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Unmasking Nerium International: Is it a Pyramid Scheme Scam?

Welcome to Neora, previously known as Nerium International – a place of anti-aging skincare and wellness products with its share of headlines. Are you ready to explore the past and present business model of this multi-level marketing (MLM) company? So let’s jump right into it!

In this article, we will uncover Neora’s offerings, exploring their safety ratings and efficacy evaluations before analyzing the multilevel marketing structure that gives Brand Partners access to entrepreneurial opportunities within Nerium International. With an outlook toward potential scams regarding these MLMs, buckle up for what is sure to be a thrilling journey through it all!

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Date Issue Number of Complaints Resolved/Unresolved
01/01/2018 Billing/Charges 100 Resolved
06/01/2018 Product quality 150 Unresolved
12/01/2018 Shipping issues 70 Resolved
03/01/2019 Customer service 200 Unresolved

Key Takeaways

  • Neora’s success is propelled by Jeff Olson’s daring marketing strategies and star-studded endorsements, but watch out for the challenges of being a Brand Partner!
  • Neora has made strides to improve safety, but research products before trying them.
  • Weigh the pros & cons carefully. Most independent contractors in MLM businesses make less than minimum wage & lose money, so you decide if Nerium is a scam!

What is Nerium International?

Neora Logo

Nerium International, now Neora, is an MLM company focused on anti-aging products for skincare and personal care. By 2018, Nerium distributors say they had collected $1.5 billion in total sales revenue – impressive numbers that are a testament to their solid business model based around independent consultants (Brand Partners) and network marketing strategies centered on encouraging personal development with the help of Nerium’s reps.

However there have been a few controversies such as doctored before/after photos or doubts concerning product efficacy. These seem not to negatively impact the huge success this firm has enjoyed over recent years. On top of this potential challenges lie within the research company selling full-size samples as it could result in contamination by strangers – Brand Partners persist in working hard towards achieving their aspirations through Nurim’s services.

Despite difficulties presented due to sampling concerns, difficult corners continue to be cut so much money can be made whilst taking advantage of what Nerium offers its faithful brand partners when learning more about how MLM works – by taking fully employed people and developing oneself personally.

The Driving Force Behind Nerium

Neora Formerly Nerium International About Page
Neora / Neora

Jeff Olson, founder and CEO of Neora, has been responsible for both roles that have led to impressive success such as a whopping $100 million in revenue, plus generous donations towards charities like Big Brothers Big Sisters.

This accomplishment is due to his marketing strategies combined high-pressure sales pitches with celebrity endorsements promoting their Nerium business via high-pressure sales tactics. A reward awaited those at the Senior Director level called “Luxury Car Bonus” enabling them to drive around in style in leased Lexuses.

Although succeeding in product sales through Neora’s MLM system may seem easy from this perspective, it does involve persistence and personal development coupled with networking skills resulting in the recruitment of new Brand Partners essential for continuing growth according to network marketing company regulations. High-pressure sales are also needed, which can be difficult but rewarding when successful!

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Getting Started With Nerium Products

Neora Age Iq Night Cream
Neora / Neora

To become a Nerium Brand Partner, individuals can select from various starter kits that include marketing materials and tools to facilitate selling the products. Once they’ve chosen their kit, it’s up to them how they sell Nerium wares. It may be through a face-to-face salesperson, contact, or even at events online.

It is essential that those entering Neora understand all the obstacles involved in being a brand partner – one should prepare themselves against struggles like needing to constantly draw new members as well as keeping an “Active” standing. Hence, do not miss out on commissions and bonuses!

Analyzing Nerium’s Product Line

Neora Product Overview And Promise
Neora / Neora

Nerium’s product line has experienced a massive transformation since the days when its flagship item was based on the infamous Nerium oleander plant, which is quite toxic. Instead of relying on this poisonous ingredient, Neora now prioritizes science-backed compounds that aim to boost your beauty and well-being. Caution should still be exercised as some components, such as Aloe Barbadensis Leaf may cause irritation or allergic reactions in certain users.

It’s fundamental to research each product before using it so you can look good while remaining safe and healthy!

Neora’s Ethical Stance

Neora Product Overview And Ethical Stance
Neora / Neora

When considering Neora’s ethical framework, there is some uncertainty. Doubts linger as to whether or not their products are tested on animals and the extent of their sustainability initiatives. The company claims that no animal testing has been conducted in making any product.

Organizations like PETA, Cruelty-Free Kitty, and Ethical Elephant have yet to recognize them for being cruelty-free certified. Nothing official has been revealed regarding the scope of Neora’s commitment to sustainable practices, publicly or internally. While certain aspects may fulfill high ethical standards, questions remain unanswered, which cast a foggy shadow over its integrity regarding these matters.

Evaluating Neora’s Safety Record

Neora Formerly Nerium International Customer Rewards
Neora / Neora

The safety record of Neora has been a subject of contention for some time, largely due to its use (now discontinued) of toxic Nerium oleander in its products. This brought both negative reviews and lawsuits regarding ingredients contained within, one case involving someone claiming to have endured “chemical burns with permanent skin damage” from using Nerium AD being an outstanding example. Despite this persistent controversy surrounding them, Neora is dedicated to continually expanding product lines and taking extra steps to ensure consumers are aware of potential risks associated with skincare or healthcare items like those they offer.

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Assessing Neora’s Efficacy

Neora Formerly Nerium International Skincare Products
Neora / Neora

Neora’s products, such as Neora Age IQ Night Cream and the Complexion Treatment Pads, have sparked much discussion about their effectiveness. People’s views vary greatly regarding whether they are truly effective or not. This has led to some legal challenges over the accuracy of claims made by Neora regarding its product efficacy.

