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Is Anthony Morrison’s Partner With Anthony a Scam or a Legit Program? (Review)

Welcome to this Partner With Anthony review. Can you really partner with Anthony Morrison (one of the top internet marketers around) or is this all just a false gimmick?

If you’re considering his flagship affiliate marketing training program, it only makes sense to do some research beforehand. Can it really help you make a living online?

That’s what we’ll look into today. Without wasting much time, let’s dive right in.

Partner With Anthony Review

Partner With Anthony (also known as PWA) is an inexpensive affiliate marketing course by Anthony Morrison. It uses the email marketing promotional channel to help you promote products.

You’re essentially promoting other people’s products and if someone happens to make a purchase through your referral link(s), you’re eligible to receive commissions (at no extra cost to them).

The name is slightly misleading though. You’re not really ‘partnering’ with Anthony. All you’re getting is a series of pre-recorded videos and some done-for-you (DFY) goodies.

There’s definitely some value in the program, as it utilizes the evergreen affiliate marketing model.

His company Morrison publishing produces a lot of products and uses clever sales pitches. If you could really partner with him, it’s like a surefire way to succeed online. Morrison is definitely among the top marketers around, and his training is top-notch.

Anthony Morrison Ambassador Club is among the more expensive offerings that teach the ins and outs of internet marketing. It also comes at a hefty price tag of $1,497. Profit Cycle Funnel is another one of his products that teaches how to promote ClickFunnels.

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How It Works?

Partner With Anthony is based all around teaching how to promote PWA to earn commissions. It teaches how you can drive traffic to the Partner With Anthony program as an affiliate, and if you refer people over to the site, you’ll get referral credit (commissions).

The platform also sends your customers (referrals) to third party tools and resources including AWeber using your referral links. If someone is referred successfully, they sign up ‘under’ you.

To progress with the training, you need to invest in the tools, and so do your referrals/customers. Some of the tools you’ll have to grab include:

If you can send over dozens of referrals, it can make for a decent residual income over time. If your referred customers buy upgrades, you’re eligible to receive commissions for all the products.

The program costs $7 monthly or $97 one-time (depending on how you’d like to proceed).

Once you get the foot in the door (as some marketers coin the term), you’re then into the ecosystem, and you’ll have to invest a little more to make the automated system work for you.

If you’re just getting started in online marketing, this may be an overkill.

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PWA Members Area

Once you’ve enrolled, you’d be taken to the Morrison Education website.

All Anthony Morrison programs are accessible through the parent site as you’ll notice.

Pwa Members Area

Partnered With Anthony is unfortunately available only via drip-feed where lessons will unlock 24 hours after you complete a module. There are 13 sessions in total.

If you’re looking to consume the training in one go, you’re in for a rough ride.

Pwa Training

The modules are all based on promoting PWA as an affiliate. In a nutshell, you’ll send people to a funnel, capture leads to build an email list, and then promote the PWA sales page via emails.

Get sales and it’s a win-win for both you and Anthony. You’re only following his pre-recorded videos, that’s how you’re partnering up, there’s no live video training/mentoring available.

At one stage, you may also be offered done-for-you (DFY) services that cost some money. If you’re too new to this and would like to have an expert take care of this, you’re in good hands.

However, with most DFY products, they get saturated fast as everyone is using them (same traffic sources like solo ads, same funnels). After some time, as one would guess, things become stagnant.

There’s only one way to succeed online – learn the skills and put in the work. It will take time, you won’t get instant results, but the slow grinding is what will eventually fulfill your wildest dreams.

If you are low on budget, you won’t benefit much from Partner With Anthony program.

Final Words – Is Partner With Anthony a Scam?

No, Partner With Anthony is not a scam, in fact, it’s far from being considered one.

You do get access to some decent video training on affiliate marketing at a very fair price point. You get the opportunity to promote PWA as an affiliate, and then make some dough online.

Thumbs Up

However, the program is too centered around PWA, and if you’re looking to get better at affiliate marketing in general, you’ll notice it holds you back at times a bit too often. You aren’t really partnering up with Anthony either (as opposed to what the sales letter says).

If you have a limited budget, it won’t make much sense in grabbing the program either. You’ll have to invest in the training, maybe a few upsells, and then the tools that are needed to make it work.

That being said, Partner With Anthony is as legit as it gets, but there are better options out there.

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  • Teaches how you can drive traffic
  • Get access to some decent video training at a fair price
  • Provides opportunity to make money online


  • Need to invest in tools to progress with the training
  • Lessons will unlock 24 hours after you complete a module
  • Too centered around PWA