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OpinionWorld Review 2024: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Is OpinionWorld legit or a scam? Is it even worth your efforts? Let’s clear the air with this OpinionWorld review.

In my opinion, paid surveys can pay you good cash if done well – been there and done that. But without enough information, you might find yourself struggling to decide which site is genuine, a scam, or is worth your time.

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This OpinionWorld review intends to give you everything there is to know about this survey platform.

With over 2 million surveys initiated each month and paying an average of 350 points per survey, OpinionWorld seems like a great survey site. But don’t just take my word for it.

Go through this OpinionWorld review, and see if it’s worth the hassle. Let’s start with the basics – what is OpinionWorld?

About OpinionWorld

Opinionworld Logo

As a part of Survey Sampling International, OpinionWorld was founded in 1977. Since then, it has been used by over 1500 research companies annually, 43 of which are in the top 50 best research companies. They offer survey invitations via email and allow you to complete surveys in exchange for cash rewards.

They use a point system, which over time, will accumulate into a lot of money for you as a panelist. Not only that, but OpinionWorld takes part in charity programs and allows you to send your points to a charity of your choice at the end of each of your completed surveys.

With Opinion World, you get diversity and the money that you deserve. The platform has more to offer than just surveys. It also allows you to earn more money via product tests, advert reviews, and real-world missions.

If you are looking for a fun way to be productive in your free time, OpinionWorld won’t be such a bad choice. Our comprehensive OpinionWorld review will show you why.

Is Opinion World a Scam?

The undisputed answer would be no; OpinionWorld is not a scam. Being part of a large organization such as Survey Sampling International, OpinionWorld is run by the same people who control SurveySpot and Opinion Outpost.

These two platforms are also on Work From Home Reviews’ extensive list of legit survey websites. Along with OpinionWorld paying you for the surveys, you complete through their point system, you also get into sweepstakes. This allows you to be in a drawing for multiple rewards and large cash prizes.

With OpinionWorld, the possibilities for how you can earn are endless.

How is Opinion World Legitimate?

OpinionWorld is legitimate, but as you can tell by its ratings, compared to the higher-ranked survey websites, it’s not the best. With the right know-how, however, you can easily earn money through OpinionWorld.

You’ll never be scammed, and your personal information will never be outsourced to third parties or advertisers. Also, you’ll never receive spam mail through OpinionWorld.

The only emails they’ll ever send you are announcements and survey invitations. Along with the sweepstakes you can win, every member gets an entry into a quarterly prize drawing.

Four times a year, you’ll have the chance to win big.

OpinionWorld Review: How it Works

If you have any queries about how OpinionWorld works, here is exactly how. Like many other paid survey sites, OpinionWorld’s main source of payments will come from surveys. Although the platform also has other paid tasks like product tests or quarterly draws, surveys take the largest share.

A plus for this survey site is that you can complete your surveys from anywhere. This is because the platform offers responsive interfaces, both for desktop and mobile browsing.

However, if you need to make more money, you must be ready to complete more tasks. With just 350 points per survey, you must take numerous surveys to accumulate enough money.

The advantage here is that the surveys are pretty short, taking just a few minutes to complete. For every completed OpinionWorld survey, the payment ranges from $0.50(50 points) to $3(300 points). The type and length of the survey determine how much it pays to complete.

One secret to making money with OpinionWorld, however, is to ensure that your profile is always updated. This way, the panel can match you with more relevant surveys.

Who Can Sign Up For Opinion World?

How To Sign Up To Opinionworld

Anyone fourteen years of age or older is eligible to sign up for OpinionWorld, whether they’re United States or International citizens. The platform gives a chance to earn through paid surveys to people all over the globe.

You can send your money to charity, take surveys strictly for sweepstakes, or have your points turned into e-Vouchers or cash via PayPal. The minimum balance for redemption is $10, or 1,000 points, based on their point system.

Getting Started: How to Sign up for OpinionWorld

The first step to becoming a paid panelist with OpinionWorld is creating an account and filling in your details. These include the names, email, gender, address, etc.

You can do this by visiting their official website, where you can fill in their registration form or opt to sign up using either your Facebook or Google account.

You can also use our link here to sign up and start earning instantly. The process is easy, fast, and completely free.

After you are through with registration, you can easily start taking surveys and accumulating points. OpinionWorld allows you to pick surveys from their website or relax and wait for the invitation emails.


How Does OpinionWorld Make Payments?

Opinionworld Rewards

OpinionWorld makes payments via PayPal, gift vouchers, or e-Vouchers. The processing time for PayPal payments and e-Vouchers can take up to two days, one of the lowest processing times completed by surveying websites. However, physical gift vouchers are expected to be delivered within ten business days.

OpinionWorld’s minimum withdrawal amount is $10, which equals around 1000 points. This means that with just four surveys paying 300 points each, you can redeem your first reward.

This threshold, however, varies in other countries beyond the US and Canada.

The points-to-cash conversion rate is 100 points for $1, meaning that with 1000 points, you have $10.

Using OpinionWorld, it’s easy to earn and receive the money you deserve by filling out surveys wholly and honestly. Through them, you can start earning immediately and efficiently.

