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OneOpinion Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

Who doesn’t love free money? OneOpinion is a website where you can sign-up for free and earn money by providing your opinions. Read my OneOpinion review for details.

If you frequently browse the internet, you’ve probably been through tons of websites that let you take surveys online for money.

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As more and more brands are moving towards targeted consumer feedback, new sites are popping up daily to meet the demands for quality information.

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These surveys ask you anything about your shopping habits, personal preferences, and individual experiences. Which might make you think, is taking surveys for money safe? Well, yes. Taking surveys for money is a legit way to cash your screentime, but only if you choose the right platform.

Oneopinion Review

I’ve reviewed one of the best survey sites in this OneOpinion review to simplify the task. Go through all the details to get paid to take surveys immediately.

OneOpinion Review

OneOpinion is one of the best survey apps for money online. You can get paid cash for taking surveys online and testing products. But is OneOpinion safe? If you have this question in mind, don’t worry.

In my OneOpinion review, I have provided,

  • A short introduction to the platform
  • Guidelines to join and navigate the site
  • The salient pros and cons of the platform
  • Five key features that make it different from other survey sites online.

So let’s get started.

What Is OneOpinion?

Oneopinion Logo

Founded in 2011, OneOpinion is one of the most popular survey sites created by Critical Mix. You can sign-up for free on this website and take the best surveys for money without any hassle.

If you’re 13 or older, the sign-up process will take just a few minutes. Once you’re a member, you can indulge in the paid tasks on the platform and earn points.

Later, you can redeem your OneOpinion rewards through PayPal credit, Visa credit, or gift cards. Most importantly, it is one of the most abundantly available survey websites online.

While some leading survey websites are only available for US citizens, OneOpinion lets members from Australia, Europe, Canada, and the UK join as working members.

Another aspect that makes OneOpinion stand out amongst its contemporary survey websites is its survey invitations. You don’t need to scrounge through a list of available surveys only to take one and find out you don’t qualify.

OneOpinion sends you relevant survey invitations into your inbox, so you don’t have to worry about getting screened out. Similarly, OneOpinion lets you maximize your earnings on the platform by testing products and referring your friends.

I’ve included the details about the money-making offers and redemption opportunities. And the sign-up process is further in my OneOpinion review, so keep reading.

How Does OneOpinion Work?

OneOpinion works in a slightly different way from conventional survey sites. Yes, it is owned by a popular market research company, just like LifePoints and Pinecone Research, but it does not operate similarly.

Most survey sites let their members access long lists of survey options. All the available surveys vary according to length, topics, and remuneration.

If you’ve tried out any of these sites, you’ll know it is quite challenging to pick a survey that fits your profile. And even if it doesn’t, the platform won’t let you know until you’ve almost reached the end.

This can be a huge turn-off for beginners hoping to earn good money from survey sites. But here’s where using OneOpinion will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Not only does the platform choose surveys for you and send invitations to your inbox, but it also has a fixed price rate for each survey. You will earn about $5 worth of points for completing a 20-30 minute survey on OneOpinion.

Who Is OneOpinion For?

Although OneOpinion is a legit survey site, it’s not the ideal platform for everyone. If you’re hoping to earn a fortune by taking surveys or generating enough income to sustain your family, OneOpinion is not for you.

However, for some people, OneOpinion can be a practical and easy way to earn some extra bucks.

  • Stay-at-home moms and dads can use OneOpinion while completing their household chores or looking after their children. The surveys don’t take much time and are an easy way to add extra change to your pocket.
  • Teenagers can join OneOpinion and give their opinions on relevant topics for money. The platform lets teens 13 or older join and recommends surveys according to their profiles so that children can earn some pocket money safely.
  • Retired elderly people can quickly learn to use the site and earn extra bucks in their free time. The site has a catchy interface, which makes it easy to navigate, even for beginners.
  • People who’re already doing full-day jobs can also go for OneOpinion. It has an accessible app that you can use to take surveys from anywhere. Just keep the earning potential in mind while investing your time.

How To Sign-up For OneOpinion

The sign-up process is perhaps the most exciting aspect of OneOpinion, in my opinion. Like leading survey sites,  it is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete.

What makes it different is that you don’t have to fill out a tedious form while providing details. You chat with a live bot named Emily, who asks you for all your information.

Oneopinion Signup

This way, the bot will notify you immediately if there’s an issue with your registration process. You must provide basic details, including your name, email address, location, and age.

Besides that, the bot also asks questions about your preferences and professional and demographic location to suggest the right surveys for you.


