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If you have just graduated from a film school and looking for the best-paying jobs in the entertainment industry, Mandy is a wonderful resource to find relevant jobs. Whether you’re an actor, music professional, dancer, or voiceover artist, this site can land you your desired job.

But is Mandy legit or a scam? In this reviews, we will mention what the company is, its pros & cons, and whether or not you should use it.

What is Mandy?

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Mandy is a great website committed to bringing together the largest network of music experts, theater production professionals, actors, and employers from the entertainment sector. This is one of the world’s top career and job networks. With more than 3.19 million members from all sections of the entertainment field, the Mandy Network can be your one-stop shop to find a wide range of high-paying acting jobs.

Mandy is also an online job platform for people with not much knowledge in making contacts and finding paid jobs. The focus of this site is to offer paid work or opportunities to all the people building a career in the entertainment sector.

Be it actors, film & TV crew, backstage theater, voiceover artists, dancers, singers, or others, all creative professionals can use this great resource to receive job alerts and emails. Join this amazingly working platform and be ready to network and find your desired work in the entertainment field.

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The Mandy Network History

Mandy Homepage Screenshot or the Mandy Network was founded by Mandy (its creator). Mandy formed a directory of TV technicians in the United States in 1990 to assist producers who wanted to film internationally. In 1996, the directory went online as

After that, in 2003, a young graduate actor from the UK asked her brother for assistance in getting an acting job. This gave his brother an idea, and he teamed up with a colleague and developed the CCP (Casting Pro Call) series of casting websites under the Blue Compass corporate banner during the next few years.

The casting sites included Total Talent, Stage Jobs Pro, KCCP (Kids Casting Call Pro), Dancers Pro, Singers Pro, Film and TV Pro, Music Network Pro, and Voices Pro.

There were a lot of noteworthy developments between 2015 and 2017. Blue Compass, a UK corporation purchased Mandy and renamed it The Mandy Network Ltd. Simultaneously, the new suite of sites replaced the outdated and CCP websites.

Early in 2021, Mandy and StarNow were both acquired by a leading private equity company TA Associates, and the executive management of the New York talent platform Backstage. Reviews: Products and Services

Man Holding A Camera And Fimling An Actor

Mandy is a platform that helps connect dancers, singers, actors, theater professionals, voiceover artists, and other performers to professionals looking to hire people to work on movie sets, TV studios, theatrical organizations, training facilities, and more.

Employers do not pay any fee to Mandy to advertise so many jobs or utilize any of the platform’s services. Additionally, agents and other individuals get access to thousands of exclusive opportunities on the Mandy portal. As per the information provided by the platform, more than 2.3 million professional creatives use the site to find work.

The Mandy Casting Quality

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You can access the Opportunities page through the free membership option; this is a platform for low-paying castings and employment open to every individual with a free account. As you can anticipate, the casting here is of low quality.

However, if you are a paying member, you have access to all the job positions in the directory. You will hardly find major or minor roles on Mandy listed by professional organizations or large-scale productions.

Instead, you will discover low-budget feature and short films, student productions, commercial work, and independent projects. Large organizations may frequently offer listings on Mandy for general call-outs that are not specific to the website.

You may also find corporate employment, which we usually refer to as “acting lite” work. This type of employment includes coordinating a kid’s birthday party, resenting TikTok content, and acting in promotional videos.

How Much Does Mandy Cost?

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Unlike other casting websites, Mandy has not clearly stated its membership fees. You can create a free profile with them before unlocking their membership fees. The reason for this is still unclear. However, you have nothing to worry about as Mandy is a legit platform and is not a scam.

Sometimes, the website gives out special offers. For instance, if you recommend a new subscriber to the service, you may receive a certain period of free membership.

You get to try it out for free for 30 days after signing up without giving your credit card information. You also get the option to retain your free profile after the trial has expired. Alternatively, you can subscribe for a specific time before returning to the free profile.

Mandy’s monthly fee turns less expensive if you sign up for a one-year membership than taking a one-month subscription separately. New members get a cooling-off time based on the stated Terms and Conditions.

Additionally, if you wish to subscribe to more than two websites inside The Mandy Network Ltd family, you will receive a discount. They give you this option to address the issue of performers having to pay separately to avail of acting and voiceover jobs.

To directly request information about this discount, you have to send an email to the company. It is unclear why. In the end, you are free to subscribe at any time as per your requirements.

Why Opt for Premium Membership? Help Page Screenshot Help Page Screenshot

With the free version, you can create a personal profile and include a photo, showreel, measurements, and skills. You can also add training, credits, and other details. On the other hand, as a premium member, you can add up to 20 media files and 20 images.

As a free member, you will see the headline of the job post on your jobs board, together with the age and gender requirements. In addition, you will automatically receive email job notifications. However, to click on these positions and go through the job details, you must have a premium service. Guides Page Screenshot Guides Page Screenshot

The numerous top-notch guides offered on the website are all accessible for free. You will also find plenty of fascinating news articles and information about producers, actors, cinematographers, and directors on how their careers began.

But you need a subscription if you want to use the directories. You can receive frequent discounts offered by professionals like in these directory listings.

Remember, subscribers receive some extra attention on the website. On the right-hand side of each page, you will see a detailed explanation of the subscriber’s name displayed beneath one headshot and one link to a showreel. You never know when your information gets displayed on the employer’s or a casting director’s screen.