Don’t settle for websites less than this. Include OpinionWorld in your list of paid survey sites today.

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OpinionWorld Market Research Review: Pros and Cons

What differentiates the OpinionWorld platform from other survey sites? What are its strong points and drawbacks? Let us get a glimpse.

Pros of OpinionWorld Surveys

Although it might not be the best-paying survey site out there, this platform has numerous advantages that people like.

We have compiled some of the main strong points to make this OpinionWorld review more helpful.

  • Easy and Free to Join

Like all legit paid survey sites, OpinionWorld sign-up process is easy and 100% free. This means that all you have to do is visit their official site and register. You can also follow this link to join the platform and start earning with surveys.

  • Fast Payouts

While many survey sites will take ages to pay your money, OpinionWorld has beaten this trend. Once you’ve earned your points and requested payment, you can be sure they will sort your request within 24 hours. This is when your payment is made electronically.

If, on the other hand, you want a physical voucher or check, you might need to wait a little longer – around ten days.

  • Availability of Surveys

OpinionWorld is never short of surveys. With over 2 million questionnaires prepared every month, you can be sure to get a fair share.

As long as you have your profile well-completed, the panel will match your demographics with available surveys and send them to you via your email.

  • Presence in Numerous Countries

Unlike several other survey sites that are limited to specific geographical locations, OpinionWorld has a broader reach. You don’t have to be in Canada or the US to complete surveys and earn with the platform.

Panelists all over the globe have, however, found that your location greatly influences the frequency of surveys and the amount you can earn.

Some geographic areas, such as Australia, India, and Finland, have enjoyed a high frequency of surveys, allowing them to earn more.

But that shouldn’t worry you; if you’ve updated your profile, you’ll certainly receive those surveys.

  • Easy and Flexible Surveys

OpinionWorld offer amazingly easy surveys that won’t take much of your effort to complete. Also, they have different survey sizes, some short and others longer.

This means that you have the option to choose either longer or shorter questionnaires. You can pick a 10 minutes survey or even 30 minutes one.

But remember that longer surveys will earn you even sweeter rewards.

  • Charities and Donations

Although the platform might not give you thousands of dollars, it gives you a chance to do something good for humanity. By completing surveys and earning points, you can redeem the points and donate them to various charity organizations as cash.

If you are one of those people who love giving back to society, OpinionWorld gives you a great chance to do so.

You get to see your efforts benefit someone in dire need of such help.

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Cons of OpinionWorld Surveys

No single survey site is 100% perfect, and OpinionWorld won’t be an exception. Our OpinionWorld review intends to offer you a comprehensive picture of the platform, and that’s why we must also look at its negative side.

Some of the things we don’t like about OpinionWorld include the following:

  • Suspension of Accounts

Although I haven’t experienced this, recently, more users have been complaining online about their accounts being suspended. This is after someone has answered numerous surveys and has even qualified to withdraw their rewards.

However, the platform has countered these claims saying that they only terminate or suspend accounts that have discrepancies.

The company’s slow response to complaints has, however, made the issue trickier, with some instances of the Better Business Bureau having to intervene.

  • Frequent Disqualifications from Surveys

This is an issue that has affected numerous panelists. You pick a survey, but it turns out that you aren’t the perfect match. This can be quite demoralizing, especially if it happens to you frequently.

However, you can try to beat this trend by ensuring that your profile is always up-to-date. Ensure that you provide all the necessary information as prompted to make the profile fit more and more surveys.

Also, ensure that you give consistent answers during the surveys. The company indicates that inconsistencies might lead to disqualification.

  • Difficult to Redeem Via PayPal

I have seen multiple reviews from panelists, disappointed that they can’t withdraw their money via PayPal. And, as I always say, where there is smoke, you’ll certainly find fire; if you complete the surveys and accumulate points, it’s only logical and fair that you get rewarded for both your efforts and time.

OpinionWorld should check out these issues wholesomely.

  • Poor Customer Service

This goes without saying. If you can’t respond to the panelists’ queries and concerns in time, customer service has failed.

The platform takes quite a long to respond, and this has seen it receive a lot of negative reviews from online users.

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OpinionWorld Surveys Review: What People Say About It

OpinionWorld has been reviewed by numerous people online.  Many of these reviews say that the platform is great, while others completely disagree. All these views are mostly determined by the experiences each person has had with the platform.

Trustpilot rates OpinionWorld at 2.6 stars based on the numerous customer reviews they have gathered. This puts the platform slightly above average, which is not bad.

The fact of the matter is not all people will love how the platform works or how they make their payments. This occurs, especially when compared to some of the industry’s bigwigs, who have smoother operation systems.

But there is never harm in trying it out. Since our OpinionWorld review has shown that the platform is legit, you will lose nothing by trying. Maybe, just your time – if the platform doesn’t work for you.

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  • Easy and Free to Join
  • Fast Payouts
  • Availability of Surveys
  • Presence in Numerous Countries
  • Easy and Flexible Surveys


  • Suspension of Accounts
  • Frequent Disqualifications from Surveys
  • Difficult to Redeem Via PayPal
  • Poor Customer Service