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Opinion Bureau Review 2024: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Want to have your opinion heard about products, brands, and companies, while you still make some extra bucks? This Opinion Bureau review gives you one great option for doing that.

While each survey site has its unique features, mode of operation, various types, and different pros and cons, their agenda is similar – get your opinion. Companies, brands, organizations, and many other researchers always seek opinions from their customers or users.

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This Opinion Bureau review will help us get a comprehensive look at one of these survey sites and understand its mode of operation.

Does it offer lucrative rewards, in your opinion? Does it even work? Or is it one more braggart in the market boasting of something they can’t possibly provide?

By the end of this Opinion Bureau review, you’ll have answers to all these questions. You’ll see whether their rewards are worth your time, opinions, and efforts.

But before diving deeper, let us see what exactly Opinion Bureau is.

What Is Opinion Bureau?

Opinion Bureau Logo

This is a paid surveys platform established by a company known as “Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd.” The company has its headquarters in New Delhi, India, and its primary focus is to connect the products/service providers and their consumers.

The platform allows consumers to voice their opinions about products and services while the companies and organizations implement them. This way, the market gets to know what the end-user wants, thus identifying the best way to offer it.

Through surveys, opinion polls, product trials, and other activities, Opinion Bureau can reach the minds of consumers. And just from their website, one can see that they are a dedicated survey site that aims to offer the best support to their customers.

They have 24/7 customer support, plus a section dedicated to their commitments to users. If you have some time to spare and wish to make money with surveys, this is an easy way to do it.

How Opinion Bureau Works

How Opinion Bureau How It Works

Opinion Bureau is not much different from other survey sites regarding its operations. Firstly, the platform, like many others, uses surveys as the main way to collect opinions from users. Also, for the users, completing those online surveys for money is the main deal.

Once you’ve signed up on the platform, the next step is to complete a profile survey, allowing you access to other available surveys. This survey will take around 5 minutes, but it’s a crucial part of the signing-up process. It helps the platform to understand the user, thus enabling it to match them with the proper surveys.

By signing up, you receive a $5 bonus, the first earning you get from the platform. From there, you can accumulate your earnings by completing various surveys or undertaking other activities like polls and trials.

So, how is the signing up process? This Opinion Bureau review has even more for you.

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How to Sign Up for Opinion Bureau

Signing Up For Opinion Bureau

The signup process for Opinion Bureau is never complicated as some might think. The first step is to visit their site and click on the SIGNUP button to start the process. Also, if you can’t see the signup button, click the LOGIN button as an alternative.

The login button will take you to the next page, where you can see the signup button just beneath the large, green login button. Click on that, and you are ready to start.

The first thing you see after this is the Membership button, click on it, and it prompts the captcha checkbox. Prove that you aren’t a robot by ticking on the box and continuing to fill in your details.

But, before you fill in the details, a list of points will appear confirming that the platform is GDPR compliant. This should remove worries about the platform’s ability to handle your information with ultimate privacy.

You’ll need to fill in your email, gender, birth date, and address/postcode. Opinion Bureau will then send you a verification link to the email you provide to help complete the registration process. Click on this link, and the process is complete.

The best thing about Opinion Bureau is that it has zero membership restrictions. Unlike many other survey sites, which only allow members from certain regions, here, you can join from almost any part of the world. But, the surveys you get will be greatly influenced by your location.

Once you are through, your account is credited with the $5 signup bonus, and you are ready to start the profile survey. Isn’t that an easy way to start making money online?

Profile Creation

This is just an addition to the details you’ve given in the earlier signup stage. The platform can get an in-depth picture of you through the profile survey, assisting them more in their survey allocation.

And it’s not a long or tiresome task. Just 5 minutes, and you are through. Some of the details they will ask for include the following:

  • Your marital status
  • Level of education
  • Annual household income
  • Health insurance
  • Ethnic background
  • Whether you have pets, and how many?

