Multiplyzer Review: Legit System To Get Buyer Leads or a Scam?

Traffic is the lifeline of an internet-based business. You definitely need it to get more exposure, more leads, and sales in your business. Once you have the traffic, your goal should be to capture the lead and turn them into a paying customer.

This is why internet marketers love funnels. A funnel will not only collect the visitors' data, it will take them through a warm up process and get them to buy from you. Multiplyzer is a newly-launched list building system which claims you can grow your list like an apple tree in no time.

In this Multiplyzer review, we take a closer look at the training and share if you can really get a red hot stream of buyer leads with it or if it's a scam.

Multiplyzer Review

Multiplyzer is a list building funnel that claims to multiply 1 lead into 3 on autopilot. It also uses free traffic and claims to solve all your affiliate marketing problems.

Funnels are definitely the way to go to explode your profits. However, this product makes some bold claims which sound too good to be true. The program creator Carl Soerensen says his system sports the following features:

  • Multiplies 1 lead into 3 on autopilot thanks to the smartest funnel
  • Uses 100% free viral (buyer) traffic
  • Claims you can dominate the leaderboards even if you're totally new to internet marketing
  • Setup takes only 40 minutes from start to finish

The Dashboard

Most reviews you'll see online they're either paid reviews or they simply rewrite the sales pages but lack the information which you need to know. As soon as you've purchased the program, you'll get to the dashboard once you log in. You'll see the funnel in action which looks like this:

The funnel definitely looks good, but there's a slight problem with the approach. For the funnel to work, you need traffic. This buyer traffic can't come out of the blue, you're supposed to go to social media platforms to get traffic or from YouTube.

It's like a burger. Even if your burger is the best in the world, without people knowing of it, you won't sell anything and won't make any money. The website claims you can dominate the leaderboards and crush it with your online marketing efforts.

For things to work, you need a proven marketing plan in place. You need to master traffic, online marketing and funnels all three at once to make it big. If you miss a piece of the puzzle, it will all collapse like a building with a weak foundation. The training suggests you spam on quora and Facebook groups to get traffic which will hardly get you any results.

You just can't set up a system in 40 minutes and start bringing cash out of nowhere. You need to treat it like a real business and put in some efforts. It's no different than old-school brick and mortar businesses.

Misleading Information

Funnels definitely work, and email marketing often yields the highest ROI compared to other marketing channels. The product, however makes a lot of misleading claims, and the things aren't as simple as they sound.

You can make a killing with email marketing, but it takes a lot of work, constant efforts and patience. The results the program shares on the main website are anything but typical. It definitely focuses on a legitimate business model but it's mostly hype and the product lacks a punch.

Things You Need To Get Started

Once you've paid for the product and are on-board, you will be encouraged to get the following resources to proceed in the training:

  • Web Hosting - (free) or A2Hosting (paid) or Bluehost (paid)
  • Autoresponder - Mailchimp (free) or Aweber (paid) or other autoresponder service of your choice.
  • Instabuilder - It's a WordPress plugin for which the training encourages to get a non-licensed version for $5 on Fiverr. Not only is this an unethical practice, the platform is not the most robust one out there.
  • YouTube channel (free)
  • ManyChat (free)
  • Elementor Pro (page builder) and Clickmagick (paid) [optional] - Again the training recommends you to get a non-licensed version of Elementor for $5.

We have tested almost every page builder out there, both free and paid. Thrive takes the cake in each department by a significant margin. If you wondered, this review (the one you're reading right now) is created with Thrive as well.

Final Verdict - Is Multiplyzer a Scam?

No, Multiplyzer is not a scam. We have gone through the actual training and found that it's pretty good for total beginners but it isn't something that can earn you some cash. It requires you to learn the right skills and the only way you'll succeed is by taking consistent action.

The training is legitimate, but focuses on teaching traffic methods which won't make you any money. The funnel demonstrated in the training is quite good, and it should definitely work unless hundred other people use the same exact system and make it saturated.

We also liked how the method is not a total waste of time and focuses on email marketing. If you're totally new to email marketing, you'll definitely learn something new and find value in this training. With that said, if you really want to make money online, you'll need a lot more than just this training.

We don't recommend this training because of the free traffic methods it teaches. If you want to master free traffic and make your first dollar online, check out our top recommendation for working from home instead. The training definitely works, but you will have to put in the efforts to make it work for you.

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