Is a Scam or a Legit Website For Landing a Job?

Are you looking to work from home and would prefer flexible timings? Chances are you looked for an online job portal and probably came across

The website claims to be a portal for finding online jobs, but is it legitimate or a scam? In this review, we share the real truth behind this website. Read on and you'll make some interesting discoveries. Review

The website claims to show you a list of the best online jobs that are looking for your services. However, things are not as they seem, you won't be getting a job through them, and this website is not legitimate. More on that shortly.

Upon further investigation, we discovered this website is not an online job portal platform, it's merely a website which promotes other scams as an affiliate marketer and makes money on people it refers. When we visited the website for the first time, it encouraged us to sign up for a program called Auto Money system.

Auto Money system/AMS is a well-known scam and if this legit-looking website is promoting it, that's not a very good sign. Promoting decent business opportunities is one thing but when you realize a website is promoting things solely for monetary gains, that raises eyebrows.

It looks like the website hops from one scam to another and simply replaces the products it's promoting. That's a blackhat tactic and the only person who benefits from this is the OnlineNetJobs website's owner.

A Closer Look

We couldn't find anything promising with the so-called job platform. We, however found some red flags which should reconfirm our statement that OnlineNetJobs is nothing more than a scam.

  • Promotes shady business opportunities which are anything but legit
  • The website owner(s) strategically try to hide their faces
  • Jumps from one scam to another and the chain continues. If you're from the future and you encounter this website, chances are you may see an offer that's totally different than AMS.

The testimonials found on the website are totally fake and they are from paid actors hired off Fiverr. The sales video shows a guy and we found him Fiverr. Here's one of them for your reference: scam

Is OnlineNetJobs a Scam?

The website can't be called a scam just yet because it's not scamming people on its own. However, it's referring them to well-known scams so it's definitely one to avoid. If you test these scams, you will only lose money, let alone make some.

It's not set in stone that the website will continue to promote scams like they currently are, but the odds are against you. Someone who's chosen a route will likely stick to the same route solely because of monetary benefits.

To make money, it often asks for some efforts and patience from your end. Our top recommended training teaches how can build a profitable online business with affiliate marketing. It's one of the more popular business models, and is also among the most profitable ones because it can truly provide a passive income. 

Affiliate marketing is also our favorite models because of the time and location freedom it provides. You can work from the comfort of your house or from your car while you travel, or from anywhere else. It sure takes some time and work but if you're willing to change your lives for the better, definitely give it a go!

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