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Now Lifestyle Review – Scam or a Legitimate Life Changing Program?

How would you like to enjoy life as if it were one big party? That’s what a program called Now Lifestyle says; it’s their motto.

This does sound good from a distance, but it’s more than okay to be skeptical of all this. There are tons of scams out there, and it never hurts to do some research of your own. It will help you avoid pyramid schemes and also aid in finding legitimate products that don’t disappoint.

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In this review of Now Lifestyle, we reveal everything you need to know about this business opportunity. Whether or not it’s life-changing as it claims, we’ll soon find out.

Now Lifestyle Review – A Sneak Peek

Now lifestyle, as the name suggests, is a company that offers health & wellness products. It utilized a multi-level marketing structure and was founded by Joel Therien sometime in 2017, who also happens to be the current CEO of the company.

Now Lifestyle CEO Joel
CEO Joel – Source:

He owns multiple firms – Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO Inc.) being one of them. This platform is all about selling online marketing tools, email marketing services, and web hosting. Both his companies are San Antonio, Texas-based, and operate from the same address.

Global Virtual Opportunities Head Quarters

Interestingly, Now Lifestyle headquarters resemble GVO’s, and it’s not hard to notice a similarity. Apparently, they use the same address, and both the gym and data center share the same roof.

Now Lifestyle Head Quarters

There’s not much wrong with two companies sharing an address, but a gym and a data center have little to do with each other. It’s probably because the two companies are trying to cut costs.

Now Lifestyle Products

Now Lifestyle offers products in four categories:

  1. ‘Now Body’ Health and Wellness Membership
  2. Nutrition Supplements
  3. Business Automation Tools
  4. Now Lifestyle ‘Ascension products’

1. Now Body Health & Wellness Membership

The health and wellness membership will get you instant access to over 800 workout videos shot by the CEO, Joel Therien himself. You can also do a customized workout plan to fit your needs better and, most importantly health goals.

After answering a quick survey about your health, fitness goals, and proficiency, you can create your fit profile and build a tailor-made exercise plan.

With the free membership option, you’ll be granted a 10-day workout plan that you can use to track your daily calorie intake and exercise activity. The monthly $24.97 membership has perks and will let you do the same for up to 5 family members.

The workout methods are surely effective, just that the membership fee is slightly overpriced. There are free programs or better free mobile applications that let you track the same for free. Exercise videos are readily available on video streaming platforms like YouTube for free.

Nothing against the program, but you can do better with free alternatives. Since there’s nothing to lose initially, you can’t go wrong with their free membership option either.

2. Nutrition Supplements

The website also sells nutrition supplements to help one achieve health goals. They offer a range of products in this category, varying from whey protein powders to energy capsules.

Now Lifestyle Nutrition Products

The product’s pricing isn’t visible on the website’s homepage; it’s only visible to members.

3. Marketing Automation Tools

Apart from the products listed above, you also get a few online marketing automation tools. As a part of the marketing automation suite, you get access to the following:

  • Email Autoresponder – It’s an automatic email platform that will send emails on your behalf and help you build an e-mail list. As a free member, you can add up to 10 subscribers, and up to 5,000 as a paid member.
  • Lead Capture System – If you’re interested in promoting the Now Lifestyle platform as a whole, you can use this ‘system.’ You can use the pre-built landing pages for your promos.
  • Template Builder – You can design your own landing page templates using a drag-and-drop page builder. Most of the in-built templates won’t do you any good, so you’re better off starting from scratch.

This tool package costs $24.97 per month, which isn’t a lot, but there are better options available.

4. Ascension Products

These products are only visible in the back end (to the existing members):

  • Email marketing mastery ($497 one-time)
  • Nobody certification ($2,997 one-time)
  • Now Lifestyle Seminar Retreat ($14,997 one-time)

For selling these, you can get 50% commissions. If one of your direct recruits (referral) gets one of these sales, you’ll get 5% of the sale value. If it’s the $497 product, you’ll receive $25 in that case.

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The Compensation Plan

There are two ways to make money with Now Lifestyle:

  1. Promote the platform as an independent distributor and make money on direct sales.
  2. Recruit people into the system, position yourself and earn override commissions.

You can also sign up as a reseller and promote the website as if it were your own product. You’ll be granted a range of tools, and be assigned goodies like done-for-you capture pages, email swipes, and promotional banners.

Now Lifestyle Compensation Plan

Signing up for the reseller program (right)

You must also purchase the products you want to promote first. You can’t simply promote something that you haven’t bought yet. Considering all this, the pricing can get pretty steep.

Making Money With Now Lifestyle

  • Commissions on your sales – If you sell the product(s) to others as a distributor, you can earn retail commissions. The company pays 50% on your sales, and that’s industry standard.
  • Matching bonus – If you refer people to the company, and they recruit even more paying members, you get a nice chunk off it – 50% to be precise.
  • Binary structure – As a distributor, you can have a maximum of two people placed directly under you, two under each one of them. This can go infinitely deep, and you can get paid from each of the ‘legs.’ To qualify for the binary commission payouts, you must pay $25/month for the marketing automation tools.

Final Words – Is Now Lifestyle a Scam?

No, Now Lifestyle is not a scam. It’s a legitimate company, but it does have a few traces of a pyramid scheme. You’re required to purchase a product before you’re able to promote it.

Thumbs Up Icon

Not many legit programs ask you to purchase a product or even a monthly membership just to let you promote their offering. The pricing isn’t too steep, but it isn’t value for money either.

If you’re looking to get started with the website anyway, start with one of their health and wellness offerings, the free membership plan, that is. The videos are decent and can yield decent results over time if you put in the work (aka exercise).

The business opportunity is decent and can make for a decent income stream if you’re good at recruiting people or have a sizable audience. One thing that’s worth considering is that you’re asked to buy a product and then push others to do the same via recruiting.

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