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Is My Inbox Pro Legit or a Scam?

Internet marketing is key to the success of any business, especially online businesses. It’s here you get leads, which you anticipate to turn into paying customers. But is My Inbox Pro the platform you need?

If you’ve been wondering whether My Inbox Pro is a legitimate email marketing platform or a scam, you’ve come to the right place. This piece will help you decide whether you should be wary of the platform.

We recently discovered this system, which most people call an obvious scam. But before jumping to a conclusion, we like to do an in-depth review of any product we come across, and this platform is no different.

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Therefore, if you are unsure where to place My Inbox Pro, whether legit or scam, let’s do this together. Let’s have an in-depth overview of the platform to understand better where it falls.

My Inbox Pro Review

My Inbox Pro

There’s a system called Guaranteed Email System, also known as GIM. These two names are often linked together. This program and My Inbox Pro both rely on sending email spam to people who share their data with these companies.

You will be sent offers to join random business opportunities from time to time. The site ( was registered in 2016 with an anonymous registration. No one knows the person behind the company; he chose to stay behind the scenes for some (obvious) reason.

Upon further investigation, we discovered an address owned by a company named DE Marketing Inc. David M. Beeson and Robert Jones supposedly run the company, which came into existence in 2011.

There is, however, another program called My Email Mentor which uses the same address. And it has a negative review on BBB.

My Inbox Pro Complaints

It’s worth noting that GIM heavily promotes My Inbox Pro, and you’re supposed to buy both for the best experience. From the website’s legal pages, this partnership is confirmed.

Refund Policy Complaint

The confidence level of GIM systems shows they are clearly affiliated with MyInboxPro. If they can take care of things immediately, they undoubtedly have some control over the platform. On the other hand, My Inbox Pro website states clearly that they do not do refunds.

My Inbox Pro Refunds

Now, this is a bit of a contradiction, I would say.

However, after considering multiple pieces of evidence, it’s apparent that the same people run GIM, My Inbox Pro, and My Email Mentor. Other than these, Profits With Mike and PWM live are a few more products supposedly owned by the same person.

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The Platform

What is it all about? My Inbox Pro is an autoresponder. In other words, it’s an email marketing system. If you’re into affiliate marketing, you would definitely need to use an email service.

You can collect people’s emails with an autoresponder from a landing page and send them your email newsletters. Email marketing is a marketing channel that is used by thousands of companies from all over the world simply because it can yield an insane ROI over time.

According to the My Inbox Pro website, the platform is designed to simplify your email marketing, helping your business to make more money. It does this through a suite of Gmail tools such as Calendar Scheduling, AI-powered email assistant, Followups, Tracking, Templates, and Email Analytics.

Let’s see how these work.

How Does My Inbox Pro Work?

According to My Inbox Pro, this is how their email marketing tools will help grow your business.

1. Collect Subscribers

The My Inbox Pro platform makes collecting subscribers easy through their web forms. You can also use their API integrations, which makes the process even easier. And with their lowest plan, Plan I, you can send emails to over 30,000 subscribers.

2. Straightforward Automation

Sometimes, you are not in the office to send emails. But with My Inbox Pro, you don’t have to. The platform automates your email marketing campaigns. This way, emails can still be sent to the intended subscribers even when you are away from your office or computer.

However, unlike other platforms that also include automated follow-up sequences, there is no mention of that here. This means that apart from sending emails automatically, engagement with your audience might be less.

3. Fast Delivery

Time is of the essence when it comes to promoting your business. You want a platform that delivers marketing emails on time. My Inbox Pro claims that your emails will be sent and delivered before you can blink.

4. Unique Email Templates

Everyone wants to be unique in the eyes of their customers or audience. That’s why professional email signatures templates are essential in email marketing.

My Inbox Pro offers unique email marketing templates to guarantee that. Even better, you can upload your own templates according to the platform.

This feature not only enables you to share the best-performing email templates with your team but also allows you to compose, save and send the emails later with just a few clicks.

