Is My Inbox Pro Legit or a Scam?

Wondering if my inbox pro is a legitimate email marketing platform or a scam you should be wary of? You've come to the right place.

We discovered this system in the recent times which most people call an obvious scam. Before jumping onto a conclusion, we like to do a deep review of any product we come across, this platform is no different.

My Inbox Pro Review

There's a system called Guaranteed Email System, also known as GIM. These two names are often linked together. this program and My Inbox Pro, both rely on sending e-mail spam to people who share their data with these companies.

You will be sent offers to join random business opportunities from time to time. The site ( was registered in 2016 with an anonymous registration. No one knows who's the person behind the company, he chose to stay behind the scenes for some (obvious) reason.

Upon some further investigation, we discovered an address which is owned by a company named DE Marketing Inc. It's supposedly run by David M. Beeson and Robert Jones and it came into existence in 2011.

There, however is another program called My Email Mentor which uses the same exact address, and it has a negative review on BBB.

It's worth noting GIM heavily promotes My Inbox Pro and you're supposed to buy both for best experience. From the website's legal pages, this partnership is confirmed.

The level of confidence GIM system has shows they are clearly affiliated with MyInboxPro. If they can take care of things immediately, they definitely have some control over the platform.

After considering multiple evidences, it's apparent GIM, My Inbox Pro and My Email Mentor are run by the same people. Other than these, Profits With Mike, PWM live are a few more products supposedly owned by the same person.

The Platform

What is it all about? My Inbox pro is an autoresponder. In other words, it's an email marketing system. If you're into affiliate marketing, you would definitely need to use an email service.

You can collect people's emails with an autoresponder from a landing page, and send them your email newsletters. Email marketing is a marketing channel which is used by thousands of companies from all over the world simply because it can yield an insane ROI over time.

They are not even selling their own services here, they are simply reselling a white-label product called Sendloop. If you opt to cancel your account, you'll be greeted by the following screen which shows the real product's name. (Image down below) They are reselling the service and keeping the profits as a middleman here.

SendLoop is a legitimate platform but there's no reason for you to buy it through My Inbox Pro and pay twice/thrice as much. Instead, a smarter idea will be to go and sign up straight through SendLoop.

It is fairly inexpensive and a decent system if you want to give it a shot.

If you compare this to MyInboxPro, you will notice the pricing is ridiculous in the latter. You have potentially saved hundreds of dollars if you're still reading our review!

Other Autoresponders?

There are many great email service provider (ESP) companies out there. Among our favorites is Getresponse which starts at $19 a month. It is one of the most feature-packed platforms and is easy on the wallet, definitely check out our full review of getresponse here. (For a limited-time, you can get a FREE 30-day trial).

One benefit with companies like Getresponse is the customer support. We've never had problems with support and were able to get a hold of the team within minutes. Since there are a bunch of ESPs in the market, they are competitively priced which is a win-win situation for us, the users.

If you want an AR, better get started with Getresponse/GR or any other company of your choice.

Final Words

So there we have it. Not only does My Inbox Pro resell a service and charge a premium, but the people behind the company aren't very ethical either. They are associated with many shady companies which are known to not pay very well.

No one in their right mind would select them as the main ESP because it makes no sense. You can either go to Send Loop and sign up directly with them or get started with Getresponse (our favorite).

However, to get started with email marketing, you should first understand how affiliate marketing/online businesses work in general. Without having the fundamentals under your hood, it's not a good idea to blow money on shiny objects or you'll put a dent in your wallet.

We highly recommend you check out our #1 recommendation to making money online. The training can help you get a jump-start so you can finally start your own profitable online business. It does require some work and efforts from your end, but it can really get you one step closer to financial freedom if you put in the work. 

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