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MySurveyJobs Review 2024: Is It Legit or a Scam?

The internet is a hub of money-making opportunities if you know where to look. This MySurveyJobs review explores one such incredible opportunity.  

Paid online surveys present some of the easiest ways to make money online. However, the challenge comes in identifying the right platforms for this.

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The truth is, there are numerous survey sites out there that will just be wasting your time and effort. You won’t get anything tangible from them. But, if you have the right platforms, you’ll certainly enjoy making some easy money.

Today, we explore one of these paid survey sites, MySurveyJobs, to determine its legitimacy and ability to earn you money. In this MySurveyJobs review, we’ll look at everything there is to know about the site. For instance, what is the site about? How does it work? How much money can you earn from the site? And, how do you withdraw your rewards?  

What is MySurveyJobs?

Mysurveyjobs Logo 1

If you are looking for some of the highest-paying online surveys, MySurveyJobs is an excellent platform to check out. It is a rewards site that pays you for your opinion and is quite good at that.

However, the platform is somewhat different from most other survey sites. But how? The platform doesn’t have direct surveys. Instead, it acts as a bridge for users, connecting them to some of the highest-paying surveys from popular market research firms.

MySurveyJobs claims to have exclusive connections with some of the world’s largest market research firms, which ensures that you always find surveys to earn you extra money.

If you are planning to start taking online surveys as a side hustle, or have already started but want to improve your portfolio, read on to see if this platform suits your needs.

How Do My Survey Jobs Work?

How Mysurveyjobs Work

As we’ve just mentioned, MySurveyJobs doesn’t have its own surveys. But, they have partnered with numerous marketing research firms (including some of the market’s largest), to get their panelists amazing surveys that pay handsomely.

After you sign up on the platform, all you need is to complete surveys, and you are ready to start making some dollars. But first, you need to complete your profile. This includes filling in your basic information as prompted.

To start taking surveys, look for the “Start Survey” button and click. This gives you the option to choose the type of survey you are comfortable with. For instance, you have to complete preliminary questionnaires about:

  • The type of surveys you wish to answer
  • The amount of time you can spare to answer surveys
  • How much money do you target to make every month
  • Number of surveys you can take in a week
  • Can you work on weekends
  • When are you ready to start

Answering these questions helps the platform in allocating the best surveys. After this, there is one more step to go – creating an account with each of the platform’s 3 survey partners. That way, you are able to access and pick relevant surveys from each.

How much Money can You Earn with MySurveyJobs?

When it comes to rewards and pay-per-survey, you can expect anywhere between $3 and $45 depending on various factors. However, the platform also claims to have surveys worth even up to $500 each.

The main factors that influence your pay include:

  • The complexity or level of expertise necessary to complete the survey
  • Amount of time needed to complete the survey
  • Survey’s length (number of questions).
  • The number of panelists who can take the survey

Also, before qualifying for any survey, the platform evaluates you to determine whether or not you fit that survey’s demographics. But this shouldn’t worry you. Even if you fail to qualify, you’ll still receive some points.

After you’ve accumulated your points, the easiest way to redeem them is via PayPal. However, you can also opt for a check or direct deposit.

Every 1,000 points you earn in MySurveyJobs equates to $10. However, you can wait until you have 1,500 points to redeem $15 through your account. The latter option will, however, take longer to process – usually 4 to 8 weeks.

Now, this is one major drawback for MySurveyJobs. Several other paid survey sites offer a quicker processing time.

 MySurveyJobs also pays you $10 when you bring in a new member.

How to Sign Up for My Survey Jobs

How To Sign Up For Mysurveyjobs

Signing up for MySurveyJobs is free and easy. Simply visit their official website, and click the “Get Started” button.

From here, you are prompted to answer several questions to set up your profile, as stated earlier on. For instance, you must indicate how much money you intend to make each month and your availability per week.

After the questions, you are directed to the “account sign up page,” where you are required to fill in your basic information. This includes your name, email address, and phone number.

 After this, click on the “Create Free Account Now” button, and wait for MySurveyJobs to create your account.

Who Can Join MySurveyJobs?

Before your account is created, you must declare that you are a US citizen and that you are at least 18 years old.

This means that the platform is not available to other regions around the globe. You can only earn through MySurveyJobs if you are a US citizen.

It also means that MySurveyJobs is not the best site for young teens below 18 years. If you want to earn through surveys as a teenager, you should look for other sites with lower age requirements, like MyPoints or Swagbucks.

MySurveyJobs Review: Pros and Cons

Every reward-based platform has its strengths and weaknesses. And, to better understand MySurveyJobs platforms, we must also look at the advantages and disadvantages of joining the platform.

Here we go!

Pros of MySurveyJobs

Here is what makes MySurveyJobs platform worth joining:

  • It has served and paid users since 2001, meaning that people trust it.
  • It pays well, with each survey earning you between $3 and $45.
  • The site is clean and uncluttered, making navigation quite easy
  • The platform informs you as quickly as possible when you don’t qualify for a certain survey.
  • Points earned for each survey reflect in your account almost instantly.
  • Has more survey opportunities than most other sites
  • Smaller surveys take around 5-10 minutes to complete, earning you between 30 and 50 points each. On the other hand, larger surveys will take 35-40 minutes, and earn you around 150-300 points.  

