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Opinion Champ Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Taking surveys has become one of the easiest ways to make money online from the comfort of your home. Even though the payoffs aren’t too high, there still are some legit sites that’ll give you some extra income to manage small bills or buy something off your wishlist.

Opinion Champ is a new, completely free survey site that promises rewards and cash to complete the surveys.

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But is it legit or just another scam? Read our complete Opinion Champ review here.

Opinion Champ Logo

We’ll go through each aspect, discuss what makes it different from the other survey sites and weigh some pros and cons of Opinion Champ.

So let’s start with the basics; what is Opinion Champ?

What is Opinion Champ?

Opinion Champ is a survey platform that gives cash rewards for taking surveys. Just like the other survey sites, it too works on the lead generation practice.

Companies behind the surveys look for consumer details, anticipate buyer responses and take the feedback prior to the launch to gauge future sales. Companies and research platforms design these online surveys for that very purpose.

Owned by Quest Global Research Group, Opinion Champ is a legit survey site that has many offers and surveys for customers. No, that’s not just a baseless statement; in this Opinion Champ review, we’ll see how it’s legit, how it works, and how it differs from the other sites.

Is Opinion Champ Legit or a Scam?

Opinion Champ Customer

The terms ‘free’ and ‘easy money’ naturally call for some skeptical questions and raised brows. So is Opinion Champ legit or a scam? One of the factors that vouch for its legitimacy is its ownership.

Opinion Champ is not just another scammer survey page. It has a renowned owner: Quest Global Research Group. The company also has some other survey panel listings besides Opinion Champ.

So, that’s the key point that makes Opinion Champ legit. Websites with a strong backing seldom vanish with all the cash overnight.

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How Does Opinion Champ Work?

As a new user, first, you must sign up and make your profile on Opinion Champ.

Here’s a step-by-step way of how Opinion Champ works. Take a look at how you can proceed all the way through to earn rewards.

Register – How to Sign up for Opinion Champ?

First and foremost, sign in to the website. You will need to make a user ID and password – make sure it’s easy to remember for the registration process.

Thankfully it’s not time-consuming, and the website is free to join. So, it wouldn’t take much time or effort to get you onboard the Opinion Champ panel.

There’s no such mention of age or other requirements for registration. But since you need to have a PayPal account, we can assume that the minimum age requirement is eighteen years.

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User Profile

In the next step, you’ll make your profile. Here you will be asked for a few personal details, some demographics, and a few preferences. All these will help Opinion Champ send relevant survey invitations your way.

So make sure you create a good profile to gain the maximum benefit and make some extra cash.

The profile has nine sections, so yes, you can’t breeze through it. But the more authentic and filled the profile, the higher your chances of getting new offers and surveys.

The Survey

Once you’ve made your profile, you’ll start getting survey invites from Opinion Champ.

Before you start, you will be asked a few questions to qualify for the available surveys. If the survey doesn’t match your interests or profile, you may move on to the other survey offers.

Else, once you qualify for the survey, you can start to answer survey questions and make money online!

Survey Questions

Each survey will be different, depending on the company’s requirements or type. You may be asked broad questions – which will need detailed answers – or get multiple choices.

Make sure to answer all the questions in detail wherever required. Once you complete the surveys, you can proceed to the payment and earn money.

Most surveys take about ten to twenty minutes only. So you can take up as many as you want – as long as you have the invites – in a day to maximize your earnings.

It would be best to use some other legit Opinion Champ alternatives, too, for surveys if you wish to max out on profits.

So, it may be easy money, but it will take time and some effort on your part, so yeah, no free lunch here!


The minimum payout threshold on Opinion Champ is 1000 points in your Opinion Champ account. Once you score that many points, you can take your cash out.

The website pays via a PayPal account (there’s no direct deposit) which makes it very easy and convenient for all users.

How is Opinion Champ Different from Survey Sites?

How To Make Money With Opinion Champ

You will find many surveys on the site; some are like the regular surveys we find on many other sites, but some are unique. Like the music, the survey is very interesting. Plus, there are product reviews and testing too that come with a free gift or hamper.

Opinion Champ also has focus groups. Now focus groups play a very important role in research. The participants get several offers, discounts, and prizes from the companies conducting these. You can also opt for these for free here.

However, since many scam sites have paid surveys, that’s one thing you’ll not find here. Opinion Champ doesn’t have paid surveys; most surveys and other offers are free.

Product Testing

Who doesn’t love free samples? Well, you’ll get loads of these here on Opinion Champ and those, too, are delivered right to your doorstep! The site has various products users can review and test at home; now, that’s something besides surveys to earn some extra cash.


