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Nielsen Surveys Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Is Nielsen Surveys the best platform to make money through surveys? This Nielsen Surveys review explores this and more.

Passive income is still a dream for many people. Anyone would want to make money without working too hard for it. But as always, this kind of income stream isn’t easy.

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However, technological advancements and online platform growth seem to be changing the narrative. Nowadays, numerous financial platforms allow you to invest from right where you are and make money passively.

Besides these investment platforms, others promise passive income, even without investing any money. Nielsen Computer Mobile Panel is one such platform.

With this platform, you only need to download the app and let it run in your phone’s or computer’s background. And for this, you receive free $60 yearly for doing absolutely nothing. $60! Nothing!

And that’s not all. The platform also offers other ways to make money for you, such as taking surveys. These will fetch you even up to $10 a survey. As far as the online survey-taking game is concerned, that’s a big payout!

However, this one concern about the app, like with many other online apps. Is the Nielsen Surveys plattform legit? This Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel review explores that and more.

What is Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel?

Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel
Nielsen Surveys Platform

First, before delving any deeper, it’s important to know what the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel App is. To start with, Nielsen ranks among the most popular research and data companies, having been around for donkey’s years. It prides itself on having a good reputation and years of experience.

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is an app that functions as a tracker. This means it keeps an eye on how folks utilize their internet-connected devices. These devices include laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The information that Nielsen collects is crucial and necessary for many brands and individuals across the world. This is because it gives different industries insight into their target markets. A great example is online shopping, which continues to gain momentum yearly.

Online retailers are working hard to get a piece of the retail sales pie each year, and every year that piece gets bigger. This is thanks to and why they need consumer data that’s easily accessible to make better strategic decisions. Nielsen comes in to help these businesses grasp how the trends work.

Generally, the world is ever-changing, and so are the trends, especially with the influence of social media. Online retailers must keep up to understand consumers’ new styles and purchasing patterns if they need to survive.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app gives such retailers access to this crucial consumer data. This is a great way to keep increasing sales and cutting costs. But, retailers have to pay Nielsen to access the crucial data, and Nielsen pays you for this data.

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What is Nielsen Research?

Nielsen Research is a popular research company across the world. This famous publicly-traded entity is quite popular due to its role in producing Nielsen TV ratings. These TV ratings play a crucial role in decision-making by U.S. TV networks, as they help decide the shows to continue and the ones to cancel.

Therefore, if you see a show canceled or renewed, it largely has something to do with the Nielsen ratings. This also helps to determine how much to charge for advertising for each program aired. And it’s an ongoing thing since Nielsen has been in business since 1923.

The purpose of Nielsen is to carry out consumer research and marketing. First, they gather the essential data that details the TV habits of the masses. In addition, it researches how folks spend their money through their shopping habits, as well as their browsing habits through websites they visit.

All the market research that Nielsen gathers is then sold to companies that need it for progressive growth. Brands can use it to understand their customers and improve their goods and services. They understand what people want and the best way to ensure they receive it.

Most people see this as a win-win situation for Nielsen and the companies purchasing the data. It also means consumers can get exactly what they need, bringing about satisfaction. Another plus is that you can also get paid for participating in Nielsen Surveys.

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How Does Nielsen Work?

How Nielsen Works
Nielsen Surveys

Now that you can earn passive income through Nielsen, it’s important to understand how it works. This will help you make more easy money on the platform.

As a market research company, Nielsen is popular across the globe in the paid surveys arena. Data analytics and audience measurements are the bread and butter of Nielsen Research.

But how does it work?

Well, Nielsen starts by gathering data from numerous sources. And you can become part of the research team and sign up. Consumers are welcome to provide essential data to Nielsen that showcases the current market trends and other crucial information.

How do you sign up and send this data?

You start by downloading the Nielsen data collection software to your device. The software comes in the form of an app that gathers data in the background. And the good news is, neither Nielsen software nor Nielsen app usage affects the daily usage of your device or performance.

Participating in market research rewards you in cash and other items from the research company. There’s also the chance to participate in short surveys. Answering the questions earns you points that you exchange for further rewards.

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What Information Does Nielsen Collect?

As we try to understand Nielsen and whether it’s safe, another way to look at it is to explore how they collect data. Does Nielsen Computer Panel or their mobile app’s data collection methods affect your safety?

