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Is Online Sales Pro a Scam or a Legitimate Lead Gen Platform?

There are a lot of lead generation and online sales platforms available in the market. Traffic is the lifeline of any internet-based business. Without traffic to your website/other web properties, you won’t get any conversions in terms of leads. When you have no leads, you’ll make no sales.

OSP is one of them; they claim to help you get more sales through specialized lead gen. In this review, we will look closely at Online Sales Pro and reveal the real truth behind the system.

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What Is Online Sales Pro

OSP is a software company that can help generate leads & sales for your online business. You also get access to easy-to-digest training modules along with the system. It’s geared more towards people who are beginners as far as lead gen is concerned, and it won’t appeal to the intermediate-level and advanced-level marketers.

They include an array of tools that a newbie will find handy, but those are not sophisticated enough for people with some experience in Internet Marketing.

The founders are Joel Kellman and Grady Polcyn who also own the company. Most OnlineSalesPro reviews out there claim Vincent Ortega Jr. owns this company which is not true. It looks like most people are doing reviews without doing any research. Here’s some proof.

Online Sales Pro User Review

You get access to the tools, training & resources after you sign up. This will aid you in getting more leads and ultimately more sales. There is however a more popular tool called ClickFunnels which is the first choice of beginners, intermediate and elite marketers alike.

How Does It Work?

With Online Sales Pro, you must build the email marketing system and connect the pieces. It involves a few steps.

  • Design a Capture Page/Landing Page – This is where you will collect visitors’ emails. Just select an in-built template to start, play with the fonts/colors/images and you’re ready to go. (also check out our favorite tools for running an online business)
  • Connect with your autoresponder service – An email marketing service, also known as an autoresponder will do the email sending on your behalf to your subscribers. It can automatically ‘respond’ to people when they subscribe to your list. The main goal of an autoresponder is marketing automation. It will cost between $10 – 40 per month depending on your usage. (also check out our favorite autoresponder)
  • Driving Traffic – To drive traffic, you can use paid advertising or let the power of organic traffic join your side. Be sure to check out our free traffic guide.
  • Getting Sales – This is one of the most crucial parts. To get sales, you must follow up with the prospects using the autoresponder. Send value-driven emails, gain their trust, and sell to them.

However, if you don’t have an online business, OSP is not for you. It’s merely a platform that brings marketing tools together in one suite to help you out.

If it’s something you’re interested in, it will set you back by $37 per month if you opt for monthly or $297 per annum which equates to roughly $25 per month.

Are you looking for a LEGIT way to make money online and finally start your OWN profitable online business?

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Is OSP a Scam?

No, Online Sales Pro is far from a scam. It’s geared more toward those who are relatively new to the concept of digital marketing. The training is legitimate and easy to follow, the owners are legit, you can build decent-looking landing pages which are mobile-responsive, there is a lot of templates built-in, and your pages are hosted on their sub-domains. Still, there’s definitely room for improvement in some areas. 

You don’t have full control over the landing pages you edit, they have limited integration capabilities, and you cannot integrate with our favorite content management system WordPress. There are far better tools out there like ClickFunnels which fill the void OSP leaves.

To get started with any kind of lead gen software suite, you must have an online business in place. Thanks to the mountain of misinformation and bunk programs, it’s a fact most people struggle to make it online. However, things don’t need to be that way if you have a proven system in place.

If you’re new to all this and are looking for a solid jump-start to start your own wildly profitable online business finally, you should check out our top recommendation for making money online.

Are you looking for a LEGIT way to make money online and finally start your OWN profitable online business?

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