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Is Online Team Builders a Scam or a Legit Marketing Platform?

Welcome to this Online Team Builders Review. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the online marketing platform and are wondering if it’s the real deal. Can it really help take your business to the next level, or is it just another scam you should be wary of?

Doing some research always proves beneficial since it can help you avoid scams and also assist in finding legitimate opportunities that don’t disappoint.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Online Team Builders Review

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Online Team Builders ( is a marketing tool platform launched in 2013 by Nancy Rote. If you’re involved in a business named Essante Organics, this is just an extension tool suite to help you with your marketing efforts.

Online Team Builders Website

As per the platform, it can:

  • Help you manage an email list with a dozen prospecting tools
  • Automate your email marketing campaigns, and keep an eye on the performance
  • Help you generate leads via built-in landing page templates
  • Get you custom-built text messages – their app is available on both iOS and Android

However, their user interface is a bit dated, and the tools have difficulty giving their competitors a run for their money. In a nutshell, there are far better tools if you know where to look.

Online Team Builders Members Area

AWeber is one of our favorite email marketing platforms that we’ve been using for more than five years. You can get a free 30-day trial of the software here.

What’s With Online Team Builders?

Online Team Builders Network

According to their main website’s sales pitch, Online Team Builders offers “extensive web solutions for developing your service,” which include the following options:

  • Effective Email Marketing
  • Powerful Prospecting Tools
  • Manage & Generate Leads
  • App for team building

Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Online Team Builders

With Online Team Builders’ professional marketing emails, a professionally designed email auto-responder, and a follow-up system, you’ll be able to follow up like a pro. You can choose from pre-written, tried-and-true campaigns or develop your own bespoke message or campaign. You can even upload and construct your own video email if you feel very creative.

Powerful Prospecting Tools

Powerful Prospecting Tools - Online Team Builders

Online Team Builders has a comprehensive contact management system and a collection of tools to help you with your daily sales and business-building activities. All of your notes, including other prospect activities, are visible with a quick glance at the prospect detail screen.

Manage & Generate Leads

Manage &Amp; Generate Leads - Online Team Builders

Online Team Builders offers a comprehensive set of tools and marketing sites to help you produce your own prospects, whether you want to enhance product sales or expand your team beyond the local market. We provide you with several choices for generating interest in your business in addition to landing pages.

Mobile App

Mobile App - Online Team Builders

According to the latest research, individualized text message responses outperform emails and even phone calls. Members can use Online Team Builder’s mobile app to send pre-written or creative SMS messages. View your landing pages and marketing websites in one place and distribute them to prospects with a single click.

  • You can also do the following:
  • Track your team-building efforts with interactive data visualizations.
  • Access to contact information.
  • Send prospects pre-written messages via text or email.
  • Available scripts, news, and training modules

Who Created Online Team Builders?

There is no information regarding Nancy Rote on their website, and her name isn’t even mentioned. I only discovered Nancy Rote’s details on LinkedIn, where you can see that she owns Online Team Builders.

Online-Team-Builders Owner Nancy Rote

However, the information lacks integrity because Nancy Rote has little online presence. It would be helpful if they told her story on their website so that people could find out who the owner is and if she is legitimate.

How Do Online Team Builders Work?

The marketing toolkit was created with network marketers in mind. If you have an existing MLM business or are looking to build one, this tool can help.

Onlineteambuilders Platform Dashboard

With MLM businesses, you’ll have to build a team. Email marketing automation will ease the task of getting leads (and ultimately referrals).

Here are the various tools you get as an OnlineTeamBuilders member:

  1. Prospecting tools – track your audience’s actions closely. It includes keeping track of a lead’s open rate/click-through rate, bounces, and unsubscribes.
  2. Email marketing tools – includes an autoresponder to automatically respond and send an email follow-up sequence to new leads/prospects.
  3. Landing page builder – comes with a handful of pre-built landing pages you can use to collect visitors’ credentials and build an email list.
  4. Business Cards – This help converts a prospect into a paying customer. If they have your information, you’ll be on their mind if they’re interested in your offer.
  5. Mobile application – You can track everything from the convenience of your mobile phone. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms. And if you have a compatible device, it should be good to go.

As per the website, they can help you convert leads/prospects into paying members via their automation tools. It’s free to get started with the platform, but you need to pay $29/month once you’re onboard.

Online Team Builders Registration Process

The registration process also requires you to use a referral link from one of the existing OTB members. It won’t let you sign up directly from the main website.

If you have a referrer, ask them for the enrollment password. Only then can you get started.

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How Much Does Online Team Builders Cost?

A monthly fee of about $30 is required. You will be offered a one-month free trial if you join online team builders, but you have to pay them monthly for the marketing tools they provide following the trial period.

But, because the company is a subsidiary of Essante Organics, you must pay an additional $30 to join that subsidiary. So joining will cost you a total of $60.

If you try to investigate it, you can join Essante Organics, pay the $30 membership fee, and become a member of the company.

However, if you begin with Online Team Builders and they provide you with marketing tools to help you establish your MLM company, there will be additional charges to consider.

Online Team Builders – Income Potential

The sky is the limit if you use online business training tools for email automation. You can surely make money with the platform. Your results will depend on many factors, though:

  • Quality of leads/email list in general
  • Email follow-up sequence’s quality
  • The actual product’s quality
  • Email delivery (whether or not your emails are getting delivered to prospects’ inboxes)

Email marketing automation can be used regardless of your industry. It can work for affiliate marketing businesses, MLMs, and old-school brick-and-mortar businesses. And its overall marketing strategy and approach will determine whether or not you thrive as an email marketer.

