Is Matt Driscoll’s My Online Business a Scam? (2021)

There's a system by Matt Driscoll which goes by the name My Online Business. It claims you can make $500 just for watching the video till the end. It definitely makes you wonder if there's such a thing and there's no harm in putting it to test.

We liked how it's not yet another forex/cryptocurrency trading system claiming to make you rich in no time. Read this review to find out what this system is all about and whether it's a scam or a legit business opportunity.

What Is My Online Business?

Most biz ops out there are pretty sketchy and they are all about hype. My Online Business says you can make up to $10,000 following six easy to follow steps without any prior experience.

As soon as the video started playing, we could recognize the guy on camera. It Looked like he's just an actor hired from freelancing websites like Fiverr and is doing his job. On inspecting some of the images, we found out these images were scraped from Google!

Looking for a SCAM-FREE, NO-BS way to make money online?

Things are often exaggerated in sales videos and we'll give it to this one for now, most marketing tactics people use are deceiving. The video says you're chosen to watch this video and we just stumbled across it, funny isn't it?!

How It Works

The sales video was a little too long so we skipped some parts and entered an email address to proceed. It now said your business is getting set up and came up with a form which asked to pay $49.

Now it said if you don't make any money with this system in 30 days, you will get your money back and a $500 commission. This page however was not from My Online Business, but instead from My Top Tier Business/MTTB which is a business opportunity called MOBE (created by Matt Lloyd).

What happened here? This My Online Business website just collected our email (so they can spam us later) and then redirected to this new website. When you buy, this guy gets an commission thanks to affiliate marketing.

Anything you buy from now on, the original referrer (my online business) - they make money off you without you realizing it.  On all the front end sales including this initial $49 and the upsells with some costing as much as $1997!

Final Words

All this website does is collect the email of a visitor after they watch the video by offering a bait just like a system called Facebook on Fire. You are then redirected to a random website (and they earn affiliate commissions on people they refer).

It can't be considered a scam because all these guys are doing is is redirecting to a seemingly legit business opportunity where some are doing pretty well (and most not). However, since this website now has your email address, they may send you promotional offers from time to time promoting MTTB/MOBE and other products so watch out for those and be careful!

The fact My Online Business keeps their users in the dark alone makes it a red flag in our book and it's definitely something you want to avoid.

Looking for a SCAM-FREE, NO-BS way to make money online?