Can You Get a USPS Job with Postal Jobs Source or Is It a Scam?

Interested in working with the United States Postal Service? You may be in luck. Postal Jobs Source website claims it can help you land a job with USPS. At least, that's what it said in the e-mail we received the other day.

That being said, don't have high hopes yet. In this review, we take a closer look at Postal Jobs Source and share the things you need to know. Is it a scam or a legitimate opportunity? Read on to find out.

Postal Jobs Source Review

After analyzing a handful of online advertisements, we noticed they all looked legit and took us to website. The ads had little deception and seemed like you can bag postal customer service jobs.

In the video on the homepage, the lady talks about the numerous benefits you get as a postal services employee. Some perks include medical insurance, sick leaves, paid vacations and a retirement plan.

She goes on to say you need no prior experience and that there's a thorough on-the-job training. The applicants must possess a green card and must be at least 18 years old.

We are hardly familiar with the USPS' on-boarding process but we do know there's a tough screening process. To get hired, you must clear all the stages.

The spokesperson, however tells the truth by the time the video approaches the end. She says Postal Jobs Source can 'help' you land a job @ USPS. All you need to do is to pay them a one-time $48 fee.

If you inspect the website, you will realize they do make it clear that they're not affiliated with USPS or with the US government (screenshot below).

It looks like it's just a private website which can help you prepare for the postal exams.

Getting Started

To get started with the platform, you will have to shell out 48 bucks. You get personal counselling, sample questions & answers, and a step-by-step guide for helping you with the hiring process.

Upon registration, you will gain instant access to the following resources:

The website claims to have a 200% money back guarantee but we doubt if it's actually true. We found another website which is an identical clone:

Upon further research, we found the domain name is registered anonymously and there's no way for you to get a hold of the owner. After searching for the address displayed on their contact page, it took us to a random company which had nothing to do with Postal Jobs.

It probably could be an error or a made-up address or something random. This is a red flag and it suggests us otherwise. A real company will not try to hide the people behind it. If people are strategically trying to hide their face, that should tell you something. Right?

Is Postal Jobs Source a Scam?

It can't be called a scam because of lack of evidence, but it does have characteristics of one. If you stumbled across this article on FTC's website, it may ignite second thoughts.

image credit: ftc

You will notice FTC talks about the various things you should be aware of. Out of these, there are some which Postal Jobs Source uses. For this reason, we can't recommend the program to our readers.

If that wasn't enough, the website doesn't display names and their real address(es). $48 isn't a large amount though, if you're interested in testing the waters anywhere, we won't stop you. If it could help you land a job, that may be a life-changer.

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