All these will give them an idea of the best surveys for you. After this, they also don’t leave you empty-handed. You get a $1 bonus just for that. Now, that sounds fun.

Up to this point, you already have $6 in your account. Let’s now see how you can make even more money online with this platform.

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How to Make Money with Opinion Bureau

Making Money With Opinion Bureau

Now that you have a balance of $6, how do you make it grow even more? What options do you have to make more money?

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Taking Surveys

After you are through signing up, you have two options at hand. The first one is to wait for a survey invitation from Opinion Bureau, which they send via your email. Alternatively, you can browse for the new, available surveys yourself.

If you decide to go with the latter, click on the “Live Surveys” button. This will give you a list of all available surveys you can try.

If you find something that fits you, you can start the survey completion process. If not, you can keep on checking until you find something better.

Opinion Bureau surveys pay better than those in many other paid survey sites. For instance, a single survey can earn you up to $10, while others will earn just a few cents. It’s the length and complexity of the survey that determines the payout for each survey.

Opinion Bureau survey payouts are higher than many other sites can offer. And, unlike several platforms that pay through points, this one pays in dollars.

Friends Referrals

This is a great way to earn passively with Opinion Bureau. And since surveys only might not be that lucrative, this option might help add to your earnings.

For every friend you refer to Opinion Bureau, your account balance gets a boost of $1. But this must be a verified, legitimate account. If you wish to earn money without doing much on this platform, this is the way.

The more legit accounts registered through your link, the more dollars you get into your account. And, although the referral bonus isn’t as attractive as you would expect, it is still a buck more to your balance.

You should also note that the referral bonus is a one-time thing – you get paid once when you bring someone on board. But, if you want more, you can register for other platforms like PrizeRebel, which offers lifetime referral benefits. For instance, you get around 30% of your referral’s earnings forever.

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Daily Polls

These are quite simple to complete. They will take not more than a few seconds of your time. And, although they are worth just a few cents, they take minimal effort and time. A dollar is always better than nothing.

Opinion Bureau Review: Redeeming Your Rewards

Opinion Bureau Rewards

This is the most important point in the process – getting paid for what you’ve earned. After you’ve shared your opinion and referred friends, how does that money get into your wallet or account?

Firstly, the minimum threshold for withdrawal in Opinion Bureau is $10. This means that after the signup process, you are only short $4 to make your first withdrawal. With a few more surveys, you get there.

After you attain the minimum $10, it’s time to redeem your rewards. Amazon, Mastercard, and iTunes gift cards are the most common payment methods for Opinion Bureau. But you can also use other means, such as Flipkart, or Skype gift cards, depending on where you live.

While some other survey sites might offer a myriad of payment opportunities, this one has just but a handful. One drawback of this platform’s payment process is that it can take some time before you get that money. For instance, when you complete your survey, it takes around 52 days to see the reward in your account.

After you withdraw, it can take up to 15 days to receive your reward. This is one thing that most Opinion Bureau users are constantly complaining about. It is quite a drawback, especially compared to other survey sites that pay quite fast.

Opinion Bureau Reviews

While Opinion Bureau surveys pay better than many other survey sites, the platform is still not known much. There are not many reviews online about the platform, and the few there are somewhat not so encouraging. However, since there’s no cost to becoming a member, trying out the platform might not be a bad idea.

And while some comments about the platform might be negative, this shouldn’t deter you from trying it out. None of these online survey sites is 100% flawless. Every single one of them has certain pros and cons.

The truth is, the pay here is not bad. However, the delay in payments and somewhat fewer survey opportunities make people wary. But if you don’t mind the wait, you might reap handsomely from this platform.

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Is Opinion Bureau Legit?

The answer to the question of whether the platform is legit or not is quite a straightforward one. Opinion Bureau is a creation of the Internet Research Bureau, a genuine registered company known for its market research surveys. The company helps products, companies, and other researchers to get genuine opinions from their users all around the globe.

