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Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam or a Legit Online Job Portal? (Review)

With the internet being such a hot topic in today’s world, people have been trying to find ways to make money online. The internet is full of opportunities, some legit ones, and many scams too. Making money online is more challenging than you think. Before you go ahead, it’s always a smarter idea to do your research first about freelance jobs.

Social media marketing jobs are among the most rapidly expanding in the market. Anyone can benefit from mingling with others and using the system in different ways. Businesses are increasingly turning to social media to reach out to new customers. They hire social media managers to use their social media accounts to attain their goals.

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Paid social media jobs from home are very popular. Everyone has internet access, and managing social networking accounts for businesses and personalities has become popular. The market is saturated with Social Media Managers, Graphic Designers, and Social Media Content Creators. Aside from this, it is difficult to find legit online jobs, let alone a legit job site, because of so many scams!

If you are an aspiring Social Media Manager, you might have heard of Paid Social Media Jobs, now rebranded as Paying Social Media Jobs. Is it a legitimate system to get paid for simple social media tasks or a scam? In this Paid Social Media Jobs review, we will aim to answer this question and many more. Read on to learn the truth.

What is Paying for Social Media Jobs?

Paying Social Media Jobs Job Database

As the name suggests, with Paying Social Media Jobs, you can find social media jobs and earn for completing simple tasks on social media platforms. was created in 2012 by Annie Jones, who we’ll talk about later.

The old link now redirects to Paying Social Media Jobs is basically the rebrand of Paid Social Media Jobs. They’re the same, but there is a difference in the appearance of their sites.

Interested in learning a new skill? Check out our favorite online learning platforms here. To get started with freelancing, you can also check out platforms like Fiverr.

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Paying Social Media Jobs website claims to get you up to speed as a freelance social media manager. So you’d be managing social media accounts for businesses and will get paid for the work you do. Here’s a screenshot of the sample jobs in Paying Social Media Jobs in case you want to have a look:

There is a handful of tasks you can complete. Some of them include the following:

  • Posting/sharing content on social media
  • Setting up YouTube channels, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms
  • Engaging with prospects/customers on the business page
  • Updating content and keeping the page active

Is the founder Annie Jones real?

Annie Jones is a mysterious figure. The training, however, teaches how you can be a freelancer and work as a social media manager. The product costs $27, and there is an upsell ($17) as well. If you ask us, there are better free alternatives out there.

The freelancing platform owner, Annie Jones, shares her story of going from poverty to wealth by working as a social media manager for companies all over the world and taking care of her kids on her own. She talks about how her job as a social media manager doesn’t feel like work at all but instead is rewarding and entertaining. She claims that as a social media manager, she occasionally receives tangible gifts from various companies, including HD cameras, LED TVs, tablets, PCs, sunglasses, and more.

She also claims that she will share all the knowledge she has gained from working as a social media manager for over a year with anyone who is interested in entering the field. She promises her students they can start making money online “as soon as tonight” in any country and with any currency they want.

According to Annie Jones, you can begin working to earn money online as soon as you sign up. All of the tasks were straightforward, and she provided comprehensive instructions to eliminate any potential for stumbling. However, let’s go back to the question: Is Annie Jones a real person?

Unfortunately, Annie Jones seems to be a fake. The stories about her social media management are suspicious. The picture of the woman who was supposed to be her can be found on a stock photo site. So, if you are planning to learn Social Media Marketing and Management from her, then are you really sure about the knowledge you’re gonna get? How can you take care of someone else’s social media account if the person who “trained” you isn’t real? This alone is a humongous red flag.

There are plenty of high-paying opportunities available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and Annie keeps a database of hundreds of them that is often updated with new opportunities. Get-rich-quick promises like this seem like scams, but let’s explore Paying Social Media Jobs before we judge it.

Paying Social Media Jobs Review

How to use Paying Social Media Jobs

Paying Social Media Jobs Landing Page

The moment their site loads, you will see a faux job offer and details about the title “$175 a day for liking Facebook posts.” This faux job post even has a job description, pay, location, requirements, experience necessary, and of course, a call-to-action and a button saying “Click Here to Apply.” Although you might find an opportunity like this, there is a very small chance. I find this page misleading and bait-y. Naturally, I clicked on the button to learn more.

Create Your Account

On the Create Your Account page, you’ll see that you have to provide your first name and email to “apply for this position.” I filled them up and clicked the call-to-action button.

Paying Social Media Jobs Application Form

The next page is an “application form” you have to accomplish before going to the next page. They’ll ask which country you live in, how many hours per week your availability is if you have a reliable internet connection, what social media sites you use, and how many hours a week you spend on social media. This is not really relevant, and you won’t be directed to a jobs board after filling it up. I clicked “Continue,” and it took me to a suspicious-looking page.

You Have Been Approved!

