Can You Really Live Your Dream Life With PlanNet Marketing?

Some people call it a scam, some claim you can live your dream, make money while travelling the world with PlanNet marketing. The biz op definitely gets some attention when you look at the perks you are offered.

Can you really get travel discounts and make an earth-shattering amount of money at the same time? Truth be told, we are skeptical when we see a lot of hype revolving around a product. In this review, we uncover the secrets behind this travel business opportunity.

PlanNet Marketing Review - A Sneak Peek

Plan Net Marketing, also known as Planet Marketing was founded by Don Bradley who has been active in the network marketing & multi-level marketing space for a long time. They have partnered with InteleTravel which is a travel company.

Planet Marketing

The two companies joined hands and as a result, the business opportunity aspect of this business came into existence soon after.

You can become a Plannet Marketing travel agent and sell discounted travel/tour deals or buy some for yourself or send referrals to the company so they sign up as a distributor (like you).

The deals include discounts on vacations, hotels, resort stays, cruises, car rentals, and aeroplane tickets. If you're feeling adventurous, you can do a combination of everything and truly light it up and skyrocket your earning potential.

How Plan Net Marketing Works

PlanNet Marketing is simply an added multi-level marketing layer on top of the travel company. To make money with the program, you must take one of the following ways:

  • Sign up as a InteleTravel Agent (ITA) and bring sales
  • Become an affiliate, and get people to join the biz op through you and earn commissions on their sales.

It's worth noting PlanNet marketing doesn't sell anything, only InteleTravel does. Instead you can directly signup with the latter as an agent and make commissions on your sales. With the former, the only difference is that you're eligible to make commissions on your multi-level downlines.

To be an ITA, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $179.95 and then $39.95 monthly. You can earn between 70 - 80% commissions on the referrals you bring and $50 for recruiting other agents.

Is PlanNet Marketing a Scam?

Businesses which solely (or mostly) rely on recruiting people fall under 'pyramid schemes' as per the Federal Trade Commission/FTC. PlanNet Marketing definitely relies a lot on bringing other agents onto the system.


It can't be called a scam since there isn't enough evidence here but it's still something you don't want to be a part of.

Firstly, PlannetMarketing will cost you an arm and a leg to be an agent with the company. Secondly, the payment plans aren't very promising (including $50 one-time you receive on referrals).

If you leave all that aside, the fact they use a multi-level marketing model which heavily relies on recruiting people, it doesn't make the business future-proof. The FTC can always hop in, interfere and make them overhaul the system or take it down entirely.

Add to the fact a very few percentage of people make decent money with the MLM systems and it's not for the average joe. Most people struggle with MLM and hardly make $1000 per year let alone per month. If recruiting is your thing, then that's a different story altogether.

If you're interested in making money online, highly recommend you check out our top recommendation instead. It utilizes the affiliate marketing business model.

  • Angela Baranski says:

    Actually the FTC distinguishes the difference between pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing in this article here:

    I believe many people struggle with an MLM model because they don’t take it seriously and they don’t treat it like a business. I’d much rather own a home based travel agency than a brick and mortar business any day because I have no chance of going out of business.

    I’m a home based travel agent with Inteletravel and I recruit with PlanNet Marketing. I have 15 people on my team. I’ve been very successful with both because I treat them as the wonderful businesses that they are. I’ve been blessed beyond belief to have come across this opportunity.

    • Faith Taylor says:

      Hi Angela, I agree with what you mentioned. It’s a good thing that it’s working well for you, and that you’re a legit promoter (and have a decent team).

      However, most people who promote MLM programs promote them as a get rich quick scheme which has ‘retire overnight’ written all over it. This is very deceiving for the people who have high hopes with the platform, and they eventually struggle to make money (some people do well with multi-level marketing programs but most people never make a dime – I’m sure you’d agree with this statement). Most of these programs even ask you to ‘pay’ to be able to receive commissions on your sales/referrals. Anything which has ‘pay to play’ characteristics is a big no-no to me.

      It really has more to do with the people who actually promote these programs. There are legit promoters, and then there are some who recruit people by making ridiculous claims. It’s also a well known fact recruiting isn’t for everyone. Also, if you only promote one program (PlanNet marketing in this case), you’re sort of ‘married’ to it. There’s nothing wrong with this if you really love the program, but me personally – I’d not want to limit myself to one program. I’d instead prefer to select what I want to promote at any point of time, and be eligible to promote them without paying a monthly/one-time fee for the referral program.

      • Doni says:

        Faith, Im sorry you feel that way. Im 50 yrs old and when I took the time to compare what PlanNet offers aside from the travel business, I was “in”. They have things in place within their comp plan that makes the industry envious! PlanNet shuts down the pillar of 401(k). Also, with the “climate” right now, its good to know my checks have continued to be deposited. It has staying power even through this uncertain economy today. Perhaps, you should reconsider and see why so many people believe its the Best Place on The PlanNet!

        • Faith T says:

          Hello Doni, it’s a good thing you like the platform and that it’s working well for you. However, I was promised instant riches by the person who showed me the platform. My experience with the platform wasn’t that great. I totally understand with MLM programs there’s some income potential but it really depends on the person who is promoting it, and their overall marketing strategy.

          • Richie says:

            Hi Faith. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with your sponsor. I would take that misrepresentation up with the Rep that sold you the agency. The majority of us do not operate that way and I think that is why Plannet Marketing has been so successful after being in business a young 4 years now.

            Plannet Marketing’s culture is to have integrity and to help and care about families – not to go out and just get numbers for the sake of getting numbers. Building relationships, education, integrity, training, and work ethic will help people be successful in this market.

