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Pinecone Research Review 2024: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Finding an easy and reliable side hustle can be challenging. Paid surveys, however, you can turn that around. This Pinecone Research review offers you one excellent option to make money via surveys.

Survey sites are many, but only a few are worth your time. If you’ve chosen paid surveys as your side hustle, you need to identify a reliable site that can offer what you need.

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That’s why we have compiled this Pinecone Research review to give you a chance to make money online with one of the best survey platforms.

The great thing about paid surveys is that they require minimal investment but still offer easy returns. Some platforms need just a few minutes of your free time and pay you for it.

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However, although it sounds sweet and easy, don’t confuse it for those popular get-rich-fast schemes. Also, don’t expect to make it your primary source of income. It should be taken as a side hustle to earn extra money.

If you want to get rich overnight, this is not the place. But if you are looking for something to supplement your income, this is undoubtedly the best place. Join Pinecone Research today and make some easy cash. But first, let’s get into what this platform is all about.

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research Logo

Pinecone Research is one of the highest-rated survey websites on the Internet, and it’s at the top of modern marketing research. They use fun and interesting surveys to gather information on the latest products and ideas for their clients.

The platform requires honest and whole-hearted survey responses and will offer you money as a reward for that. You can earn money after every single survey you complete that is accepted.

This website, which operates under the umbrella of Nielson company, is headquartered in New York. It is a survey panel whose primary focus is to guarantee customer-oriented products in the future.

Unlike several other panels in the market, Pinecone Research is exclusive – you can only join the platform if you have an invitation. You need a join link to access their signup page.

The platform accepts panelists from various countries beyond the US, including the UK, Canada, France, and Germany. One thing to note with Pinecone Research, however, is that it accepts only one member per household.

Multiple signups in one household will cause even the existing account to be closed. Also, the platform doesn’t offer numerous options for earning points. It is purely a survey and product testing site. So, you get paid for answering questions and testing new products.

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How Pinecone Research Works

How Pinecone Research Works

When it comes to making money with Pinecone Research, the idea is quite simple. And our review will show you exactly how!

Like most other survey sites, all you need is to answer the questions to the best of your knowledge, get rewarded, and redeem your prize. However, you must first get an invite to be able to join this survey site.

After you have received the joining link, sign up, complete surveys, receive points, and withdraw your rewards when you want. The platform mainly focuses on surveys and product testing as their main money-making tasks.

You will receive survey invites through your email, and it’s upon you to ensure that you complete the questionnaires. Each survey pays around 300 points, which is the same as $3.

Once you see the points on your dashboard, you can withdraw at any time, as the payout from one survey is enough for withdrawal. The main thing here is completing surveys. Tackle any survey invite that comes your way, and you are on your way to pocketing some good change.

When it comes to payments, you can use any of the various payment methods, as discussed later in this article.

Who Can Sign Up for Pinecone Research

Anyone over the age of thirteen is eligible to join the Pinecone Research Panel. The platform offers membership opportunities for people living in various countries, including the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany.

They pay via PayPal or check through ground mail. Also, they are simple and easy to use, and members of Pinecone Research state how quickly they receive payment for their work.

By becoming a member, you can complete surveys for them for years to come. Every month gives you a chance to test out new products from Pinecone Research’s clients and fill out surveys.

How to Sign Up for Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research Sign Up

While the joining process might be somewhat different from that of many other sites, it is still an easy and straightforward one.

The most important thing is to have an invite link to start the signup process. Once you have it, the rest is almost like joining any other survey platform.

Create your account by filling in your details as prompted, and answer some simple questions, to ensure your profile is complete. Here are some of the questions you’ll need to answer:

  • Your age
  •  Gender
  •  Full names
  •  Number of people in your household
  •  Your preferences in terms of products, services, and hobbies

Through these questions and others that will follow later, Pinecone Research can easily determine which surveys are best for you. Your profile helps to identify you with certain surveys.

But, unlike several other survey sites that pay you to complete your profile, this one doesn’t. However, they have ensured that their household questionnaires are short and easy to answer to avoid boring the experience. 

How best you complete your profile determines how easily you can fit in multiple surveys. And after completing a few surveys, you will certainly have earned several bucks.

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How Does Pinecone Research Make Payments


As promised earlier in this review, we take a more in-depth look at how the platform makes its payments. Pinecone Research has various reward redemption options, including PayPal, check, and other prizes. The processing and delivery of your money start immediately, so you get your reward as soon as possible.

Pinecone Research is a surveying website with little to no complaints from its members. It is designed to help you achieve your financial goals by filling out honest and complete surveys for cash.

After your first survey, your first reward is sent automatically through a check to your mailing address. From there henceforth, you can choose the mode of payment you want to use. The amount is always $3, as the survey is set to earn 300 points.

Here is how you can redeem your points through the platform’s payment options. All you need is to log onto the Pinecone Research website and choose your preferred option.

1. Check

This is the first form of payment. The minimum balance required for withdrawal is $3, which equals 300 points. It, therefore, means that you can withdraw after a single survey.

Checks also offer other payment denominations, such as $5 and $15. And after you make your request, the processing will take 3 to 5 days before the company mails your check. 