It says I have been approved, and there’s a timer during which they can “hold your spot for.” The page states that the site needs more Paid Social Media Workers from the country I’m in. The first three paragraphs are written in a way that the first letters of every word are capitalized. Scrolling down, I became more and more doubtful of the site.

Testimonials And Qualities

Paying Social Media Jobs testimonials on this page seems suspicious, judging from the names and locations of the reviewers. They make it look like a job at PSMJ must be fantastic. It’s possible, to be sure. Although the testimonials may have given you a positive impression of freelancing social media work and the platform itself, the truth is very different.

According to them, since my application was accepted, they know I meet the prerequisites. I do not know what prerequisites they are talking about. My next step is to complete their foundational training curriculum. They say it’s to master the fundamentals of social media management for businesses and how to optimize their accounts for maximum profit. The training is brief (about 24 hours) and can be completed at my own pace.

The training requires that I access the members-only section. Meaning I need to pay to get it. The training programs are supposedly straightforward, so beginners should be fully prepared in no time. After I have finished the tutorial, I’m supposed to be able to make money online using the platform.

However, that’s not the case in reality. If you want to get clients, you should already have previous knowledge of paid social media jobs.

The training the site will give is basic. If you already have some experience doing social media jobs, you would already know the knowledge you’d get from this training. You can also get this information by simply searching the web. But if you want all the basic knowledge in one place, then this training is great for you.

I saw the prices while scrolling down. For just 27$ limited offer, you could be a lifetime member of Paying Social Media Jobs! This means unlimited access to the resources they provide. The certification is normally $97. By the way, the timer is real, but it starts again when you fill-up the forms one more time, so there’s no need to rush. as far as I know.

Discounted Price For Paying Social Media Jobs Certification

I saw the prices while scrolling down. For just 27$ limited offer, you could be a lifetime member of Paying Social Media Jobs! This means unlimited access to the resources they provide. The certification is normally $97. By the way, the timer is real but it starts again when you fill-up the forms one more time so there’s no need to rush. as far as I know.

60-Day Guarantee For Refund

Paying Social Media Jobs is offering a “risk-free 60-day trial preview.” You can access the training for 60 days and decide whether it is for you or not. According to Annie Jones, you will get your money back if you want, with reason or no reason at all, even after the 60-day period.

First Job Bonus

Aside from the offers above, Paying Social Media Jobs states they will give a “first job bonus” of $50 via PayPal for members. This has requirements, too. To receive this bonus, simply complete a brief feedback form detailing your experience with Paying Social Media Jobs after completing your first social media task through their platform and receiving payment. They can use this information to make changes to the program that will yield even better outcomes for future participants.

After you enter your information and click the CTA button, you will be bombarded with many upsells. There were so many that it felt like a scam. I kept clicking “No Thanks” to turn down each of them. It was one offer after another and very aggressive. After all that, the site showed me a congratulatory page and that I am now a member.

The Paying Social Media Jobs Core Training

Intro Course

Inside the Paid Social Media Jobs platform, you will find three modules.

  1. Win Your First Social Media Job – Nothing fancy here. This module contains basic information like how and why you can be a social media manager. This introductory module is all about plain theoretical stuff. If you’re not new to the concept, you won’t benefit much from this.
  2. Give Yourself a Promotion! – This module highlights the importance of the job and where you can find one. It’s basic at best and teaches how to configure accounts.
  3. Pull down the big bucks – This is the meat and potato of the training. It’s mostly theory, and there is little practicality to it. It’s easy to create slideshows and share information than go out in the real world and demonstrate via a case study.

The Marketplace

The marketplace is where you can jump right in and try your luck. It’s a basic platform, and you could do better with Fiverr/Upwork and other websites with a better reputation. There are little signs of life, and you’d have difficulty finding reviews and comments.

If that wasn’t enough, using Fiverr is free, but you’d lose some bucks with the Paid Social Media Jobs platform. The country-specific exclusiveness the sales page shows is definitely false. It probably relies on using the visitor’s IP address and modifies the data accordingly.

We believe this to be a marketing tactic that can boost conversions by increasing the website’s credibility and trust score. If people can see it’s available in their region(s), they will likely enroll and pay for the membership.

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Jobs Board

There are several categories of social media jobs members can find in Paying Social Media Jobs. Here are some of the jobs you can apply to.

Social Media Intern

For recent grads or those seeking employment in the field of social media, these are excellent starter social media jobs. The majority of available positions are part-time. However, a candidate can discover full-time employment opportunities.

Anyone can gain experience in the professional world through internships in the social networking job sectors. The successful applicant will become well-versed in content marketing and advertising and social media advertising in particular.

Social Media Marketing Assistant

You may find numerous interesting opportunities in the marketing industry, and one of them is working as a social media marketing assistant. Social media managers and chief marketing officers (CMOs) may work together more closely with its help. Getting a job in an administrative role might pave the way to a successful social media management career. The Social Media Marketing Assistant will make the management process smooth by coordinating with the social media team.