It’s best to shower your audience with value before asking for a sale. The more value you provide for free, the more it builds trust. As a result, people will be more likely to purchase from you since they like you and, most importantly, trust you.

Most people struggle with multi-level marketing businesses because recruiting isn’t for everyone. It’s not really easy to convince someone to sign up under you and make a purchase. Unless you’re a seasoned network marketer, you won’t enjoy MLMs.


  • If you’re associated with Essante Organics and are looking to automate your marketing efforts, this tool will surely help. It can help but whether or not you’ll succeed with it depends on your marketing game plan; you can’t just build a list and wake up richer the next day.
  • Online Team Builders is a legitimate tool regardless and offers email marketing services. Email marketing is easily among the best, if not the best, channels for promoting a product online. However, your success depends on your skills as a marketer.
  • If it helps you make a lot more than what you invest in the tool, it can be value for money. You should always experiment and play around with your marketing tactics and do what works best. Even if you have something that works, try doing A/B split testing for the best results.
  • It may not be a compelling enough incentive for you to give it a shot, especially since $30 is not exactly inexpensive. However, compared to other business options that need a membership fee, $30 is less expensive. With that subscription, you’ll obtain assistance for your own MLM business.


Unlike most reviews, this one will shed some light on the cons as well.

  • These tools are tailor-made for Essante Organics. If you intend to promote something else, that probably won’t work.
  • Dated interface – it hardly compares with some of the best email marketing tools.
  • $29/month is a bit steep for what the website offers. There are better (and cheaper) email marketing tools out there that offer complete flexibility and ease of use. AWeber is one of them; it’s miles ahead of OTB and comes with a 30-day free trial.
  • Unlike most platforms, the Online Team Builders website has no testimonials. Without testimonials/social proof, how is one supposed to sign up for some random $30 per month tools? It just makes no sense.
  • It’s not hard to find complaints about the platform, and there are plenty of them out there.
  • There’s no information on who owns this website; this domain has a private registration.
  • You need a member’s referral/affiliate link to sign up with the platform. You can’t just go to the website and directly create an account.
  • They lack transparency. They don’t provide you with much information when they recruit you to work for them. You see, there isn’t much information on their website, and in order to sign up, you must use a member’s referral link that can be located on their domain. It is not possible to register an account on their website. And there is no income disclosure to demonstrate that members earn money.
  • Anyone who has been offered a job disguised as another job would consider it unethical. This marketing tactic is used by the people behind Online Team Builders to deceive people to join an MLM company. And, based on the reviews, the recruitment they have set up squeals of fraud and scam. So, Online Team Builders is not a scam, but what happens after you are accepted is. You basically need to recruit members for Essante Organics to earn money. It may be related to selling Essante Organics products, but your primary and single goal is to recruit.
  • We look for online reviews to determine whether something is good or bad. They have a significant impact on our decisions. In the case of Online Team Builders, the number of negative evaluations online outnumbers the favorable ones.

Is Online Team Builders A Legit Tool?

Online Team Builders is a legitimate program. It is definitely possible to develop a profitable, successful digital marketing firm, but there are better methods to do so than through network marketing. You can make money with this service, but it’s not as simple as the firm claims.

There is a significant amount of work to be done upfront, no real assurance of success, and – most significantly – the actual commissions are quite little.

There’s nothing wrong with doing the labor first and making the money later. But if you work for three months and your reward is a $50 commission, that’s not really worth it.

Final Words – Is Online Team Builders a Scam?

No, Online Team Builders is not a scam. It’s a legit tool for automating your email marketing efforts for promoting Essante Organics. That being said, if you’re not a member of the MLM company, you won’t find much value in the tool.

It will be useful to you because it was built and developed for the Essante Organics company. However, they should have allowed users to register for the website without using the referral’s password. If you don’t have a recommendation, other MLM companies will auto-generate one near you.

Thumbs Down Icon

It can’t be used to promote any other website. Moreover, the tool is very limited in what it offers, and the clunky interface isn’t something most people would love. The cons far outweigh the pros, and as a result, we cannot recommend this platform to our readers even though it’s legit.

They are rather mysterious, and the bogus ads are too discouraging for individuals looking for a serious career other than networking. Furthermore, there is no information about the owner on the website.

I conducted a lot of research to find out who the owner is, but there isn’t much information available. The history of the company, the persons behind the company, and client testimonials are not visible on their website.

If you have marketing skills and the ability to persuade others to join, Online Team Builders may be a suitable fit for you. Otherwise, you might look into other MLM firms that provide higher compensation plans.

You can make money online with the system, but that depends more on your skills as an internet marketer and less on the tool. No tool will do you good unless you have a proven strategy in place.

As mentioned before, this is far from being considered one of the best tools for building and managing a list. AWeber was and still is our favorite tool for email automation. It’s cheaper, has a better interface, better reporting, and is superior in quality. Get started with a free 30-day trial.

These tools have their use, but if you’re new to all this, you should instead work on setting a strong internet marketing foundation. Acquire a skill, get to work, and you’ll eventually benefit from it. Automation helps, but without having a proper marketing strategy, it will only drain your wallet.

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