2. PayPal

Just like with checks, PayPal also requires a minimum of $3 before you can make any withdrawal. Here, it will take between 3 and 5 business days for your request to be processed, and there are no additional charges.e

3. Gift Cards

If you don’t prefer cash, Pinecone Research also offers numerous gift card options for you. You can opt for gift cards from popular retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, and iTunes.

4. Prepaid Visa Cards

If you live in the US and its territories, you can redeem your rewards via prepaid Visa cards. This means that the reward is sent directly to your bank account. However, you can only use the cards in the US.

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Is Pinecone Research Legit?

The short answer to this is yes. Pinecone Research is absolutely a legit company. It is a qualified and honest surveying website that gives you a chance to make money via paid surveys. As such, you must complete detailed and honest surveys to remain a Pinecone Research member.

Missing one can result in being dropped from the panel. Also, lying about the information on a survey or not leaving responses with the quality that Pinecone Research is looking for is not allowed.

Though it can be difficult to stay on the panel, if you’re a competent, intelligent human being, you’ll easily be capable of completing the surveys with all the requirements Pinecone Research is looking for. It is not as hard as most of us might think. All you need is to be focused and provide honest answers.

Another proof that Pinecone Research is legit is its online reviews. For instance, the platform has a 2.1 stars rating on Trustpilot, which is average. Lastly, it is accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau).

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How is Pinecone Research Legitimate?

Make Money With Pinecone

Since they select only the highest quality surveyors, Pinecone Research would be a website of high quality and promising survey results. And that has proven to be true.

They care about helping their panelists earn money and giving their clients the best surveys possible. This helps to keep the surveyors happy and the manufacturers to alter their products to fit the needs of society and the modern world.

It is a reasonable assumption that by joining Pinecone Research, you can earn money quickly and easily. It takes less than twenty minutes to complete a task, and each task can be between three and five dollars. Certain special surveys can, however, be worth a lot more.

You also will occasionally receive products in the mail to test and review for Pinecone Research. The platform then sends back the final results to the client who owns the product. This means free stuff that no one else has seen except for you.

What better incentive should you have for joining a surveying website? High survey opportunities, fast payments, and free stuff from manufacturers fit the bill.

Pinecone Research Review: Pros and Cons 

Every survey site has its strengths and shortfalls, and this platform is not any different. As such, let’s explore all the pros and cons of Pinecone Research:

Pros of Pinecone Research

1. Decent Payouts

Since you are joining the platform to make extra money, how much a survey earns you is quite important.

In Pinecone Research, the pay is $3 per survey. This payout is much more than most other paid survey panels are offering.

2. No Minimum Withdrawal Threshold

All you need is 3 dollars to make that cash-out request. And, since each survey is worth $3 or more, it then means that you are free to request a cashout after completing a single survey. Now, that’s cool if you ask me.

3. Average Survey Completion Time

Pinecone Research is no different from many other survey sites. Their surveys will take around 15 to 30 minutes, which is quite standard. At this rate, you can complete a few.

4. Straight Forward Questions

The questionnaires are designed to simplify everything and help you make easy money. As such, you don’t need to worry about the complexity of the platform’s surveys – they are fairly easy to understand and answer. This means that you won’t be straining too much to answer surveys, ending up using even more time.

5. Product Testing

Once you are a panelist with Pinecone Research, you can easily participate in their product testing program. And this means you can use some products not yet introduced in the market. That can be quite exciting when looking for survey sites to use.

6. Draws

The platform has various draws (bi-weekly and quarterly) where panelists have a chance to walk away with $500 for the bi-weekly draw or $4,500 for the quarterly one. As long as you are a member, you are eligible.

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Cons of Pinecone Research

1. The Invite Only Sign Up

The platform is more restrictive on its membership than most other survey sites. Whereas other sites offer an easy, free, and straightforward signup process, for Pinecone Research, you’ll need an invite link to join. As such, not everyone is free to join the platform.

2. Invite Only Surveys

Once you are a member, the platform will send you matching surveys through the provided email. If they have yet to send any, you have no survey to answer.

This might not be favorable for people used to picking surveys from the dashboard. And we can prove this by looking at the Pinecone Research reviews left behind online on platforms like Trustpilot.


Is Pinecone Research Worth It?

Absolutely, yes! If you have any doubts about joining Pinecone Research, you shouldn’t. We have established that PineCone Research is among the few legit paid survey sites in the market. And if your goal is to make money through online surveys, the platform offers you a safe opportunity.

Secondly, the platform’s rewards system is straightforward and attractive. All you need is to answer online surveys, earn points, and redeem your reward once you hit $3 worth of points. In this light, PineCone Research is undoubtedly an excellent way to earn some extra cash, especially during your free time.

So, why wait any longer? Use our review today, and make that important choice. Let your opinion make you money.


Is it hard to join Pinecone Research?

No. While you have first to get an invite link, the joining process is easy after you have that link. You can be invited by a member on the platform or the company itself.

How much money can you make on Pinecone Research?

This will depend on how many surveys you answer. Each survey is worth around $3, and you can redeem your money anytime. However, you will have to wait for surveys to be sent to your email.

Who is eligible to sign up for Pinecone Research?

If you live in either the US, UK, or Canada, you are eligible to join the platform. But still, you will need to have the invite link before joining.

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