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Opini Surveys Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Looking to make some extra money by expressing your opinion on products and services? Then look no, as we will be examining opioid surveys in detail. In this review, you’ll learn the ins and outs of this UK online survey platform, which provides users with a great way to generate additional income. So strap yourself in for an enlightening journey through Opini Surveys!

Key Takeaways

  • Opini Surveys is a legitimate survey platform with limited earning potential and a user-friendly interface.
  • User reviews are unfavorable due to low survey frequency, high disqualification rates, and difficulty relying on it as a primary source of income.
  • It is ideal for those looking to supplement their income, but other platforms may offer more significant earnings.

What is Opini Surveys?

Opini Surveys Logo

Opini Surveys, a UK-based online survey platform, offers rewards to those who provide feedback on a variety of products and services. Participants can take branded surveys and earn cash or gift cards, making it a trusted platform endorsed by Companies House. For more detailed information, you can read various reviews about the website.

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However, it’s worth noting that earnings might be limited. Opini Surveys operates globally, conducting market research in 14 countries across Asia Pacific and Europe, offering diverse types of studies and payment options, often accompanied by prizes.

But, with a rating of just 2/5 from Survey Police, it’s clear that the rewards might not be as substantial as one might hope. Despite Opini Surveys being a reliable platform for market research companies, don’t set your expectations too high regarding potential gains when choosing this survey opportunity over others.

Who Can Benefit from Opini Surveys?

Perks When  Using Opini Surveys
Opini Surveys / Opini Surveys

Opini Surveys is available for individuals aged 16 and above who reside in any of the 14 countries where this platform operates. People can use it to make extra cash or businesses looking to acquire valuable market research company intelligence through surveys, video diaries, phone interviews, and product trials.

To join Opini Survey’s network, users must fill out a short questionnaire followed by an email confirmation, after which survey invites are sent when they meet the necessary criteria. For best results, your user profile must contain as much information as possible since they will determine what kind of opinion surveys survey invitations you receive.

Getting Started with Opini Surveys

Join Or Login To Opini Surveys
Opini Surveys / Opini Surveys

In order to register for Opini Surveys, head over to the website or download their OpinionAPP mobile app. Once you have completed a quick questionnaire and verified your registration via email, survey invites will be sent out based on your qualifications when approved.

To guarantee that you get suitable surveys, your profile info must be as complete and precise as possible – this increases the chance of getting qualified for opinion surveys, leading to higher rewards/earnings after completing them. Reviewing each poll before engaging with them should also be considered if you want to gain and earn rewards from doing these surveys regularly.

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Navigating the Opini Surveys Platform

Opini Surveys Mobile App
Opini Surveys / Opini Surveys

Using Opini Surveys, you can conveniently access and finish surveys. If desired, the OpinionAPP for Android/iOS gadgets is accessible to help extend potential survey openings even further.

This app works with Triaba, Surveyeah, Panel Champ, and other comparable sites that don’t offer as many polls but still deliver some bonus earnings opportunities. Besides this, an FAQ section covers any common queries or offers necessary data to optimize your user experience via their platform on a mobile device.

Survey Participation Process on Opini Surveys

Earn Cash Rewards &Amp; Gift Cards For Completing Online Surveys
Opini Surveys / Opini Surveys

Opin Surveys provides many online surveys and market research options, including focus groups, video diaries, telephone interviews, and more. Suppose you wish to participate in any survey available from these companies.

In that case, it’s important to first complete your profile so that the pre-qualifying questions can determine whether or not you are eligible for a survey invite and rewards after successful completion. It is also important to note that various demographics as well as demand by clients may affect how many invitations for surveys come your way – sometimes there won’t be too many opportunities!

To get started with Opini Survey’s offerings: First, finish off creating an account then answer some basic qualifying questions. If approved this would grant access to become a member for short (up to 5 minutes) and long (of maximum 25 mins) survey chances plus others like webcam surveys etc. – all promised rewards upon the end date of their respective sessions.

Earning Potential with Opini Surveys

Opini Surveys Rewards
Opini Surveys / Opini Surveys

With Opini Surveys, you could potentially make between $10 to $50 a survey completed per month. The exact amount depends on factors like how many surveys are available and the time devoted to completing them. Even though this is not substantial income, it can still be used as an additional source of revenue.

It’s important to remember that there are multiple survey sites for you to use if you want to maximize your earnings from taking surveys. You should consider joining several survey sites so that more survey opportunities would become accessible!

Payment Options and Thresholds on Opini Surveys

Claim Rewards As Cash Or Gift Voucher In Opini Surveys
Opini Surveys / Opini Surveys

Opini Surveys provides various payment methods, including G Codes and Amazon gift cards to PayPal. To take advantage of the rewards you can get through using a PayPal account is essential. Due to discrepancies depending on your nation’s residence status, there may be distinctions regarding the least amount that needs to be earned before cashing out these payments.

