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Pathmatics Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Have you invested in a startup and are unsure of how to proceed best with marketing your new business? Or perhaps your business venture has now reached a static plateau in its growth, and you are looking for better digital marketing insights.

In any case, wherever you have raised a question about digital marketing, you must have heard about using a market research platform to help you out. We won’t be surprised if you have already familiarized yourself with Pathmatics.

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Pathmatics Review

Although it is quite famous, we understand that you may have your doubts about using the platform. Our Pathmatics review will aim to clear those doubts and answer your most pressing question: Is Pathmatics legit or a scam?

So, let’s look at what the platform is and what it does in detail before we decide upon a final verdict.

What is Pathmatics?

In the simplest of terms, Pathmatics is a market research platform that helps you optimize your ad-based marketing.

However, Pathmatics is much more than just any other market research platform. It is a cloud-based marketing intelligence platform and analytics solution designed to take your digital advertising to the next level.

Pathmatics provides you with invaluable digital insights to improve your marketing performance. It makes sure you have the right tools to run creative campaigns for your digital advertising.

What does that mean? Put simply, Pathmatics gauges the impressions that a certain marketing style or format produces on the target audience, and helps you model your digital marketing strategy on those lines.

The company has its headquarters in Santa Monica, California, and has been helping agencies, brands, and publishers make the right media decisions since 2012.

What Is Pathmatics

Their Ideology

In its own words, the platform strives to “bring transparency and accountability to digital marketing” by turning “the world’s marketing data intelligence into actionable insights.”

Its goals aside, the company boasts a set of principles that guide its work. To sum up, here are some of the principles it claims to follow to generate the most efficient and reliable work environment and boost performance:

  • Place teamwork above all.
  • Fact-check everything!
  • Be open and authentic. No beating about the bush.
  • Always strive to make ease for the customer.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Do the right thing, no matter the cost.
  • Finish what you start.
  • Be smart about your investments.
  • Stand up for your beliefs.
  • Respect all opinions.

Pathmatics is very clear about these ground principles on which it bases its work ethics. Sounds like a lot of green flags, doesn’t it? Let’s see if the impression holds after we are through with this Pathmatics review and figure out how the site works.

How Does Pathmatics Work?

Although Pathmatics claims to have a user-friendly interface and customer support options, understanding how it works is a bit tricky. However, is Pathmatics worth the time it takes you to figure it out?

This part of our Pathmatics review focuses on seeing how you can use the platform to make your marketing decisions confidently. No matter what the size of your business, the platform can guide you in your digital advertising activity to get the best results.

Pathsource Technology

The cornerstone of this market research platform is its Pathsource technology. Pathsource captures information advertisement at each step of the process from the publisher to the advertiser.

The Pathsource technology can track every impression of an advertisement, including programmatic channels. This tracking software allows you to have a complete view of the site’s advertising operations.

Pathmatics offers three types of products depending on their customers’ needs, and Pathsource technology supports all three of them. These three products include:

  • Pathmatics Explorer
  • Pathmatics Connect
  • Pathmatics Custom

Each product caters to different business needs. Let’s look at each in detail.

Pathmatics Products

Pathmatics Explorer

If you are new to the digital marketing scene, Pathmatics Explorer is your best bet at making better decisions for your marketing strategy. Pathmatics explorer is the simplest and easiest solution for publishers and ad tech providers alike to figure out what works and what does not.

Pathmatics Explorer helps marketers win by providing digital insights about competitors’ marketing strategies. You will get information about the ads serves, and the impressions they made.

Moreover, the software can detect the advertisement strategy and help you duplicate it.

This solution can track ads in a large number of geographical locations, including the United States, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and Australia. Depending upon different geographies and demographic data, the software can also help you figure out what works best for a certain target audience.

Let’s look at some of the insights and tools Pathmatics Explorer provides its clients.


The right marketing can increase your revenue many-fold, so some hard work with Pathmatics while sitting at home can function as a way of generating passive income. And what better way to do that than to figure out exactly what your competitors are up to?

Here are all the types of marketing information you can glean from Pathmatics Explorer to optimize your ads:

  • What types of creative strategies other brands and competitors are using to engage with their target audience
  • What targeting strategies other companies are using to reach a wider pool of people, ranging from social media platforms to operating systems
  • How impressions of different ads pan out across various devices, including laptops, computers, and smartphones
  • Which types of ads resonate more with a specific type of audience
  • Whether your competitors are directly buying ads or acquiring them programmatically, and which method is more successful
  • Which competitors might be trying to steal your target audience so you can take action to not lose your market shares
  • Your competitors’ bandwidth at which their ads get a larger viewership so you can adjust your ad speed accordingly
  • What kind of posts resonate with the target audience across different social media platforms
  • How advertisers compete with each other
  • Which sites your competitors are valuing as the top sites for their ads

These insights are invaluable for making the right decisions when building your own marketing strategy. Moreover, these insights help you catch up to speed with your competitors. Therefore, you reduce your risk of losing market shares and generate more revenue.


In addition to making your marketing strategy better by providing a long list of insights, Pathmatics also helps you out with some tools. Although Pathmatics Explorer is mainly focused on delivering important marketing information, these tools add to the efficacy of the solution.

