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Looking to check out PanelBase to earn extra money online from surveys?

PanelBase is a consumer panel where you can earn rewards for your opinions on products and services. You are rewarded in cash, products and vouchers.

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PanelBase is part of the Cint survey network, which includes other sites such as InsideView and OpinionWorld. To sign up you must be over 18 and live in the UK or Ireland.

What is


Working on research topics including media and advertising agencies, publishing companies, public service providers, film studios, product manufacturers, event planners, and multiple others, is an excellent surveying website intent on giving you money in exchange for your honest survey responses.

The company was founded in 1997 but has only been on the Internet since 2005, quickly establishing itself as one of the most highly reviewed and sought-after survey websites around. is a division of Dipsticks Research Limited, an agency in the United Kingdom based on full-service market research. works with organizations around the world and conducts research projects in England, Europe, and globally.

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Who Can Sign Up for

Anyone sixteen and older who resides in the United Kingdom are eligible to sign up for You immediately receive three euros upon registration and receive between 50p to £10 per survey. After your balance reaches £10, you can withdraw it for cash.

If you live in the Republic of Ireland, the minimum reward value is 40 euros, but you can withdraw funds at any time. For Americans, there are a lot more options as far as earnings go. is part of the Cint panel network, and that means US residents make even more cash from surveys than those who live in the UK or Ireland.

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What Does Pay?

The reward amounts for the surveys you complete at Panelbase are entirely up to each individual company that’s conducting a particular survey, rather than being regulated by PanelBase. However, most survey companies pay respondents about £3-10 per survey depending on the length of time it.

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How Does Work?

You can sign up for and start taking surveys right away! The surveys are short—usually no more than a few questions, and they take anywhere between five to fifteen minutes.  

You get paid up to £8 per survey completed.

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How Does Make Payments??

Counting Paper Bills makes payments by sending out cash via BACS. You’ll also be offered to redeem your cash through high-street vouchers, or even donate it to a charity of your choice. Since surveys last between two and twenty minutes, it really is easy money.

You’re able to earn as much as you want, and you’ll build your survey preferences based on your survey responses and overall interests. makes payments through PayPal, the secure online system that allows you to access your earnings quickly and easily.

 In order to withdraw funds from your account, however, you must accumulate a minimum balance of £10 (or equivalent). Once signed up for an account, members receive their own personal email address and password that enables them to sign in to and access their account at any time.

The Panelbase Sign-Up Process is Quick & Easy

Panelbase has no enrollment fee, it does not require any form of credit check or lengthy application process. You can join instantly online through the company’s website,

Once you join PanelBase, you’ll be asked to register your personal information, including a home address, email address, and phone number.

Then, the company will send you an activation code via text message (this ensures that only one survey invitation is sent to each panel member). When you’ve activated your account with Panelbase, they’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know that your surveys are on the way. gives rewards in cash for taking part in their market research projects—up to £8 per survey completed! You can also choose to redeem your earnings in coupons or donate them to charity.

Cashout is easy, with payouts available via PayPal. You can request cash-outs for your rewards at any time—but you must earn a minimum balance of £10 before the money will be released to you.

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The company offers very clear rules on its website, saying that all panel members must be 16 years of age or older. The panel also includes only individuals in the United Kingdom who have a valid telephone number and an active email address.

According to Panelbase, the fieldwork is processed by Dipsticks Limited, which is registered under the service registration number: SC483704 with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office. states that they use multiple panel sources to get a better overall balance for their results, and that’s why the panel is currently very small.

Panelbase also reminds everyone that there are no fees associated with signing up or posting on the site—and you will never be asked to make any monetary payments in order to participate in the surveys.

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Panelbase Credits & Panel Surveys

You earn one credit for each survey that you complete—and can redeem 10 credits for £1 cash. You can also request money through PayPal, by redeeming your credits towards gift vouchers from Amazon or Booker (a UK-based grocery market) and even donate to charity!

Panelbase usually releases a new survey every two or three days, and you’re welcome to participate in these surveys as many times as you like.

However, panel partners are limited to 1–2 surveys per day. Panelbase makes it very clear that they only accept one survey invitation from each member per day.

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Is a Scam?


No – is not a scam. They’re a survey site with real clients who want their information, and real members who fill out surveys honestly and get paid for it.

Some of their clients who have used paid surveyors include Virgin Radio, Marks & Spencer, ITV, BBC and many others.

Depending on the survey you take, you can enter into drawings for prizes. Previously some of these have been iPods, gigantic plasma screen televisions, £100 shopping vouchers or even cases of wine.

The possibilities are endless and you have just as much chance as anyone to win!

It’s easy to join, there are no credit checks or long applications involved. There’s no fee, either so you can sign up and start taking surveys right away!

Panelbase is one of the most popular online survey providers in the UK and they have been collecting opinions through a physical panel for over 10 years now.

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How is Legitimate? is legitimate because of all the associations it is registered with, deeming it a reputable survey website.

Among the many, is registered with The Information Commissioner’s Office and are partnered with the Market Research Society Company. They abide by the Data Protection Act of 1998, follow all ESOMAR guidelines, and undertake all research in accordance with The MRS Code of Conduct.

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Pros of

The pros of taking surveys with are:

  • You can join for free and start earning cash right away!
  • is legitimate, making it a safe place to take surveys.
  • As an online survey panel they are able to reach millions of people around the world in order to collect market research data. This means that you get paid more for taking surveys because you are not wasting your time.
  • Paid surveys for members come in a wide range of topics, so everyone can share their own opinion and get paid for it! also allows you to redeem any cashout rewards as PayPal payments or gift cards from an extensive list of retailers like Amazon, Debenhams, and Tesco.

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Cons of

The cons of taking surveys with are:

  • The surveys aren’t always fun or entertaining. Some people may not like sharing their opinions all that much. This is, however, what the company needs to know in order to create better products and improve customer satisfaction.
  • You are required to have access to your email at all times because you will receive many survey invitations throughout the day.

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Yes! It’s worth it because getting paid for your opinion is always a good thing. You should try Panelbase to see what you can get out of it and to make a little extra money. It might be hard to find legitimate online surveys that pay well, but they are certainly out there—and this is one of them. is an exclusive strategic market research company dedicated to helping its clients create better products for the world, and we’d love to hear what you think about their product survey.

But you won’t only be helping – you’ll also be getting paid for your honest words. Don’t miss your opportunity to get the money you really deserve by joining today.

If you have any further questions on how works, please contact them at

Have a question about signing up for PanelBase that we didn’t answer? Ask in the comment box below!

Happy Survey Taking!

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User Friendly




Survey Options





  • Join Free
  • Legitimate and Safe Place to take Surveys
  • Opportunity of Earnin More Money
  • Paid Surverys
  • Payment via PayPal or GiftCards


  • Surveys are not always Fun or Entertaining
  • Many Survey Invitations throughout the Day