Cons of MySurveyJobs Platform

Some of MySurveyJobs drawbacks include:

  • The site disqualifies users from various surveys, all too often.
  • Don’t have a very responsive customer service
  • Long delays in processing your rewards – usually 4 to 8 weeks
  • Sometimes the site takes a long to load
  • It’s not easy hitting the first 1,000 points
  • Some panelists have reported experiencing an error when completing surveys, leading to a loss of points.

These are the things you should carefully consider before joining MySurveyJobs.

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Is MySurveyJobs Legit?

I know you’ve most probably had this question even as you browsed through our MySurveyJobs review. So, is MySurveyJobs legitimate? Absolutely Yes! While there must be cases of unsatisfied panelists, the truth is that the MySurveyJobs platform is legit.

How do I know this? Generally, the platform doesn’t sell you any product or service. Also, you are not offering any direct service to the platform. MySurveyJobs is merely a bridge, connecting survey-takers to third-party paid survey sites.

Even better, most of the sites it recommends are quite legit themselves. Therefore, unless you run into a not-so-genuine site among the platform’s partners, MySurveyJobs itself is a genuine one.  

The site has categorically stated that they don’t own the surveys and that they are not the one paying for the surveys either. Their work is to link you with companies offering such surveys.

Typically, almost every paid survey site has had a share of its disgruntled users. Even so, this doesn’t mean that all of them are scams. In fact, so many paid survey sites have paid millions of dollars to their panelist. Therefore, before you decide to either join the site or not, do thorough research to ensure you have the facts.

Is MySurveyJobs a Scam?

Definitely not! While many people might say that all MySurveyJobs partners are available on other sites, the pay-per-survey greatly differs.

For instance, while this platform offers $3 to $45 a survey, most other survey sites will pay cents for the same. Again, it won’t hurt to try out MySurveyJobs.

The only thing you should be wary of is the amount of money they claim to offer. Don’t go all in expecting too much, only to get so little. Be prepared, as many users have claimed to have earned quite meager incomes from the site.

Therefore, after going through our MySurveyJobs review, ensure that you’ve read several reviews and comments from current and former users. This might give you an even clearer picture.   

MySurveyJobs Review: Best Alternatives

For you to make good money with surveys, you need to combine several survey sites. Some cashback platforms also work quite well. Also, if you still want to take paid surveys but not with MySurveyJobs, you need some other reliable sites. Here are some of the best survey sites you can try out.


Inboxdollars Logo

When it comes to genuine, well-paying survey sites, InboxDollars never misses that list. The platform has an average of 4.1 stars rating, from over 9,000 reviews online, putting it among the market’s most trusted sites.

Most users love the site because it offers decent pay, and their reward processing is also quite fast. And, although the site cannot be your primary source of income, it can help add substantial bucks to your wallet.

Each survey on this platform will earn you an average of $5, although some will pay as low as $0.5. Some longer ones can fetch you even up to $20. Read more about IndoxDollars in our full review of the platform.

Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie also appears among the top best survey sites. And, with a rating of 4.5 stars, it outranks most other sites.

The good thing about Survey Junkie, as it is with InboxDollars, they offer more than just surveys. You get even more opportunities to make money, such as watching videos, playing games, and other significantly easy tasks.

In fact, Survey Junkie is one of my favorite survey sites. As I always say, I like combining several great sites to maximize income.

When you complete a survey here, you’ll receive between $1 and $3, depending on the type of survey. It might not look as much, but it’s legit. And, you can earn more by completing more tasks.


Swagbucks Logo
Swagbucks rewards

With Swagbucks, you get to make easy money through online shopping, online games, watching videos, and taking surveys. Opportunities are endless.

Even better, the platform doesn’t require you to stop what you usually do. The tasks are simple and you can complete them during your free time and still make some bucks.

Like the first two sites, Swagbucks is also quite famous, with a rating of 4.3 stars from over 17,000 reviews. The site claims to have paid over $4.4 million to its users over the years, which is a big boost to its credibility.

Also, the platform issues over 7,000 gift cards each day, meaning that you have an excellent chance to be one of the winners.

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MySurveyJobs Review: Is MySurveyJobs Worth it

While some may say it’s not worth it, I would say it is. However, the amount of money you get will depend on various factors. These include your effort, as well as your demographics.

Some people might earn more money depending on where they are, or the type of surveys they choose to take. Therefore, when completing your profile, ensure that you choose wisely so as to get more surveys coming your way.

But this doesn’t mean that you cheat! It means that you fill the questions comprehensively and truthfully. Taking surveys for money is enjoyable and fulfilling if you have the right platforms.

If our MySurveyJobs review was helpful, you can sign up from here. You can also leave a comment or an observation in the comment box.

Good luck as you start making money online.

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  • It pays well
  • Easy to navigate
  • Points earned for each survey reflects in your account almost instantly


  • Site disqualifies users from various surveys
  • Don’t have a very responsive customer service
  • Long delays in processing your rewards