Here are some things that Pathmatics Explorer lets you do:

  • Create spreadsheets, graphics, and PowerPoint presentations with the Export function
  • View a preview of your ads on the page you want them on before its launch with the help of Ad Mocker
  • With Customised Alerts, get a notification when your brand of choice makes any changes in its marketing strategy
  • Create your own customized reports with Report Builder

With its wide range of insights and simple tools, Pathmatics Explorer is the best option for businesses just starting out on polishing their digital marketing strategies.

So if you are a beginner going through our Pathmatics review for a little insight, Pathmatics Explorer is the solution for you.

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Pathmatics Connect

Pathmatics Connect

Pathmatics Connect takes your digital marketing intelligence to the next level. It provides you with the insights data integrated with more tools so that you can gain a deeper understanding of different trends in digital marketing. You can export the data you receive to other tools to understand business intelligence and build your strategies.

Here is some of the data you can export and analyze:

  • The number of hops in an ad path from the advertiser to the target audience
  • What the creative dimensions of an ad are
  • What creative text the target audience sees along with the ad
  • The ad format
  • The software language of the ad
  • Different details about the ad itself, such as page skin
  • What date the ad ran on
  • What device did the ad appear on
  • The number of impressions of an ad
  • What purchase channel brokered the ad
  • What location did the ad appear in
  • The URL that the ad pointed to
  • The domain that the ad appeared in

This information, when integrated with different marketing tools, takes you to the next level of insight upon which you can design your marketing strategy. Businesses that are slightly more seasoned and familiar with the world of digital marketing can benefit from Pathmatics Connect.

Pathmatics Custom

Finally, for mature marketing teams looking to expand the digital marketing sphere of their brand, the company offers Pathmatics Custom.

Understandably, anyone who is familiar with digital marketing would require customized insights on which they can build their future strategy. With Pathmatics Custom, you can customize your insights and tools on the basis of your own business model.

Pathmatics Custom offers you the following:

  • Custom data feeds
  • Custom reports
  • A dashboard customized to your comfort

With this solution, you can receive a customized answer that addresses only your marketing problem. However, according to our Pathmatics review, we only recommend Pathmatics Custom to those who have learned to tread through the complexities of digital marketing.

Therefore, you might want to hold back on it if you are a beginner right now.

How Much Is Pathmatics?

Like any great and expensive platform, Pathmatics does not advertise its pricing openly. Although Pathmatics offers you insights unlike any other market research platform, this information does tend to come at a price.

Compared to many other digital agencies, Pathmatics will need you to be generous with your wallet if you wish to avail of its services.

With a cost rating of 6.4 out of 10, Pathmatics leans heavily towards the pricier end of the spectrum. Starting out from about $10,000 a year, it can demand hundreds of thousands of dollars to build your marketing strategy just right.

How to Make Money With Pathmatics

We know what you are thinking. How can Pathmatics help you make money online if you must pay to avail of its services?

Well, that’s the tricky part. You cannot use the platform without making a payment. However, the returns that come from successful marketing can be many-fold the initial payment and can serve as a form of remote income.

Moreover, as a marketing agent, Pathmatics can help you take your work to the next level. The initial payment, in this case, serves as a small investment in a successful future.

Therefore, this Pathmatic review still leans in favor of the company despite the hefty pricing.

How to Sign Up for Pathmatics?

How To Sign Up For Pathmatics

The best part about signing up for Pathmatics is that you receive a custom insights demo before you make the payment and get started. Here is a list of personal pieces of information you have to provide to get started:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Work email
  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Phone

In addition, you must answer a question regarding your marketing priorities. Out of the following options, you must pick what is most important to you:

  • Competitive analytics
  • Programmatic audits
  • Prospecting new business
  • Media placement analytics
  • Facebook media planning
  • Creative analysis
  • Messaging Analysis
  • Product placement insight
  • Co-branded advertising
  • Industry-specific share of voice

Once you have selected a preferred way for the company to contact you, you can hand in this demo request form.

Pathmatics Review In a Nutshell

Now that our Pathmatics review has almost come to an end, we can weigh the pros and cons of the site to best figure out if it is worth the time and investment.

Pros of Pathmatics

  • In-depth insights
  • Smooth data integration
  • Customized marketing advice
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent interface and newsfeed
  • Prevents ads dollars wastage
  • Allows you to level up with your competitors
  • Good customer support

Cons of Pathmatics

  • Expensive
  • No mobile application
  • Takes dedication to figure out

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use – 4/5
  • Features – 4/5
  • Customer Support – 3/5

The Final Verdict: Is Pathmatics Legit or a Scam?

We have now reached the final part of our Pathmatics review. Pathmatics ranks at a solid forty-three out of six hundred and forty marketing systems, making it one of the most popular and efficient marketing intelligence platforms available to you.

Therefore, according to our humble Pathmatics review, the platform is both legit and safe. Moreover, it is definitely worth the investment.

Although you may find the pricing too high as a beginner, the platform makes up for it in terms of the valuable marketing insights and strategies it provides. With Pathmatics, you can efficiently make money from home using the same resources as before. All you have to do is get the right marketing guru to guide you.

The bottom line is that Pathmatics is worth the investment and time you spend on it, no matter the scale of your business. We hope you found our Pathmatics review helpful.

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Ease of Use




Customer Service



  • In-depth insights
  • Smooth data integration
  • User-friendly


  • Expensive
  • No mobile application
  • Takes dedication to figure out