Social Media Manager

When asked, “What does a social media manager do?” most people will answer, “They manage social media accounts.” A social media manager’s typical duties include coming up with plans to attract more followers, designing and supervising social campaigns, writing and editing material, analyzing data, and communicating with other key members of the organization.

Digital media manager

The job of a digital media manager encompasses all aspects of an organization’s online presence, from website development to social media management. As a digital media manager, you’ll be responsible for a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to developing and publishing content for the company’s website and social media channels, analyzing and reporting on online platform metrics and analytics, suggesting strategies for paid and organic search; and ensuring brand consistency.

Digital Media Producer

Digital media producers, like digital journalists, are responsible for directing and producing media content for digital-first client deliverables, such as short-form stories, and providing editing support as needed. You give editorial guidance to each photographer and writer and determine the most effective workflow processes, personnel requirements, and outside resources.

Based on customer needs and the guidelines specified by your creative board, you combine extensive source materials into cohesive multimedia pieces, including web video and audio content.

Additional responsibilities include taking part in photo and video shoots, maintaining server files, developing schedules, and being open to feedback and suggestions from clients and superiors to constantly better the work being done.

Things We Liked: Paying Social Media Jobs Pros

  • Step-by-step information – there’s no live case study or tutorial, but you may still find the info handy if you’re new to the concept.
  • Legitimate business model – you can definitely earn with this, but don’t expect to make a living. The earning potential is there, but there’s a hard limit. If you want to make more than $10 an hour, look elsewhere. (You may want to check out our free affiliate marketing guide).
  • 60-day money-back guarantee – not the product’s money-back guarantee, but since the product lives on the ClickBank platform, you get CB’s guarantee.

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Things We Didn’t Like: Paying Social Media Jobs Cons

  • Not enough information on the product’s sales page (and the video there is of poor quality). It probably took the creator some 5-6 minutes and was more of an afterthought.
  • Fake news channel endorsements. This is common in the case of scams. Not really sure why legit systems like these would do this and only damage their reputation.
  • Deceitful information – the website probably uses geolocation software to trace your IP addresses and location. It’s then using the data on the sales page by making it look exclusive to your location. Valid with discounts, too – if you happen to close the browser, it will pop up with a discount with your location information in it. So that you know, it’s not exclusive.
  • Fake payment claims – don’t fall for the displayed bank balance; it’s anything but real. On the payment snapshot, we couldn’t find any transactions but could see a clearly fake balance.
  • Better free alternatives – if you want to learn about social media jobs, check out any of the online learning platforms, and you’d do a lot better. Just follow the training and take action on what you learn. There is a wide range of no-fee freelancing sites and inexpensive courses to select from.
  • Limited earning potential – this may be worth a shot if you’re struggling to make $4-5 an hour. If not, there are a lot better options available.
  • No one knows if Annie Jones is real or a made-up persona – if it’s the latter, that’s a big red flag right there. Some people choose to hide their names/faces for privacy reasons, but for the most part, that’s a characteristic of a scam.
  • Aggressive marketing.

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Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

Paying Social Media Jobs Logo

The cons far outweigh the pros here. That being said, we still can’t call Paid Social Media Jobs a scam, or rather, it’s not entirely a scam. It’s a product that teaches the ins and outs of social media jobs. It does share information and is not robbing you of your money.

There’s a consumable (the info on the website), and you, as a consumer, receive it upon payment. This isn’t the best value-for-money product, but you’re still receiving something in return for the payment.

Unlike other Paying Social Media Jobs reviews, we can’t recommend the product to anyone. If this is the career path you want to forge for yourself, check out free platforms like Fiverr instead. The income potential is very limited, but it can still help you get started in the right direction.

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Looking To Work From Home?

Man Scribbling In A Notebook

Do you want to work from home and start a profitable online business? If you answered yes, you should look into our top recommended training instead. The coaching program revolves around affiliate marketing which is among our favorite business models. 

It can provide you with location and time-freedom just in time if you put in the work and effort. The income potential is also huge and can potentially replace your day job. If you’re up for it and would like to make a change for the better, definitely give it a go.


Can I get social media clients from another country?

Yes, you can. Businesses all across the world need to have a social media presence. We live in a world where information on jobs and education can be accessed from any device. However, if you’re looking for a paid social media job, you’ll need a method of receiving payment, such as PayPal or direct transfer. You should carefully read the job description before you apply.

What freelance social media careers are suitable for me?

Depending on your skill set and what you want to do, you can be a Social Media Manager, Social Media Marketer, Content Strategist, Blogger, Digital Media Producer, Digital Content Manager, Digital Media Manager, or Engagement Coordinator.

Where can I find paid social media jobs?

You can find paid social media jobs on legit sites like Fiverr and Upwork. You can also do a Google search, and many social media job websites will appear. Just be careful and research each site carefully!

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