            One of the things that I love about our leadership team is that from the get go we are told that “This is NOT a quit your plan A job right now opportunity”. They also teach us that “The plan will not work…unless you do”. That is true with any business.

            I acknowledge that Network Marketing is not for everyone – and that is ok. There is one thing I would like to clear up in the article if I can. Plannet Marketing is the marketing agency. Plannet Marketing markets (sells) the online Travel agency – Inteletravel (The product). It is through this agency that you sell the travel.

            The “How it works” part beginning with ” It’s worth noting…” I think, was trying to articulate that but it looked a little confusing. The two companies partner together to present a vehicle that gives options on how to earn money. Some only work the travel agency side of the business and still do well for themselves because as you stated, they came up with a strategy or found their niche to work with. Take care and thank you for the review.

          • Faith @ WFHR says:

            Thank you Richie for the input, appreciate you taking the time out to leave a comment.

  • Doni says:

    PlanNet does not cost an arm and a leg to get started. You literally gain 2 businesses for the price of one, which is approx. $200. The $50 for referrals is the 1st stream of 7 streams of income! The product is the travel agent business. We report our Income Disclosure annually. PlanNet is legit. It’s a great opportunity and can change your life, if you treat it like a true business. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving reviews but at least have all the facts. Many people rely on reviews to help make informed decisions.

    • Faith T says:

      I agree with what you mentioned, Doni. However, I’ve seen many agents (including the one who introduced me to Plan Net Marketing), they push the platform like crazy and promote it like a get rich quick scheme. In a nutshell, you’re expected to shell out $200 dollars just for signing up so you can make back hundreds in the process. I think it really depends on how your first-hand experience has been with the company, for me, it wasn’t so great, and this review reflects just that.

    • Dan says:

      Hello doni yes I have been going through all these reviews because my friend pitched me the idea and I’m supposed to have a phone presentation tomorrow and I really do like the concept of being able to travel and make good money but I always being the skeptic too good to be to true type need to be shown proof why this marketing concept is better than any other one similar to it or just marketing and I also work a 48hr job 12days on 2 days off so also curious on how much time is required daily or weekly to actually be able to reach success and what is the success rate? Is the virus hurting the sales and what not?

  • Its a trap says:

    Holy shit of course its a scam! Thank you for your articulate article! Anything like Amway, wun life, itworks, or even consultants too! How can you drown your own market? These companies make profit off their agents. All of these people sound like robots. The scary thing is, they always have to be fake. I have so many friends and even family who got sucked into these scam companies. They jack up their prices and people end up putting so many people in uncomfortable situations. If i have to bother people, its a NO! When people like them come talk to me, it makes me very uncomfortable! Because they want something out of me then they keep bugging you. It is manipulative because I have a lot of friends who got sucked in thinking it is “easy money” but it meant shaking your relationships with close friends and family. I committed to a good job and a good relationship with having a child at 17. Good and healthy choices, thought out. We bought our first home at 24 and saved nearly $30k in two years and went with a conventional loan. The real secret is something you dont have to pay for or listen to so many speeches and learn road maps of every scam out there to change peoples minds. The truth is people are greedy and not wanting to make the needed sacrifices! We cut out eating out, hobbies, shopping sprees and adopted money saving habits like shopping at thrift stores and not getting sucked into a car sales man. We also went to a timeshare thing to save money on our disney world trip and we made it out alive! We didnt accrue any debt besides our mortgage and car note. Simply put, do not spend money you do not have! I dont need a whole company to tell me how. We also did this without a degree. Now at 25, i am putting myself through college to secure my future and retirement. People spend too much energy on wasted effort. It has a high chance of failure but also very exhausting to put up a front all the time. I am beyond my peers who get sucked into these schemes and sometimes i donate money to them instead of buying their product or signing up. Because that money is more than the commission they’ll get and it always shows me they are struggling instead of saying straight no. I do feel i am blessed so i will also support my friends small businesses. I think they suck in vulnerable young people who are desperate and many of them come out in the negative. People are just lazy. All this effort you can put into something more guaranteed especially in the long term like college or a trade. But to each is their own! Obviously. It just hurt to watch them start and then just stop because i know what they put in. I appreciate you taking the time to write this well thought out article.

    • Dan says:

      I do agree with you most are set ups and scams and I’m still not completely convinced of this one either but I do love the concept and even with college your spending 20k MINIMUM and I know plenty who have gone for business or something similar and end up working a regular job paying off their debt and not getting a chance to get hired bc u have no experience etc now trade school is deff safer route but regardless you have to spend money to make money and there is a 90 day guarantee money back if you decide you don’t wanna risk it any longer and I’ll know by then if it’s a good set up and what not so got to think about that aspect also

    • Godzkreation says:

      This was VERY eloquently put! I would love to reach out to you or have you reach out to me. I just took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course and it definitely gave me insight I didn’t have before and you sound exactly like people with the money saving tips I wish I’d known about when I was your age. Blessings! And thank you for sharing

    • What to do says:

      Nothing is a guarantee. I went to college 4 years got a degree in 2012 and can not land a job in my field (interior design).. The school goes out of business close all the campuses from California to Colorado plus do to fraud was sued.. It cost me $80,000. I cnt get from under the debt. Im trying to fight it so i dnt have to pay the $80,000 because they were fraudulent. Thats been a 6 year battle. Now i just have a piece of paper might as well be blank. Still hard getting to where i need to be with a degree.. So whats a guarantee. Not even education..all though no one can take away the knowledge i have gained from college thats the only plus.

    • Relli says:

      You think college and learning a trade is better than owning your own business ? Wow , the American way… lol go to school, get a job , and be “normal”.

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