Is National Consumer Center a Legitimate Gift Card Website or a Scam? [Updated Review]

Looking to get a $100 Walmart or a VISA gift card? It's a buyer's dream, who in their right mind will even reject the offer? We all love discounts. Chances are you crossed paths with National Consumer Center at some point.

They claim to be a gift card provider, but is there any truth in their claims? What is the catch? We shall explore it all in this review. It's always a good thing to do your own research before you get started with a platform. It will help you find legitimate opportunities and avoid scams.

In a nutshell, is National Consumer Center legitimate? Yep, they are. They are a real company that gets you gift cards upon successful offer purchases.

National Consumer Center Review

National Consumer Center ( is a free to join website. However, if you're looking to make money, you may have to pay for some offers. It's definitely possible to make money doing surveys but don't have high hopes from the platform. Expect to make pennies at best.

National Consumer Center Legit

Update: The website has updated the information on the homepage and now explicitly mentions you can only earn a National Consumer Center gift card upon successful completion of purchase requirements. This is a good move and it improves their trust score.

It's worth noting there are a lot of complaints associated with NCC, for that one reason we're skeptical of the company. If you're looking to make money with surveys, check out Radial Insight instead. The payouts are handsome (among the best in the industry), and they pay on time.

Reward Survey is another legitimate site in case you're interested in grabbing a few magazine subscriptions in return for your opinions (instead of cash).

With survey websites, it's just so important to take note of the positive and negative reviews. These can save you a lot of time. It's never a good idea to put in a lot of time working on something that will never (or seldom) send payouts.

How It Works?

It works in a similar fashion to other legitimate survey sites. You can earn $100 gift cards for answering questions (and for purchasing offers). In the website's latest design update, this is explicitly mentioned on the homepage.

In the previous version of the website, there wasn't much clarity on the subject and things were rather deceiving. The domain is also anonymously registered, and there's no way to know who owns this website and is operating 'behind the scenes'.

National Consumer Center Reviews

Anonymous domain registration as per Whois

We don't see anything wrong with private domain registration. This can sometimes be a good practice if you don't want to expose too much of your private information. If a person's name, e-mail address, phone numbers are visible, they're prone to receiving spam from web designing and SEO companies.

There's no mention of the owner on the main website either. Again, there's nothing wrong with it, but it may be considered a sneaky tactic by a few. The 'too good to be true' offers/$1,000 gift card offers have been replaced in the website's latest update and it seems more realistic.

If you sign up for offers with the links National Consumer Center provides, there's a fair possibility they make money off your purchases. This utilizes the cost per action/CPA model. You take an action (sign up for the product) and they get paid in return.

If the website is willing to give away hundreds of dollars in return for the actions you take, better believe they're making a good profit out of it. In return, they're giving away a portion to you as an incentive. Incentives work wonders and can skyrocket a product's conversion rate.

Is National Consumer Center a Scam?

Even though some say you should stay away from the National Consumer Center scam, it can't be considered one. In the latest update, they have thrown more light on the topic and now it's clear you must purchase an offer before receiving a $100 Walmart/VISA gift card in return.

We still can't recommend National Consumer Center to our readers for many reasons, here's a few:

  • Surveys have a limited earning potential
  • Consume too much time
  • Even though you can earn gift cards upon successful purchases, but the reward is too little for the money you put in (investment). You're better off with other business models if your primary goal is to make a living working online.
Is National Consumer Center Real

They are still 'better' than some dirty scams who rely on duping people all day long to bank big bucks. At least, they're transparent with how they operate and what you will be getting in return.

If you insist and would like to take surveys anyway to make money, Radial Insight is still a better option as we mentioned before. Most National Consumer Center reviews sugarcoat the program way too much and that's a bad thing, it will only lead to the wrong expectations.

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