If you love music and frequently listen to it, you’d have fun offering your expert opinion. Of course, making money on it is an added plus! There are many music surveys here that will require you to rate short music clips. You can rate these short clips based on the sound quality, pitch, bass, and other features.

Focus Groups

The website offers a unique platform that most survey sites do not have, and that is the opportunity to participate in focus groups.

Although, there is one downside you won’t always have a focus group waiting for you. But whenever there’s one that matches your demographics, you will get a notification and can get a chance to be part of it.


Now, how to make money with Opinion Champ? The more surveys you take, the more rewards you are eligible for. The good thing is it’s not very time-consuming to earn here. It takes five to ten minutes to complete each survey – even less if you are a pro in the field – and you get instant points as rewards.

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How Much Money Can You Make?

On Opinion Champ, like most other survey sites where you get paid in cash, there’s a relatively low payout threshold for the minimum points you need to earn before qualifying for withdrawal.

You can get the cash once you’ve made 1000 points in your account. The payment is through PayPal where every 1000 points equal $10 (USD) or 16.5 CAD.

Pros and Cons – Opinion Champ Review

Is Opinion Champ worth the time or not? Although it is a legit site that pays, it takes a lot of time. Many users even spend the whole day on the site, so the money earned here comes at a cost!

Our Opinion Champ review wouldn’t be complete without weighing the pros and cons of the survey site. Let’s look at each in-depth to see if it’s worth it.

Opinion Champ Website

Pros of Opinion Champ

User Friendly

Most of the survey opportunities on the site can be accessed on a mobile phone and other devices using the browser, though, as it has no mobile app.

One great thing is that you can access the surveys in other languages like Spanish, Italian, and German apart from English, making it easy to access by users living in different areas all over the USA and Canada.

Easy Payment

The payment method is defined and easy. You need a PayPal account which is widely used anyway so that it won’t be a hassle for most users.

Legit Survey Site

Opinion Champ is a legit survey site owned by Quest Global Research Group and owns various other survey panels.


In case of any issues, you can contact support via a form or refer to their FAQ section. The FAQs are very elaborate and cover the most widely asked questions. These will most likely answer all your concerns and questions about Opinion Champ.

Music Surveys

In many Opinion Champ reviews, users have cited that the site pays the best rate for music reviews.

Cons of Opinion Champ

Now let’s check out some downsides of the site:

Lack of Information

It’s strange, but the website isn’t clear or transparent about many things. Like the payment i.e., there’s nowhere it says exactly how much money you can make.

Plus, things like participating in focus groups, etc., are also a bit vague. So getting all the needed information on Opinion Champ can be annoying.

Doesn’t Yield High Returns

Again like all the other survey sites, Opinion Champ is a great way to make some passive income. However, it won’t give you enough to pay off your debt or take care of your bills.

Slow Process

Not only do you get the money late, but the process of profiling and filling out surveys is also slow. It will take a lot of patience actually to reach that minimal threshold level to withdraw your earnings.

No Opinion Champ Mobile App

The survey site, unfortunately, doesn’t have an app. This is something the company can work on. It’ll also enable the users to be active at all times and benefit both – the Company and users – simultaneously.

Only for US and Canada

Opinion Champ is only available for US and Canadian citizens. So it would be best if you resided in the US or Canada to be part of the panel Champ.

Opinion Champ Reviews

You’ll find mixed Opinion Champ reviews over the internet. Some users have given good reviews, while others complained that the site doesn’t pay as promised.

The main issue all members face, though, is the lack of support. They have a lot of room to improve there. Maybe active 24/7 support would help boost the site rating.

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Tips to Make the Most of Opinion Champ

Here are some additional expert tips to increase your winnings and earn more cash at Opinion Champ:

  • Complete your profile to receive the maximum number of survey invitations.
  • Answer all the questions in a survey. The more complete your form, the more points you score.
  • Be prompt. As soon as you receive a survey invitation, get down to answering questions right away. This is important as some surveys have a time limitation and often disqualify those who submit their responses later.
  • It’s best to work on your mobile phone since the website is mobile-friendly (even though they don’t have an app). That way it will be very accessible, and you can take short surveys on the go.

Opinion Champ Review: Is it Legit?

When it comes to making some side income, there are numerous things you can try. But in the online world, survey sites seem to take the lead. Of course, the rewards aren’t great, but you make enough to buy yourself your favorite bag or generate a pocket income.

Opinion Champ is one authentic site that pays for each survey or offers you take up. It may be time-consuming, but it is a fun way to make money from home. It could do a bit more for customer support and provide more information to its users, but overall, it is a great site to work for.

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