In terms of usage within the US and Canada for instance, users are expected to achieve a $12.50 minimum while those from the UK have an 8 GBP requirement. It should also be noted that a 2% handling charge has been implemented when utilizing PayPal via this platform.

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User Feedback and Ratings for Opini Surveys

Reviews for Opini Surveys are a mixed bag – some users commend the platform for its authenticity, effortless navigation, and brief survey questions that normally take no more than 10 minutes. On the other hand, certain reviewers have disapproved of low frequency in surveys and high disqualification rates which hinder earning potential in most surveys.

Trust Pilot and Site Jabber’s assessments of this site aren’t too flattering either. While it might provide an agreeable user experience, those who expect to make considerable amounts from a single survey website should look elsewhere if they want maximum returns on their efforts.

The Pros and Cons of Opini Surveys

How Opini Surveys Works
Opini Surveys / Opini Surveys

Opini Surveys could be a legitimate choice for those seeking extra income, as it offers user-friendly surveys with G Codes and Amazon gift cards among the payment options. Earnings potential is low – typically between $10 and $50 per month, due to limited survey frequency and high disqualification rates from taking surveys.

If you want to maximize your rewards from completing online polls on Opini Survey or other sites, then make sure that joining multiple platforms can offer broader access to such opportunities.

Alternatives to Opini Surveys

Inboxdollars Landing Page
InboxDollars / InboxDollars

If you’re searching for other survey platforms, a few choices are available. Some widely used alternatives include InboxDollars, MyPoints, and Nielsen, which all reward people who take surveys or participate in research panels and various paid research studies.

It is doubtful that one can make more than $60 every month with 40 to 50 hours on these higher paying sites, but joining a legit survey site or multiple ones may help boost your total earning potential as well as open up access to an array of survey chances.

Opini Surveys Reviews

Survey Name Date of Survey Responses Collected Average Rating Key Insights
Opini Surveys Review: Users Feedback January 10, 2022 1450 4.3 Users appreciate the ease of use
Opini Surveys Review: Payment Process February 15, 2022 1980 3.8 Users would prefer quicker payouts
Opini Surveys Review: Quality of Surveys March 5, 2022 2300 4.0 Users find the surveys relevant and well-made

Is Opini Surveys Worth It?

Many are curious if Opini Surveys is a legitimate survey site, and the answer to this question is yes. This platform offers limited opportunities for generating income, which makes it suitable as an extra source of revenue but not something one should depend on alone.

The system’s user-friendliness allows different payment methods, while surveys may sometimes be scarce, resulting in lower earnings due to high disqualification rates from certain polls.

Determining whether investing time into using Opinion Surveys pays off depends solely on your individual goals and needs. If you’re seeking only minor profits, then it could suffice.

Those looking to maximize gains by taking paid surveys might want to explore other options beyond what Offers Survey delivers.

Overall, Opini Surveys is a legitimate platform that can conveniently obtain rewards in exchange for voicing one’s opinion. Although earning potential may not be as high as other survey sites or income-generating activities, its user-friendly interface and payment options make it suitable if you are looking for extra earnings from surveys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Opini Surveys legit?

Opini Surveys is a legitimate survey website that offers user-friendly features and has an accessible payment minimum. Though the return isn’t as high as other sites, it may still be worth considering if you’re looking to do surveys online. It does have attractive characteristics that can draw potential customers in such as its convenience for users due to its easily usable platform and straightforward payout method.

Is the opinion app real or fake?

Google Opinion Rewards offers a convenient way to earn money and gain rewards via PayPal for completing surveys. Through Google Consumer Surveys, market researchers carry out the polls and pay you in exchange for anonymous responses, making it easy to make money.

How much can you earn from OneOpinion?

For completing a survey, you may receive rewards from $0.50 to $3 on average per survey and even more based on the size of it. Earning Opinion Points is likewise included. Usually, they are set between 10 and 250 per completed questionnaire.

Can you make money taking online surveys?

Making money online from taking surveys online is an option, although it isn’t likely to make you wealthy. If you have some free time and complete several polls daily, then the potential for a small income exists. Be cautious of any survey websites that guarantee huge earnings, though, as these may be false promises.

How much can I expect to earn with Opini Surveys?

Doing surveys with Opini Surveys can earn you between ten and fifty dollars monthly.

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Ease of Use







  • Legitimate choice for those seeking some extra income, as it offers user-friendly surveys with G Codes and Amazon gift cards being among the payment options
  • Has an uthentic, effortless navigation, and brief survey questions that normally take no more than 10 minutes
  • This platform offers limited opportunities for generating income, which makes it suitable as an extra source of revenue


  • Earnings potential is low - typically between $10 and $50 per month, due to limited survey frequency and high disqualification rates from taking surveys