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My Super Affiliate Builder Review

Welcome to this My Super Affiliate Builder review. As per the product creators, My Super Affiliate Builder is a WordPress-based plugin that can turn ordinary people into super affiliates.

Let’s see if it’s the real deal or a scam you should avoid.

My Super Affiliate Builder Logo

My Super Affiliate Builder Review – An Overview

Product name:

My Super Affiliate Builder

Vendor Name:Andrew Fox, Chris Fox
Niche:WordPress plugin
Required Skill Level:Beginner

My Super Affiliate Builder is a software that can supposedly get you very high conversions.

Not only can it help you build an email list, but it also gets you cheap $0.01 cent traffic and prevent ad account shutdowns. It also uses ‘Intelli funnels’ to give your visitors exactly what they want.

However, it’s all hype for the most part, and the WP plugin hardly makes a difference. It’s just like any other conversions plugin, albeit quite mediocre.

How My Super Affiliate Builder Works

This is how My Super Affiliate Builder works in a nutshell:

You go ahead and select a niche of your choice. Then the software will help you get thousands of targeted leads in record time. With a simple point n-click system, you’ll earn commissions.

Unfortunately, that’s not true, and you can’t get results overnight.

How My Super Affiliate Builder Works

It, however, can help you create engaging quizzes, which may help prevent ad account shutdowns. At times, companies also reduce the cost per click for ads with above-average engagement.

Even though it sounds promising, there’s never an ironclad guarantee of conversions.

Is My Super Affiliate Builder Worth It

The ‘point n click’ software is more of a WordPress plugin, and with some of these WP sites, there often can be issued with legal pages.

That’s one reason ads get disapproved and sometimes result in account termination.

However, good engagement on your ads, thanks to quizzes, can surely help with the CPC part, depending on your targeting options, countries, and, most importantly, the competition.

My Super Affiliate Builder Sale Highlights

However, if you don’t have a proven business model yet, and don’t have a decent budget for paid advertising, the plugin is of little use to you.


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My Super Affiliate Builder – Upsells

My Super Affiliate Builder also offers a few upsells/upgrades:

OTO1 of My Super Affiliate Builder offers done-for-you super affiliate funnels

OTO2 of My Super Affiliate Builder gets you a free 30-day trial of the DFY funnel package.

My Super Affiliate Builder – Pros & Cons


  1. Thanks to the quizzes, they can result in improved engagement on your ads.
  2. Even though it’s never guaranteed, it may sometimes lead to a cheaper cost per click.
  3. The reason people do paid advertising is to get results in terms of leads/sales, and it will help you build a mailing list of targeted people.
  4. It contains several conversion tools to help you get more prospects for your business.
  5. Inexpensive at $39 one-time.
  6. Integrates with the leading email autoresponders, including Getresponse and Mailchimp.


  1. A quiz can somewhat boost engagement, but that never guarantees a cheaper cost per click.
  2. Since it’s a WordPress plugin, you must have a compliant website for running paid ads because of compliance issues. Make sure to have the required legal pages in place.
  3. The product is useful to an extent but is all hyped up for the most part. There are many free/inexpensive tools and software suites out there that can get the job done.
  4. It’s promoted as a get-rich-quick scheme. This may lead to wrong expectations, and you’re likely disappointed after making a purchase.
  5. If a quiz is all you need, there are free plugins that can help you build one. If you’re looking for a paid (and a superior) alternative, consider Thrive Quiz Builder. Not only will it let you create better quality quizzes, but those will also come with some eye candy.
  6. Paid advertising is only recommended after you have a proven product (and a proven marketing strategy). If you don’t have one and rely on paid ads, you’ll only lose money.
  7. If you’re not a fan of WordPress and would like to have standalone software instead, this is not for you. You must have a WP website for this plugin to work, and then a web hosting account and also a domain name to host your site.

My Super Affiliate Builder – The Ugly Truth Revealed

My Super Affiliate Builder can build quizzes and also prevent ad account shutdowns at times.

My Super Affiliate Builder How to Become Affiliate

But, if you’re expecting more, you will be disappointed. It can build super affiliate marketing quizzes, fitness generation quizzes, local lead gen quizzes, and high ticket sales funnels quizzes.

But that’s about it. Whether or not you’ll get results with it depends on your marketing plan and the overall strategy that you’ll be executing.

The plugin is about creating quizzes, but it’s limited in what it can do. Thrive is better at creating quizzes, and if you’re looking for a complete software suite for the job, check out Thrive instead.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review – Final Words

That brings us to the conclusion of this article. My Super Affiliate Builder is an overall okayish plugin for creating quizzes. As discussed before, Thrive is way ahead in every segment.

If all you need is a plugin for creating high-quality quizzes for lead gen, consider Thrive.

Then again, a quiz plugin alone can’t get you results. To get high-quality and targeted leads and then sales in your business, you need to have a solid marketing plan in place.

It will pay dividends for times to come if you invest in yourself and work on your marketing foundation. Acquire the right skills from the right training, and put in the work (aka take action).

If you do that, you’ll eventually start to see some results. It will take time, but it will be worth it.

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