Is PaidLeaf a Scam or a Legit Program To Make Some Dough Online?

Welcome to this PaidLeaf review.

If you're reading this, you must have come across the platform and are wondering if it's worth a shot. Can you really make hundreds of dollars with them or is it something you should avoid?

Doing research can take you far since it can help you avoid scams, and also assist in finding legitimate opportunities that don't disappoint (at the same time). Is PaidLeaf a scam or a legit program? That's what we'll be uncovering today, and much more.

Without further ado, let's get started.

What Is PaidLeaf?

PaidLeaf claims to be a program that can help you make $500 per day. All that's needed is to share your referral links on social media platforms, and spread the word.


You get credit for every person that joins through your exclusive link. As per the site:

  1. You can get $10 for every successful referral you send
  2. $25 bonus just for signing up with the system
  3. $2 for every person that clicks on your referral link

These numbers sound too good to be true, and after a few hours of digging, our doubts were justified. Paid Leaf is hardly a legit system, and there are a lot of red flags to watch out for. This is nearly identical to Clout Bucks in every aspect, a product we reviewed the other day.

Not just that, it makes the same claims, and the same payouts for the fake tasks listed on the site.

How It Works?

It's free to get started with the platform as one would guess. It's probably a data harvesting scam, and as a result the sign up process is very easy.

how PaidLeaf works

This is how it works:

  • Go to the PaidLeaf website and set up a free account
  • Grab your unique referral link from the program dashboard (members area)
  • Share on social media platforms and earn (well, not really)

Tools & Training

Everything you'll find inside the members area is fake, and is a clone of Clout Bucks.

PaidLeaf dashboard (the screen you see after signing in)

Everything it says is the same including:

  • Make $30 for completing surveys
  • Make $50 for creating YouTube videos
  • Make $20 for downloading apps

It's all a lie. Legit survey sites pay between $2-4 per completed survey that takes up to 30 minutes to complete. You cannot make more than $4 per hour with surveys, it's just not possible.

Nor can you make $50 for creating YouTube videos. If someone wants to get videos done anyway, they can hire freelancers and get the job done for $10-15 one-time. Not many people will shell out $50 for a simple task like video creation.

No app developer can afford to pay $20 per app install. That's an obvious red flag.

The Ugly Truth Revealed

Don't have high hopes from the system just yet. Here are the the various red flags:

#1 It's a Rebooted Version of Clout Pay

If you take a look at Clout Pay, you'll notice it's an exact replica of the program. Both claim to be influencer networks, and share a 1-1 design. In reality, these are not authority websites.

Paid Leaf website

Paid Leaf homepage

Clout Pay is the exact same program, just operates a different name

There's no way two or more legitimate sites will share the exact same website design, copy, and the testimonials. As is evident from the above screenshots, there's no difference between them.

#2 Fake About Us Page

PaidLeaf's about us page claims the platform came into existence in 2015.

However, that's not true. As you can see, the website's domain ( wasn't even registered until before 2019:


This domain has a private registration, and there's no information on who owns the site. A tactic often employed by scammers to hide their true identities. Since their identity is unknown, they can re-launch the program under a new name, and come up with a new website.

#3 Fake Payout Claims

Let's face it - no legit business can afford to pay $2 per visitor, $10 per signup, and then a $25 bonus just for signing up. At least not if they don't want to go out of business anytime soon.

PaidLeaf is all about making ridiculous income claims. If they actually pay that much, they better be making a lot more which isn't the case since the sign up process is free. On top, they don't have any products to offer, either.

All this website does is offer a lure to sign up. Once a user is on-board, it then displays a fake counter that makes it look like you are actually earning money. When it's time to make a withdrawal, the website will go dark, and suspend your payouts at a later time.

Fake edited images on the site

All the payment screenshots on the website are edited as well.

#4 Data Harvesting At Its Best

This is good for the owner, but not really for you. Since this site uses too good to be true claims, people fall for it and sign up. The more people sign up, the more data it's able to collect for free.

Since they use a fake counter to make it look like you're making money, a user is more likely to continue to promote the program. This will bring more people into the system, and as a result, the scam runs itself.

People will only realize it doesn't pay a few months down the road.

You may not lose money directly with this program, but the people behind this scam may eventually sell your data to scammers who do the same thing. They may bombard you with junk offers via email, or worse misuse your credit card information (if they were able to collect it).

#5 Fake Testimonials - Surprise!

Everything they use is fake, including the testimonials.

Fake testimonials

These are not users of the platform, these are actors hired off a freelancing platform called Fiverr. Basically anyone can hire them to do videos as a spokesperson for a one-time fee.

If the product is legit, why do they have to resort to such shady tactics? Can't they have a handful real reviews from real users of the platform?

The Good

  • There's nothing good about this site except that the registration is free. It has to be free since it has to harvest personal data and dupe people. The more data it can collect, the better it is for the program owner(s).

The Bad

  • Fake testimonials, none of them are shot by a real user of the platform, of course!
  • The bold claims are just there as a lure for you to sign up. In reality, you won't make a dime promoting this system. The payment counter will increase after you get signups, it's just a way to get you to promote the system until you realize something's wrong.
  • Rebooted version of other scams - this is common with these sites, as soon as one site is taken down, it's relaunched under a new name and a new website.
  • You'll never get paid and only waste hours and hours of time you put into your promos.

Final Words - Is PaidLeaf a Scam?

PaidLeaf is definitely a scam. From the cloned website to the fake payment proof to testimonials to claims, there's nothing legitimate about this platform.

They rely on using extremely deceptive tactics just to get the users to create a free account. They're probably collecting your sensitive data inside a huge database which may then be sold to other con artists who do the same thing.

You should stay away from the PL platform. If you're looking to test it out anyway, don't enter your real email address, try it out with a dummy/secondary email to see how it goes. That's still of no use though, you won't make any money with it, and only waste your precious time.

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