Pros of OneOpinion

Before I get to the detailed part of my OneOpinion review, I’ve listed the benefits of OneOpinion at a glance to help you decide.

Invitation-Based Surveys

With OneOpinion, you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting screened out or disqualified for surveys. Only complete the surveys recommended to you and earn money within minutes.

Moreover, the platform offers fifty points compensation if you’re ever screened out of a survey due to a website glitch.

No Family Member Restrictions

Most survey sites only let one member join from each address. This way, if you’re a member, no one from your family can join.

That’s not the case with OneOpinion. The site encourages multiple family members and even children to join with parental consent.

User-Intuitive Website

I love the OneOpinion website. It gives you all the information you need conversationally, so you’ll easily find your way around, even as a beginner.

Cons of OneOpinion

Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Although OneOpinion has many benefits, here’s a list of downsides to this survey platform.

Unnotified Account Suspension

Nobody knows why, but many user reviews show that OneOpnion tends to cancel user accounts without prior notice. The customer support service does not respond to queries regarding this problem.

You Can Still get Disqualified.

Although the probability is low compared to other sites, you can still get disqualified from surveys on OneOpinion. Some users even claim that the 50-point compensation never appeared in their accounts.

Low Survey Availability In Some Locations

You cannot expect to get survey notifications every day. Depending on your location, you may only get a few email alerts every week.

Key Features

Moving on with my OneOpinion review, here’s my detailed experience of the top five features of OneOpinion.

Engaging User Interface

As I mentioned, I found the inclusive user interface quite intriguing. All the essential information on the landing page, including the application, navigation, and contact details.

Oneopinion Earning

Once you reach the application page, you can fill out your details as if you’re talking to a real person. The same bot system is integrated into their member’s center, where you can get prompt responses for all your queries.

Oneopinion Live Chat

After you become a member, you can access the site and look for surveys that match your profile or wait for email notifications.

OneOpinion Surveys

Surveys are the most profitable ways to make money on OneOpinion. All the surveys on this site are invitation-based, so you can only take the ones that match your profile.

Most of the surveys pay you points worth $5. However, if you are lucky, you’ll get invitations for high-paying surveys.

Besides that, some surveys come with ‘varied’ payment ranges. This means the remuneration is based on the topic’s complexity or the survey’s length. In this case, it may be higher or lower than $5.

Most importantly, if you don’t respond to email alerts or take any surveys in a span of 180 days, the platform will cancel your points and your account.

OneOpinion Product Testing

Unlike other survey sites, you can earn money from OneOpinion by testing free products. Once you spend considerable time on the platform and become a regular member, the site opens up this option.

They will send free products to your doorstep, most of which are not yet released into the market. Your job is to use the product and describe your experience while pointing out the product’s defects.

If you get the chance to earn through product testing, you can easily make $50 per day on OneOpinion.

OneOpinion Points Redemption

On OneOpinion, 1000 points are equal to $1. For every 30-minute survey, you’ll earn 5000 points, equivalent to $5. Once you reach their minimum payout threshold of $25, you can redeem your points.

Oneopinion Rewards

You can get your first payout within a week of signing up if you work consistently. You can redeem your points in three ways on OneOpinion.

  • You can get your rewards in the form of PayPal credit.
  • Redeem your points for Visa Credit
  • Convert your points into gift card credits and get discounts on your favorite products. You can choose whether you want virtual or physical gift cards.

Customer Support

OneOpinion offers impeccable customer support. First, there’s a comprehensive FAQ page where you can find the answer to any queries you encounter while using the site.

Oneopinion Faq

Besides that, unlike other survey sites, the site displays a contact number, so you can call and talk to a customer service representative right away. This helps when you have payment issues and need prompt responses to your questions.

Oneopinion Contact

Thirdly, you can contact their customer support department through live chat on their member’s center. Simply click on the page link and type your query out.

The bot will immediately reply to your message or connect you with a customer support representative if you have a complex query.

Is OneOpinion Legit?

OneOpinion is a legit survey site for anyone who wants to make extra money from home.

Although it has a few downsides, none are severe enough to ditch using the site altogether. Even if the site does not recommend surveys to you on some days, you can compensate by taking multiple surveys on other days.

Besides, if you work consistently, you can maximize your income on the site by testing products for money. So, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a teenager, you can use OneOpinion to optimize your screen time.

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  • User-Intuitive Website


  • Unnotified Account Suspension
  • You Can Still get Disqualified.
  • Low Survey Availability In Some Locations