Well, it’s quite understandable to be skeptical about any platform and its methods if they’re after your info. Safety is a huge online issue; therefore, being cautious is smart. But the good news is Nielsen doesn’t put out your personal details, just your habits, and preferences.

After downloading Nielsen mobile app and signing up for market research, Nielsen maintains your anonymity. This means the information it gathers will in no way be tied to you or the folks around you.

However, despite maintaining your anonymity, the app still collects some data that many people might find intrusive. For instance, it will require your family members’ names and dates of birth. This information helps the platform to analyze your household’s composition and your demographic profile.

The truth is that brands are more interested in some demographics than others. For example, the most valuable demographic across the world is 18 to 34 years. They tend to have disposable income and more time to make purchases.

So what data will Nielsen exactly collect from you?

  • The websites that you visit each day
  • Tracks the duration you spend on each website and the time of day you visit them
  • Your internet usage and the general activities you do online
  • Phone calls data, excluding the numbers you call
  • Your device’s battery performance
  • Your device’s network performance

So, is there anything Nielsen doesn’t collect while conducting its research? Yes, Nielsen doesn’t collect crucial information like social security numbers, user IDs and passwords, or banking details. Also, the research leaves out all information you fill in when shopping online.

Nielsen ensures that no crucial personal data ends up in the hands of third parties. This means companies can’t find out your personal details even when purchasing data from Nielsen. If there’s any data from your devices transmitted to Nielsen, it remains encrypted.

How to Sign Up with Nielsen

Nielsen Surveys Sign-Up Page
Nielsen Rewards Sign-up

Do you want to start earning with Nielsen or Nielsen Digital Voice Panel, as it’s known in some parts? Here is how to go about it.

First, sign-up is important, which requires filling out an online form. Nielsen’s online form requires the following details:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Household Details
  • Any Other Background Information

Check and download the Nielsen app on your mobile phone or Nielsen Computer Panel on your laptop or desktop computer. This data-collecting platform operates in the background on your devices after you permit it. Check for the section on other details and fill them in accordingly.

Nielsen has more requirements if you want to earn passive income through them. First, you must be at least 18 years old. At this age, you can sign a legal contract with a company.

Other requirements include a mobile device or computer that can use to download the app. After that, you’re all set to earn extra money when putting in little to no effort. For example, if you keep the app installed on your device for a whole year, you will earn $60 for free!

Even better, you can also earn rewards when you complete surveys. While there are not as many surveys on Nielsen as on other platforms like Survey Junkie or InboxDollars, their pay is good compared to these sites, and you can easily make a few dollars.

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How Much Can I Expect to Earn from Nielsen Online Surveys?

Nielsen Surveys Rewards
Get paid to take surveys

Nielsen’s primary focus isn’t online surveys, which explains your varying online earnings. The best way to keep an eye on earnings is to check the points you earn.

Each survey offers different points that you can note before you start. Survey earnings vary from $0.50 to $5 per survey, depending on the type of survey.

But besides the surveys, Nielsen offers you free $60 from Nielsen Mobile Panel. This is a reward from the company when you choose to participate in the program.

However, note that you only earn this reward once a year. The app requires you to keep using your device as it conducts research and data collection in the background.

How Do I Get Paid?

Making money with Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is not all that complicated. Just leave the app to operate in the background of your device, take a few surveys here and there and make money. But how do you get your hands on this money or rewards?

Unlike most survey sites, Nielsen allows you to cash out when you want. And you won’t have to worry about an unreasonable withdrawal amount either.

Usually, the platform uses a point-based system to reward people who download the Nielsen app. This system allows you to gather points that you can later redeem. The redeeming process for points is through gift cards from retailers like Starbucks or Amazon, PayPal cash, or bank deposits.

Check the app’s profile page, and the points accumulate as you continue to run the app. Nielsen requires its users to garner 800 points to earn $5. This is the minimum requirement when a user wants to cash out.

Nielsen adds points to your account every month, earning you up to $60 annually. But you must ensure the app is active to earn the necessary points.

While mobile devices are the most popular with Nielsen App, you can also download it on your computer or tablet. With the computer software, you are automatically entered into the platform’s monthly sweepstakes that give away $10,000. The amount is equally split among 400 lucky users. But the two users at the top of the list each get $1000!

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What are the Pros and Cons of Nielsen?

