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Money Calendar Pro Review – Is Tom Gentile’s Program Any Good?

Money Calendar Pro or simply Money Calendar is a trading subscription offered by Tom Gentile in conjunction with Money Map Press LLC.

The signals service comes in at a whopping $4,995 per year using which you can turn $12,000 into $162,000 per year (as per the service creator).

So, is the retirement money machine, as Tom calls it even legit? Or is Money Calendar a scam you should be wary of? That’s what we’ll cover in this brief review.

Money Calendar Pro Review

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Money Calendar Pro is an annual subscription service offered by an options trader Tom Gentile. Tom is a successful investor with a good track record. That being said, trading is a risky business and is a zero-sum game. In other words, for one winner, there’s always a loser in a trade.

Money Calendar Pro

There’s a fair chance you could make money if you follow the rules and use a good strategy. Markets are ever-changing and past performance is no guarantee of future results. But you can also blow your account and lose it all because of fear and greed.

According to Tom Gentile, exclusive niche investment opportunities are making him tens of thousands of dollars, and it can be for you too. His system even uses a power meter to filter and find the best trading opportunities.

But it sounds too good to be true. How realistic is it to turn $12,000 into $162,000 over and over? It’s only natural to be a skeptic considering most people make 12-15% a year with stocks/funds.

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Who is Tom Gentile

As per his profile on, Tom is known as America’s #1 pattern trader. Apparently, he has also developed trading tools worth millions of dollars using personal capital.

A pattern trader is someone who trades on an intraday basis (as per Investopedia). He has a very good track record as he’s doing this stuff for nearly 3 decades.

Tom’s company Optionetics offers quality trading education to the masses. He has also co-authored several books. He is also featured on platforms like Fox Business, Bloomberg, and CNBC. Tom Gentile offers the following products/services through Money Map Press LLC:

  1. Alpha 9 Trader ($6,250/y)
  2. V3 Trader ($1,950/y)
  3. Cryptocurrency Windfalls ($5,000/y)
  4. Fast Fortune Club ($599/y)
  5. Weekly Cash Clock ($4,995/y)
  6. Power Profit Trades (FREE)
  7. Daily Flash Cash ($5,000/y)

If you were to opt for all his subscriptions, it would cost you in excess of $30,000 per year. Once you grab one of his products, the system is all set to get you to buy other programs (upselling).

If you’re interested in learning from Tom, it’s probably a good idea to see if his trading style is a good fit for you. Before forking out cash, you might as well check out his YouTube channel.

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How Money Calendar Works

With an active Money Calendar Pro subscription, you’ll get access to Tom Gentile’s personal trade recommendations and handpicked resources for 52 weeks (via emails).

He has a trading software set up that analyses the top stocks and ETFs in real-time to find winners. Once the software has done its thing, Tom does some handpicking before delivering it to you.

As per the program’s sales page, you can follow his lead and turn 12K into 162K over and over. Just load some funds into your trading account, and follow Tom’s recommendations for buying/selling.

Sounds easy. But do markets really listen to anyone? Unfortunately, they don’t. You can make money with Tom as he’s a veteran, but markets can be brutal at times. He also sends out quick email updates with running trades to help take out the guesswork from the equation.

As per MoneyMapPress, refunds are offered only through the Terms of Performance guarantee, mentions of which were never found on the sales page. So, in case you don’t like the service, getting a refund may prove to be a hurdle.

Final Words – Is Money Calendar Pro a Scam?

No, Money Calendar Pro is not a scam. If you’re just getting started in the stock market, following Tom’s lead can cut your learning curve to a great extent. But it may also give you false hopes since, with markets, there never is a guarantee.

Tom is a successful trader, there’s no doubt about it. But the thing is – can you really replicate his success just by following his trade calls?

If more and more people follow it, won’t the trade success rate be affected? These are some questions you need to consider before signing up for his flagship trading service. Not to mention, Money Calendar Pro comes at a steep price of $4,995 per year.

There’s definitely some potential to make some money on a regular basis, but it may leave you disappointed if you have high hopes for the service (thanks to the ridiculous claims).

There are many services that offer high returns like Federal Rent Checks. But in the end, if you want to be successful with trading, it will take a lot more than just copying the trades.

You will have to take time to do your own research, and invest wisely. Taking profits along the way, and setting tight stop losses is also a surefire way to succeed as a trader.

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