Is MOBE a Scam? (YES, Already Shut Down By FTC!)

June 2018 Update:

Matt Lloyd's My Own Business Education/MOBE has been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission for their fraudulent business education program and now we can confirm MOBE is a SCAM! 

We never really recommended the program to our readers anyway since the training they offered was way TOO overpriced and not many were doing well with them.

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What Is MOBE?

MOBE stands for My Online Business Education. It is was a company which offered training which could help you achieve success both offline and online. It was geared towards small business owners/entrepreneurs. They had a wide range of different membership options which had their own perks.

The base price/front-end price was $49 and had a lot of upsells depending on the user's needs & requirements. MOBE offered a lot of resources which included:

  • Video training (including webinars)
  • 1-1 coaching, done for you/DFY funnels, 1-1 support
  • Live Events
  • Facebook group support

They used to offer a lot of training courses on their homepage and on the marketplace. (both are now shut down)

On the marketplace, you could even host your own online course and let other affiliates promote your stuff and earn commissions on sales they send your way.

The Courses

Not just online business, their online training also covered a lot of other topics. Some of them included:

  • Email marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Facebook ads
  • WordPress
  • Sales funnels
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership
  • Consulting
  • Investing in stocks
  • Tax Liens Mastery
  • Public Speaking

Every course had its own price point with some starting from $20 and some going up to a couple thousand dollars. It was not a one-time payment for membership and you get everything as a bundle.

If you need to learn three things out of these, you'd have to purchase three courses, and it was a little too overpriced for our liking.

For instance, this personal development course came at $97. Not many are willing to spend that much money on a mindset course when there are a lot of good resources available on YouTube for free!

How Did It Work?

My Online Business Empire utilized the affiliate marketing business model to promote their online courses. Following are the only ways with which one could make money with MOBE:

Promoting MOBE courses as an affiliate

Recruit people so they promote MOBE as an affiliate (called consultant)

They had a wildly profitable affiliate program in place which utilized an MLM structure.

Final Words

You might be wondering why do you see a conclusion this soon and we didn't even throw in some light on the 5 core training programs of MOBE, sales partner program, and their compensation plans.

That's because MOBE has already been shut down by the FTC in June 2018 and any training/compensation plans they had is now obsolete and irrelevant. It will make no sense for us to still have the related information on our website as it may only deceive our readers in case they missed the FTC update.

Looking for a SCAM-FREE, NO-BS way to make money online?

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