Like any other data collection and rewards platform, Nielsen has its pros and cons.


  • Little to No Time Needed

You spend little to no time on the Nielsen app to start earning $60 a year. This is the very definition of passive income, although the amount is meager.

All that’s required is downloading the app and filling details on the online form. After that, the app runs in the background of your device, and you start earning monthly points.

  • Allows Multiple Devices Per User

The Nielsen app isn’t selective when it comes to devices. You can download and install it on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and computer. And the good news is each device earns monthly points and entries to sweepstakes.

However, when it comes to annual $60 free cash, there is no way to earn more. For example, even with 4 devices, you can not earn $240 per year. The amount is still $60, but you can increase your income on the platform by taking more surveys.

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Points earned using Nilsen translate to money that you can cash out. However, purchasing at major retailers is the only way to cash out.

Nielsen permits users to purchase at numerous major retailers, giving you different options. There are no restrictions to only stick with specific retailers.

  • Cash Out at Any Time

While it can take a year to earn $60, you don’t have to wait that long to cash out. Users can cash out their points at any time of the year. This means you can redeem the points even before they reach 8000, equivalent to $50.

  • Sweet Sweepstakes

Every month, Nielsen carries out sweepstakes for users. There is a possibility to win up to $1000 in the sweepstakes. The company selects 400 lucky winners each month, and the top two earn $1000 each.


  • No Cash Rewards

The points that you earn from Nielsen Surveys do translate to specific amounts. But you can’t use services like PayPal to get cash. Instead, Nielsen allows the cash to become gift cards that you use only in major retail stores.

  • Perceived/Potential Security Issues

Not everyone is comfortable knowing an app is running in the background, gathering data. While Nielsen does take measures to guarantee users’ safety, it’s still a potential risk.

  • Limited Country Access

Not all countries in the world can access Nielsen’s reward system. It’s limited to the U.S., the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and Germany.

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Is Nielsen Surveys Legit?

Absolutely, yes! Being in the market for over 90 years and still conducting research clearly shows that the company is legit. And if that doesn’t clear your worries, the company is also BBB accredited, as well as listed on the NYSE.

The company is known to be a leader in market research, something that can be proven by the many companies that seek its ratings and data. Therefore, if you are worried about the platform’s legitimacy, don’t be.

Nielsen Surveys Review: Is It Worth It?

When seeking passive income sources, you must look for a platform that pays and requires minimal effort. Nielsen fits the bill. For instance, when you want to earn using the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app, you only need to download it and fill in the online form.

From then on, the app runs in the background and earns you monthly points. When you have 800 points, you earn $5. You also get a chance to earn through the platform’s sweepstakes.

Nielsen Surveys’ platform will not earn you thousands of dollars. However, its passive income option and the ability to take surveys for more money can fetch you several bucks. And since even one free dollar is worth it, the Nielsen Surveys platform becomes worth it.


Does Nielsen App require users to complete surveys?

The Nielsen app doesn’t require users to carry out surveys. Once you complete the sign-up process, the app begins working in the background. You won’t be required to participate in any data-collecting Q and A sessions.

Can you earn money from completing Nielsen Surveys?

Yes, you can earn money from completing Nielsen Surveys. Note that this is a part of the Nielsen Families. However, it’s not the same as Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app.

Is Nielsen Free?

Yes, Nielsen is free to use for people in authorized countries. The mobile app is simple to download and install on your devices.
There’s no fee that you must pay to access the software. In fact, Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel are the ones that reward you for using your device.

Is Nielsen a Scam?

No, Nielsen is not a scam. The company has been around for decades and is even the owner of Nielsen ratings. It’s also listed in the NYSE and accredited by the BBB.
The good news is Nielsen is also known for safety regarding user data. There’s a clear separation of personal data and market research data, keeping you safe from scammers.

Is It Possible to Uninstall Nilsen and delete my account?

Yes, you can delete your Nielsen account. If you are no longer interested in the app, simply head to your profile and click on ‘delete account.’
After that, you can uninstall or delete the app from all your devices. This ceases all background activity the app had on them.

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Customer Service



  • Spend little to no time on the Nielsen app to start earn
  • Allows to be downloaded and installed multiple devices
  • Offers multiple gift card options


  • No cash rewards
  • User safety issues
  • Limited county access