It is important to look closely at each individual item with an eye on any ingredients it contains before coming up with conclusions related to how good it is for you personally, what works well for one person may be different than someone else when using these same items from this company specifically! Conducting your own research into all aspects involved will help you determine if Neora’s night cream, etc., is suited for your needs exactly right or not.

People still seem divided on opinions about the efficiency provided by Neoroa’s offerings so we recommend that everyone looks at the efficiency provided by Neoroa’s offerings. Into things like specific ingredients used before deciding which course might benefit but what does the best in terms of results sought after and expected outcomes achieved.

Understanding Neora’s Business Model

Applying As A Neora Brand Partner
Neora / Neora

Neora’s business model relies heavily on recruiting Brand Partners and achieving an “Active” status to gain commissions and bonuses. To succeed in the company, it is essential for brand partners to obtain 200 PQV via sales with personal customers or receive 80 PQV from a monthly auto-delivery order each month. This way, they will have more opportunities to make money by having clients purchase Neora products and enlisting sales training additional associates under them.

One must be aware that independent contractors working at MLM businesses like Neora earn only half of the minimum wage per year – even though most customers incur losses due mainly to recruitment difficulties or maintaining momentum when participating in self-improvement activities. These facts demonstrate the potential for failure while being part of this type of company. Thus emphasizing why gaining profits can often be challenging for Brand Partners who will likely lose money and funds rather than profiting from their investments.

The Truth About Nerium International

Brand Partner Experience In Neora
Neora / Neora

Brand Partners of Nerium International have faced difficulty achieving financial gain due to the company’s problematic past, including numerous lawsuits. Particularly a $21 million breach-of-contract accusation.

Neora has been controversially labeled as an MLM scheme and ‘pyramid scheme’ by many court representatives. Despite this history and their business model being likened to pyramid schemes frequently, there are reports from certain Brand Partners who claim they found success with the firm.

Alternatives to Neora

Swagbucks Website
Swagbucks / Swagbucks

For those looking to construct a business outside of the restrictions and drawbacks of an MLM format, there are alternatives available besides Neora. Age-Defying Night Cream from Nerium and S RAW SCIENCE’s Anti-Aging/Wrinkle Face Moisturizer offers similar ingredients with comparable qualities.

Besides skincare products, you can find free work-at-home opportunities that measure up to MLM companies such as Neora, Fusion Cash, or Swagbucks, these options make it feasible for people to gain income without tackling the challenges associated with any MLM venture.

Taking Everything into Account

Money Folded Into A Triangle Showing A Pyramid Scheme
FotoHelin / Shutterstock

Considering all the aspects, Neora has its merits and drawbacks. While some family members have made considerable profits due to their involvement with the company, others’ performance may be hindered by past issues such as controversies about product safety or efficiency and other lawsuits it faces.

Despite these difficulties encountered throughout its history, Neora recruits new Brand Partners who might take advantage of having an MLM business for themselves to gain financial benefit from it. Potential partners must conduct a good investigation regarding this kind of venture before deciding if engaging in network marketing through them is suitable according to individual goals while taking into account associated risks that accompany building up a successful enterprise based upon Multi-level Marketing. Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not being part of Network Marketing under services rendered by Neora would fulfill one’s objectives alongside any challenge one could potentially confront during those efforts.

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Is Nerium a Scam?

Neora Formerly Nerium International Webpage
Neora / Neora

The dispute over Nerium being a legitimate business opportunity or another deceptive scheme continues. The lawsuits the company has been involved in, as well as its use of suspicious ingredients and struggles faced by Brand Partners, have certainly given doubt to its credibility.

Ultimately, it’s up to an individual’s opinion regarding this matter and how much research was done before investing time into such an endeavor. As always, one must decide based on what is best for them after carefully considering all positive aspects and potential negatives connected with the brand itself.


To sum up, Neora – previously known as Nerium International – is an organization that has experienced fast growth yet has many issues. Their operation system depends heavily on recruiting and managing Brand Partners, while their goods have been altered over the years with ongoing contention regarding their safety and proficiency among its customers.

Analyzing this company’s business model, obstacles encountered by Brand Partners plus history & controversies related to them are essential for anybody considering becoming part of Neora’s family. Similarly to any other business venture, you must research thoroughly and consider both pros and cons before coming up with a decision based upon your unique aspirations and ideals from friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the truth about Nerium?

Nerium oleander is a visually pleasing shrub that can become dangerous if ingested due to its toxic cardiac glycosides. It’s essential to exercise caution when dealing with this plant and keep it away from kids and animals for safety.

What are the lawsuits against Nerium?

Nerium International has come under fire from both a class-action lawsuit and the Federal Trade Commission, which are accusing them of running an illegal pyramid scheme as well as making false promises to those that join. This legal predicament doesn’t look good for Nerium. This is definitely not something they would have anticipated when setting up their business.

Why is Nerium now Neora?

Nerium International is making a fresh start as NeoraTM, reflecting its evolution as a relationship marketer and vision as an anti-aging industry leader.
With technological advancements, international expansion, and a shift into the wellness space, the move to rebrand as Neora makes perfect sense!

Is Neora’s product line safe and effective?

Doing your own research on the ingredients is key to determining safety and efficacy when it comes to Neora’s products, so be sure you do that before deciding if they are suitable for your skincare routine. Still, humorous approaches are possible, yet do this at your own risk!

What are the challenges faced by Neora Brand Partners?

Brand Partners must focus on recruiting new members, keeping their momentum high, and continuously investing in their personal development to reach financial success – talk about a challenge!

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