According to many reviews, however, most people dislike the long payment wait. And since everyone wants convenience, a platform that takes forever to deliver the rewards puts them off.

But does this mean that Opinion Bureau is a scam? Not at all!

Although the platform’s payment process might be slow, it is certainly not a scam. For starters, the payments will still hit your account in the end. Also, Opinion Bureau boasts an active support system that you can always use whenever an issue arises.

Therefore, if you are looking for legit survey sites to help you make extra money, Opinion Bureau can be on your list. It is a genuine survey platform!

However, before you join, this Opinion Bureau review should help you decide whether the rewards are worth the wait. This way, you’ll be prepared for these delays.

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 Pros and Cons of Opinion Bureau

Benefits Of Opinion Bureau

Whichever survey platform you decide to join, it will have its benefits and drawbacks. This is what makes each one of them unique. Here are some of the benefits and downsides of completing online surveys with Opinion Bureau.

Pros of Opinion Bureau

  • High-paying surveys that can rake up to $10 for one survey
  • A $5 signup bonus which is higher than what most sites offer
  • A referral program with $0.13 – $1 for each referred person
  • The relatively low minimum threshold for redeeming your rewards – just $10
  • Reward payments are through some of the top retailers, such as Amazon ad Apple
  • They offer paid polls, which are great for additional earnings
  • Easy signup process that will only take you around 15 minutes

Cons of Opinion Bureau

Here are the main drawbacks of this paid survey site:

  • Frequent disqualifications from surveys – this is a common scenario with most other sites too
  • Few available surveys – although the pay is decent, the frequency of these surveys is quite low
  • Lengthy delays in payment processing – it might take you a few weeks to receive that payment.
  • Frequent glitches with both the website and app

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Best Opinion Bureau Hacks

To make more money on Opinion Bureau, you must know these few tricks.

  • Ensure that you update your profile frequently: This survey site uses your profile to award you surveys based on your demographics. Therefore, the more comprehensive your profile is, the better your chances are of getting more surveys.
  • Offer genuine responses: Brands and companies are seeking truthful, genuine opinions. If you give false or exaggerated opinions, you might be disqualified.
  • Check your email frequently: The site sends you surveys through your email. So, if you want to make money, you should ensure that you don’t miss those notifications. Also, ensure that you answer the questions promptly to receive even more surveys.
  • Read and understand the questions: Don’t just answer the questions. Make sure that you are answering the right thing. That opinion matters!
  • Refer as many friends as possible: The referral program is a great way of adding some bucks to your income on paid surveys. And the more referrals you bring on board, the more money you make.

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Is Opinion Bureau Worth It?

Although survey sites offer compensation for your opinion by using phones, they can never be your main source of income. This is no different in Opinion Bureau. The rewards they offer can only be an addition to your main income and a way to enjoy your idle hours.

With the Opinion Bureau, payments are better than in many other platforms, but they have quite a few glitches that might put you off. And although the conclusion is that Opinion Bureau is a legit survey site, you need to go through the drawbacks to see if it’s something you can handle.

We believe that this Opinion Bureau review can help you with that. Remember, while it might not be among the highest-paying survey sites, its pay is undoubtedly attractive. And who hates some extra bucks?


How much money can you make on Opinion Bureau?

Opinion Bureau has several ways of making money. For instance, paid surveys on this site will fetch you something from $2 to $5. However, some surveys can earn even up to $10.
On the other hand, the referral program will earn you from $0.13 to $1 per successful signup. And if you participate in daily polls, you can make a few more coins.

Who can join the Opinion Bureau survey site?

Opinion Bureau is a market research platform based in India. And unlike many survey sites that have a thousand restrictions, this one has none when it comes to who can join. This means that anyone around the world can join and makes some money online with Opinion Bureau.

Do you pay to join Opinion Bureau?

No. This platform charges nothing to new members. You are rewarded for your effort to join the platform.
After registering, you are rewarded with a $5 welcome bonus for that short process. And for completing your profile survey, you get an extra dollar.

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