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Point 2 Click Profits – Scam or a Legitimate System for Making Money Online?

Welcome to this Point 2 Click Profits review.

If you’ve come across the system, you might have found exaggerated income claims. Can you really make $500 a day online with Amazon exploiting this system? Is it legitimate/worth the hype, or a scam you should be wary of? That’s what we’ll be covering today.

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Doing some research of your own can take you far. It can help you avoid online scams and find legit opportunities that don’t disappoint. With that said, let’s dive right in.

What Is Point 2 Click Profits?

Point 2 Click Profits, also called Point to Click Profits sometimes, is a website that talks about an exclusive black box that can help you make some dough online. It says it’s totally hands-free, and you don’t have to put in any work at all; the system does it all for you.

Point 2 Click Profits Slogan

Source: Point To Click Profits sales page

From a distance, this looks like pure hype. It relies on making ridiculous income claims and that you’re getting access to some secret system that no one knows about. Unfortunately, such a thing is not in existence, and anyone who is offering a push-button system is lying outright.

There is no black box that can generate Amazon commissions for you on autopilot. It’s more than possible to be an Amazon associate and make a killing, but you shouldn’t expect instant results. It’s a legitimate business model (affiliate marketing), but it requires you to do the work first.

Anyone who’s making money with Amazon has been at it for a while and is putting in consistent efforts regularly, and no one is actually exploiting some unknown $47 ‘loophole’ to bring home the bacon. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to riches, and you must work for it.

Apparently, this $47 system is the game changer, as this lady claims on the main website:

Point 2 Click Profits Sales Pitch

After doing some research, it turns out she’s just a stock photo downloaded from

Female Stock Image

It’s just a licensed photo that can be acquired for a one-time payment for commercial usage. This lady never made $5,400 a day as this system claims. In the above image, this program is called Copy and Paste Profits, an identical name.

Often scams are re-launched with newer names and on newer domains. Apart from the name, they edit the logo and sometimes the website design to make it look like a new program. This is a strategy con artists have been using for decades, and it never falters.

What’s interesting is if the system is legitimate and if it works, why don’t they have a handful of real testimonials from real users at least? Well, they don’t because this is an obvious scam.

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How Point 2 Click Profits Works

First off, someone will encourage you to click on a link and visit the sales page. They could reach out via social media or cold emails. Every link you find will attempt to take you to the sales page.

Once you’re there, the video will do the rest. It won’t tell what exactly the system is all about, it will keep things slightly vague to make it interesting and try to sell you the dream. The dream of many is to make a healthy passive income working online, and that’s what it promises.

So, if it’s convincing enough (make $1000 a day with ease with Amazon), there’s a good chance someone will make a purchase out of high hopes and later on be disappointed when this system fails big time and doesn’t deliver.

With Amazon, you can sell other people’s products as an affiliate or be a vendor. There are many training programs that teach just that, but you will have to acquire some skills and get to work. There’s no secret road that will take you to riches.

You will get access to some super basic training, but it’s not worth the money, and it most definitely won’t help you make a dime with Amazon. To make a living working online, it takes a lot more than that. Once you make the initial $47 purchase, this happens:

  • It will take you to an upgrade offer/upsell page and try to sell you more stuff
  • Send you spam via email and take you from one product to another
  • This is a scam, they may even rent or sell your personal details to third-party companies

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The Ugly Truth

  • It’s all about making misleading income claims. With the generic training that you’ll get access to, you shouldn’t expect to make $10 a day, let alone $500 plus. To get results, you need a real training program and then need an investment of time and effort to get results.
  • No one actually made any money with this system, and as a result, the website uses stock photos for testimonials, which are obviously fake.
  • The only person who makes money here is the program creator, and that too at your expense. The system promises you the world and gets you to make a payment. Fortunately, there are many legit platforms that can help you get started for an investment that is less than a cup of coffee.

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Final Words – Is Point 2 Click Profits a Scam?

Yes, Point 2 Click Profits is a scam that you should stay away from. It’s all about making deceitful income claims just to get you to purchase the product. What you’ll get in return isn’t even worth your money, and there are far better programs out there if you want to start banking with Amazon.

Thumbs Down Icon

It’s possible to make $500 a day with Amazon but to get to that stage, it takes years of hard work and dedication; you can’t be an overnight success unless it’s a fluke. The goal of this system is to get you to pay $47 and then hundreds more so the website owner makes money at your expense.

For the many reasons mentioned in this review, we cannot recommend this program to anyone. You can do a lot better without this website because it’s not a legitimate one. If you’re short on budget, you can always explore the topic on platforms like YouTube and get started for free.

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