowledge and a sense of timing for maximum profits. To ensure they’re making wise decisions when buying or selling event passes, ticket resellers must know demand levels, cost trends, and potential dangers.

One must stay aware of applicable charges and policies due to the monetary risks those investing in this area take. Analytics tools can also help sellers maximize their revenues by revealing market dynamics and chance details.

Getting Started: Essential Tools and Strategies

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To be successful as a ticket reseller, one requires essential tools and techniques. Having a computer with a dependable internet connection and a three-column spreadsheet for recording buys, sales, and profit margins is paramount.

But how can someone decide which events or tickets are most profitable? And what measures must they take to form contacts in the industry who supply them with these items?

Choosing the right events and tickets

To be successful in this industry, it is essential to identify the most profitable events and tickets for resale. Look at ticketing websites to check availability or if there’s a great demand for people looking out for those particular ones.

An ideal demographic that may give you more profit would likely comprise middle-aged men and women, who usually have more cash than college students.

Thus, focus on activities like concerts of popular classic rock bands, closeout tours, or operas so that these wealthy individuals can pay hefty prices for such tickets, ultimately increasing your chances of profits significantly.

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Building relationships with ticket sources

Establishing connections with ticket providers, such as fan clubs and venue memberships, can give you access to exclusive offers and early sales of tickets. These include presale passes, which can be acquired at a discounted rate when buying through the club or associated organizations.

There may even be complimentary pre-release ones available, too! To benefit from these possibilities, it’s important that one buys via those sources whenever possible so no deals are missed out on.

Before subscribing to any fan club, sign up for a fan club. Make sure terms & conditions are carefully reviewed – check for fees applicable upon membership renewal and opportunities accessible during preferential times like pre-sale periods. Establishing relationships in this manner puts you ahead in the ticket reselling market and allows you to purchase prime items for profitable resale.

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Navigating Online Ticket Marketplaces

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Successful ticket resellers must be adept at navigating the online ticket marketplace. With many options, selecting a platform that works best for you while understanding each’s fees and guidelines will help maximize profits. Being proficient in elevating visibility and sales on these sites is essential to ensure success with your re-selling endeavors.

Understanding fees and policies

The fees associated with ticket reselling can vary depending on the service employed, typically lying within 10-15% of a given ticket’s cost. Knowing exactly what one platform or service charges is key in deciding which fits your specific needs best. Investigating multiple online marketplaces for tickets to identify the ones most profitable and suitable for you should also be considered while selling tickets.

Maximizing visibility and sales

Optimizing your ticket reselling business involves strategic pricing and effective listing techniques. To maximize visibility, start by researching market averages for similar tickets, then adjust the prices according to demand levels with proximity to the event in mind.

When it comes to listings, make sure they are comprehensive, including high-quality images and detailed descriptions, as well as discounts or promotions that could attract customers. By taking these steps into account, you can ensure success when selling tickets on online marketplaces.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

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For a ticket reseller, it is critical to grasp the legal and ethical issues within this profession. While often allowed in many places, regulations may differ based on locality.

Some people might see selling tickets as an evil act. Hence, understanding between honest re-selling of tickets and scalping becomes important for maintaining compliance with local laws while avoiding any negative view from others.

Staying compliant with local laws

Strict adherence to local laws is critical for ticket resellers as ordinances fluctuate depending on state and nation. California and Ohio, not including the venue grounds, are Open to permit ticket resale transactions.

Knowing exactly what regulations apply in your region is important so that legal issues can be avoided successfully. For assistance with understanding different rules by state, SeatGeek provides a useful chart that may prove advantageous for those who sell tickets online professionally or privately.

Differentiating between ethical reselling and scalping

Ticket resellers should strive to provide customers with a valuable service while following all applicable legal guidelines for their business practices to be viewed as ethical. This means avoiding selling excessively expensive items, which can prevent others from acquiring them due to financial constraints.

Although the line between scalping and legitimate reselling is somewhat blurry, acting responsibly will help ticket sellers maintain goodwill within the industry and separate themselves from unscrupulous vendors.

Overcoming Challenges and Risks in Ticket Reselling

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As with any business, ticket reselling poses certain risks and difficulties. Verifying tickets are genuine and being aware of the changing market environment are important elements for successful long-term practices in this field, especially if you’re doing it as a profession.

With the correct information and necessary steps taken ahead of time, these obstacles can be managed by those looking to succeed in the resell tickets sector.

Ensuring ticket authenticity

When reselling tickets, verifying their authenticity is essential to avert fraud and secure a good standing in the ticket-selling business. To ensure the legitimacy of your goods, inspect the barcode carefully, use an authentication service specifically for tickets, and validate that it has been obtained from a reliable source.

Failing to confirm authentic tickets can lead to potential penalties, financial loss or harm one’s reputation, making those steps necessary when attempting to sell bona fide items.

Managing market volatility

Ticket reselling requires effective management of market volatility. Keeping abreast of demand, prices, and potential risks can help you make sound decisions to protect your profits from losses.

A good approach is diversifying assets by distributing ticket inventories among different events or venues for risk reduction. Close tracking of marketplace trends, proactive adjustments in pricing, and inventory strategies are crucial to optimizing earnings while keeping any possible expenses at bay.

Advanced Techniques for Successful Ticket Brokering

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By using modern tactics such as employing analytics technology and focusing on particular markets, you can greatly grow your ticket reselling business. These approaches enable you to maximize profits while taking unrivaled chances in the field.

Leveraging analytics tools

Ticket resellers can take advantage of analytics tools to guide their decisions, improve pricing strategies, and spot profitable prospects. Ticketflipping Toolbox, ClearEvent’s ticket management software, TicketSpice’s event ticketing platform, and ShowClix’s analytics options are a few examples available for this purpose.

With these assets at hand, they can analyze various metrics like customer demography or trends in the sale of tickets. Hence enabling them to make informed choices while aiming to get optimal results from their investments. Such insights provide an ideal method for maximizing gains through proficiently juggling different facets that touch upon successful ticket reselling operations.

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Expanding into niche markets

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Ticket resellers may find some success in branching out into lesser known markets. Targeting particular genres of events or those not commonly promoted can be one way to do this.

Selling tickets for occurrences that have an appeal abroad is also a worthwhile strategy worth exploring. By tapping these underserved niches, you could distinguish yourself from rivals and create new revenue streams simultaneously.


This guide has gone in-depth on the lucrative field of ticket reselling, providing you with strategies and techniques necessary to become a successful ticket reseller. With diligence and enthusiasm for following the best practices highlighted here, there is great potential for one to profit from this industry if one properly utilizes their resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying and reselling tickets a good way to make money?

When looking into how to make money through reselling tickets, the cost of acquisition and pricing strategies must be considered. This venture can provide a 10-20% profit margin per ticket sold, depending on the ticket demand. Thus making it a very lucrative undertaking if managed correctly.

How much do ticket resellers make a year?

Ticket resellers can make up to $44,766 a year, depending on the company and sales.

Are ticket resellers illegal?

According to the federal Better Online Ticket Sales Act of 2016, using bot technology to resell tickets is unlawful. The legality of ticket reselling may differ from state to state, but it remains a criminal offense in most places.

How do I get started in ticket reselling?

To begin ticket reselling, you need the right tools, such as a computer and internet access. Look into upcoming events and discover details about tickets on different online marketplaces. To ensure success in this venture, it is important to form connections with reliable ticket sources and then use a spreadsheet that tracks every purchase, sale, or profit made.

How can I ensure ticket authenticity?

In order to confirm a ticket’s legitimacy, one should analyze the barcode as well as use an authentication service and verify its source.

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