Subscribers will also receive detailed information about who viewed their profile. You will be able to see the number of views on your free profile, but you will not get any information about the viewer.

Additionally, Mandy organizes many networking events exclusively open to premium members. These members can also use the website to look for an agent.

How to Get Work Through Mandy? Jobs Screenshot

Having updated and accurate profiles is one thing professionals can do to improve their chances of landing jobs on Mandy. So do you have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that will help you stand out from the competition? And does it appear on your profile?

To get the right and high-paying job, you must have good training, experience, credentials, a strong showreel, and the appropriate qualities. Once you’ve checked all these characteristics, you can apply to the right advertisement or brief based on what you can offer.

Some artists create their Mandy profile, pay the monthly subscription fee, and then their agent submits their work for any briefs that match. This is how other platforms like Spotlight often operate. However, unlike Spotlight, Mandy allows everyone to submit their profiles whether or not they have an agent.

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Pros and Cons of Mandy

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Every job network has its advantages and disadvantages, and Mandy is no exception. Whether you’re an actor, voice artist, or dancer, you must know the pros and cons of this job site before making an account.

Pros of Mandy

  • A great resource to find recent acting work.
  • Quite easy to use with no complicated attributes.
  • Comes with multiple in-built site features that help professional performers create impressive profiles to get lucrative offers.

Cons of Mandy

  • Members have to pay a hefty amount to upgrade to a premium account to get relevant auditions.
  • Poor customer service.

When to Be Cautious of Casting Websites?

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One should approach free casting call websites with the same caution they would while looking for any other source. Always remember, like other aspects of the entertainment industry, casting also plays a crucial role.

Firstly, bear in mind that the word “free” doesn’t always imply all services are entirely free. Several websites do charge for their premium services. Although these services are frequently well worth the cost and abide by the minimum industry standard rates, don’t be shocked if you eventually reach some form of limit. Like many other things, nothing is ever truly “free.”

Furthermore, it is crucial to know that not all free casting services employ a rigorous verification procedure. Therefore, both an actor or a performer should be careful about who and where they send their portfolios. Here are some red flags to look out for on casting websites:

1. Promising Stardom 

A Famous Person Getting Clicked By Paparazzi

Even though you might not want to hear, reliable casting platforms do not ensure success or fame. Of course, they want to offer all the beneficial resources they can, but they also realize it is reckless to make such fake promises. This applies to both free and paid casting platforms. So be aware of all the sites making fake promises of stardom.

2. Promising High Salary 

A Person'S Hands Holding Dollars Bills

There’s a strong chance that an advertisement that says, “Earn $500 each day as an extra, no experience necessary,” is a scam. These kinds of assurances are warning signs for casting websites, so proceed cautiously.

For instance, in Los Angeles, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) salary for extras is around $150 per day. And that is the due-paying members’ rate. Non-union positions can substantially have lower pay. You can visit the SAG-AFTRA website to receive further details regarding daily acting fees.

3. Craigslist Casting Call Ads

Craiglist Website Casting Call Search Screenshot
Craiglist Website Screenshot

In major markets, production companies utilize casting agencies with a solid reputation to find extras for their productions. These organizations do not run classified advertisements, Craigslist ads, or street corner flyer distribution campaigns. For example, you generally shouldn’t pursue a Craigslist ad claiming to represent Universal or NBC.

4. Calls for Urgent Casting and Immediate Auditions

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While reputable casting websites and agencies may sometimes conduct last-minute casting calls, they often request resumes and headshots from actors before the actual audition. Always watch out for postings that do not adhere to this process.

5. Suspicious Identities

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Run away if you come across an advertisement that says, “Amazing casting company recruiting in a haunted, abandoned warehouse after 10 pm.”

Big and legitimate market agencies will never go undercover or make themselves available in the middle of the night. Or, for that matter, conduct auditions in an abandoned warehouse.

Additionally, unclear contact details are typically a solid indicator of fraud. Always remember casting firms have trustworthy websites. You can enter a casting website’s URL into Who Is Hosting This if you’re unsure of it.

You can find out when and who built the site through this service. You will never have an issue connecting with people in the industry if the casting agency is trustworthy.

6. WANTED: All Types, Ethnicities, and Age Groups

Women With Different Ethnicities

Most roles call for a certain appearance. No one would likely be a good fit for the role of a free-casting website that says it would be right for everyone. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the opportunity you are interested in has a clear description of the role you’ll give auditions for.

Final Thoughts

It’s no surprise that Mandy is the world’s number 1 jobs and career network for people in the industry. And most reviews you will find on the internet have something positive to say about the website.

Millions of employers and job seekers use this platform to network and find jobs. Though there are some negative sides to Mandy, this still makes it easy for everyone to reach the best talent worldwide and access thousands of jobs & castings.

However, like any other job platform, there’s no guarantee of success. It is recommended to do your research and take the necessary steps to end up with quality job postings. As mentioned above, you need to upgrade your account to access the best, high-paying opportunities.


Is Mandy free?

Well, Mandy offers both Free and Premium memberships. People with free membership can create an account and access the Opportunities section. However, those looking to have direct access to all jobs and apply for listed castings have to upgrade to the premium membership. Everyone has to pay a certain amount for that.

Who owns the Mandy network?

The Mandy Network has become a member of the Backstage family since 2021. However, services are separate. Also, you need to invest in each platform separately to get access to more features and opportunities to help you boost your career.

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