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Is PayPal Money Adder a Scam or a Legit System?

If you came across PayPal Money Adder, you might have seen some bold claims too. You can make a quick buck with it; it adds money to your PayPal account on autopilot etc.

Without reviewing the software, we can say this with a 100% guarantee – this is a scam. How can one add money into their account out of nowhere? Where will the funds come from? With that said, let’s throw some light on the system.

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What is PayPal Money Adder?

PP Money Adder is a downloadable software that claims to send free money to a PayPal account of your choice. All you are supposed to do is select the amount you want and enter your name and email address to receive up to $500 a day.

They come in different designs and forms; ensure you avoid them at all costs. Does PayPal Money Adder really work? Nope. Here are a few variations we found:

Paypal Money Adder Process

Like you can see, one of them is misspelled, and one says PayPal Money Generator. Once you enter an amount, you will be asked to complete a human verification survey which obviously is not legitimate.

Trying to make money with these get-rich-quick scams is like playing the lotto.

How does It work?

No one in their right mind will give away unlimited free money to random people (when there’s no legit cause). With PP money adder, it’s no exception. The only goal here is to grab your data (by showing you a money bait), so they can potentially sell it to companies and make money off you. Agencies often pay big bucks to acquire the names & email addresses of potential customers.

They may ask for a one-time fee for the software which can cost you a lot of money. They can also encourage you to complete surveys they’re affiliated with so they make money at your expense every time. There’s simply no way you are getting paid for this. The creator is the only person who benefits from this.

Even if such a thing existed, there’s a good reason why you should still stay away from them. If they can ‘deposit’ money in your account out of nowhere, they could also potentially steal your personal account information or steal funds (through API) if you share your account password with them.

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Is PayPal Money Adder a Scam?

Undoubtedly, PP Money Adder is a scam. It’s always a bad idea to download such products; they may also come bundled with malware and viruses, which can damage your computer and steal your sensitive information.

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Whenever you see something that makes easy money or free money claims, it’s a massive red flag and a signal you should stay at a distance from it. It’s a fact – making money is not easy; it requires consistent effort on your part and lots of patience and is never a fluke as some think.

There however is a real way to make money online. No false claims here, but to grow a budding online business, you must put in the effort and give it time to blossom. Highly recommend you check out our #1 recommendation for working from home. This training works, provided you make it work for you. Just remember, the results you get are directly proportional to your work ethic.

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