5. Segmentation

Segmenting your email list allows for a more accurate marketing campaign. This feature ensures that the right person gets the right email. With that, your emails are more effective and generate a higher ROI.

6. Tracking and Statistics

The tracking and statistics feature allows you to track how your marketing campaigns are doing. With it, you get detailed email analytics about email delivery, open rates, and other crucial statistics. That way, you can know where to improve to make the campaigns more effective.

My Inbox Pro Plans

My Inbox Pro offers five plans for anyone wishing to register. These plans range from the basic Plan I to the premium option Plan IV. And based on your needs, you can choose the plan that best suits you.


This is the most basic plan on My Inbox Pro, at $$97. The package gives you access to several features, such as;

  • Ability to send 30,000 emails daily
  • Automated email marketing
  • Unlimited size
  • List segmentation
  • Template Gallery
  • Ability to upload email attachments
  • Ability to upload your custom templates


The second plan on this platform includes all the features in Package I, plus the ability to send at most 50,000 emails daily. This plan will cost you $157 a month.


My Inbox Pro’s third plan is not that much different from the second package. The only addition to the plan is that you can send 75,000 emails daily. However, the price will shoot up to $238 a month.


With this fourth package, you get all the features in Plans I, II, and III. However, when it comes to sending emails, this plan allows up to 100,000 emails daily. The plan costs $318 a month.


The most premium package on the platform is Package V. With this plan, you get access to all the features in the previous packages, plus the ability to send 200,000 emails daily. The price goes up to $597 a month.

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Is My Inbox Pro Worth It?


According to our research, the answer would be no! Why? They are not even selling their own services here; they are simply reselling a white-label product called Sendloop.

If you try to cancel your account, you’ll be greeted by the following screen, which shows the actual product’s name. (Image down below) They are reselling the service and keeping the profits as a middleman here.

SendLoop is a legitimate platform, but there’s no reason for you to buy it through My Inbox Pro and pay twice/thrice as much. Instead, a smarter idea will be to go and sign up straight through SendLoop.

It is relatively inexpensive and a decent system if you want to give it a shot. Check the screenshot below.

Sendloop Pricing

If you compare this to MyInboxPro, you will notice the pricing is ridiculous in the latter. You will save hundreds of dollars if you sign up directly to SendLoop.

My Inbox Pro Plans

Other Autoresponders?

There are many great email service provider (ESP) companies out there. Among our favorites is Getresponse which starts at $15.58 a month. It is one of the most feature-packed platforms and is easy on the wallet – it even has a free version that gives you up to 500 contacts.

One benefit of companies like Getresponse is customer support. We’ve never had problems with support and were able to get a hold of the team within minutes. If you want an AR, you better get started with Getresponse/GR or any other company of your choice.

Some of the features that you should look for in an ESP (email service provider) include the following:

  • AI-powered email assistant calendar: This helps to compose or create professional emails.
  • Calendar Scheduling: This lets people schedule meetings or book appointments with you as they can see your availability. This should be connected to your Google Calendar.
  • Automated Follow-ups: You should be able to send automated emails and do email follow-ups. This creates more engagement with your users.
  • Email Tracking: This helps you to see how the email campaigns are fairing, with some allowing you to see users that click your email links.
  • Templates: Allows you to create emails or save them for later use easily.

Final Words

So there we have it. Not only does My Inbox Pro resell a service and charge a premium, but the people behind the company aren’t very ethical either. They are associated with many shady companies known not to pay very well.

Also, selecting them as your main ESP might not make sense due to their highly-priced plans. You can either go to SendLoop and sign up directly with them or get started with Getresponse (our favorite).

However, to get started with email marketing, you should first understand how affiliate marketing/online businesses work. Without having the fundamentals under your hood, it’s not a good idea to blow money on shiny objects, or you’ll put a dent in your wallet.

We recommend you check out our #1 recommendation for making money online. The training can help you get a jump-start so you can finally start your own profitable online business. It requires work and effort from your end, but it can get you one step closer to financial freedom if you put in the work. 

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