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Product Testing USA Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Everyone loves free stuff, especially if they can choose the products they want. Check this Product Testing USA review to find out how.

Taking surveys is one of the most common ways to earn money online. Usually, these surveys ask you about your opinions on brands and products. But, there’s a flaw in this business plan.

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Most of the time, survey takers have never used some of the products they’re asked about. In this situation, they either get screened out of surveys or provide non-credible information to the sites they work for.

Product Testing Usa Website

What if I told you about a product testing site that sends you expensive stuff for free in exchange for honest reviews?

If you like the prospect of keeping free things for yourself without spending any extra time or effort, read along with our Product Testing USA review to find out how to get started.

Product Testing USA Review

Product Testing USA is one of the dedicated product testing sites conducting market research for high-profile brands like Dyson and Apple.

Unlike conventional survey sites that offer product testing as a side option, you can create a steady income by testing products and providing reviews on this site.

But how does this site work? And how can you make use of it to optimize the time you spend online? And most importantly, is Product Testing USA legit?

You’ll find the answers to all these questions and more in our Product Testing USA review. So let’s dive in.

What is Product Testing USA?

If you’ve been through other Product Testing USA reviews, you probably know that it is a site that sends out products to eligible candidates to test and provide honest reviews.

Product Testing Usa Website

Operating since 2012, the company deals with a wide array of products with price tags ranging from $5-$5000. You can either become a product tester and get the samples delivered to your home or become a mystery shopper and conduct research about products in person.

The platform lets you select the products you’d like to test out, and they send them to you if you’re eligible for the job as product testers.

Product Testing USA doesn’t only deal with cheap cosmetics and clothing items like other survey sites. What sets this platform apart is its expensive product range.

You can review anything from a Dyson vacuum cleaner worth hundreds of dollars or an Apple watch and keep it for yourself once the job is done.

Even as a mystery shopper for Product Testing USA, you can earn up to $200 for every gig you complete. Are you excited? Find out how the platform works to start testing products for money today.

How Product Testing USA Works

How Product Testing Works

We know what you’re thinking. How does a company that gives stuff out for free make money? It’s simple. Although the company hand out free stuff, it doesn’t do so frequently.

For example, if a Dyson vacuum cleaner is up for testing, the option will be visible to hundreds of users to select and give in their application. In turn, the company selects only one candidate to test the product.

Besides that, they require detailed, extensive reviews for the products they send out. Their partner brands can use this information to remove any operational glitches from their free samples and enhance their user experience.

By getting a hands-on review from one consumer, they can save millions in production costs and get 100% buyer satisfaction with their products.

To generate this crucial information, companies pay Product Testing USA, which then shares the revenue with reviewers like you.

Since they choose only one person for every product they have, the chances of getting selected are pretty thin. However, you can easily bag your opportunity if you keep trying consistently.

Below, I’ve listed all the information you need about how the website works so you can find your way around quickly.

How to Sign Up for Product Testing USA

Product Testing Usa Sign Up

The sign-up process for Product Testing USA is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is land on their website and enter your basic details to complete the process.

While other survey sites provide access to their survey listings and micro-tasks after you become a member, Product Testing USA lets you search through their product lists before you even sign-up.

You can wring their lists and look for a product that entices you. Once you select the product, the site will prompt you toward a sign-up option, and you can get started.

These are the steps you’ll have to follow when you sign-up on Product Testing USA.

Choose a Product That Appeals to You

As we mentioned, the first thing you’ll do on the platform is to choose the product you’d want to test. The website has extensive lists of products categorized into different genres to help you pick the best option.

Product Testing Usa Categories

You can find clothes, handbags, cosmetics, phones, and home appliances. The product prices range from $5-$5000, depending on the brand and genre.

Besides that, you can choose to become a mystery shopper as well. Whichever option you choose from their list, you’ll have to proceed toward the next step to continue.

Register for the Product

Register For A Product At Product Testing Usa

Once you’ve got your eyes on a product or a shopping opportunity, you’ll have to register for the option to sign-up on the site.

When you click the registration option, you will get a list of offers from the website. These offers include signing up for specific survey platforms or an agreement to receive phone calls and email advertisements.

All these offers are from the company’s sponsors, so they show them to you before you become a member. You can click yes or no for each product tests.

I’d recommend clicking no; otherwise, you’ll be bombarded with unnecessary advertisements. In the end, the site wants you to look at the offers. Remember, you’ll have to go through these sponsored offers every time you register for a product, so be patient and go with the flow.

Verify Your Email ID

Once you have completed declining or agreeing to the offers, you’ll have to verify your email address. After you get an email confirmation, you’ll successfully become a site member.

Now, you must wait until you get an invitation from the platform to test the product.

This way, you can register for as many products as you like and wait for a confirmation from the site.

Testing Products

Here comes the most crucial part of our Product Testing USA review. How do you make money on the platform if you’re selected for a product review?

Product Testing Usa Products To Test

Mainly, you’ll have to provide a detailed written and video review, along with some photos. Yes, the process is time-consuming, but no platform would give out free stuff for nothing, right?

While creating the video review, you should include the product’s main features and the answers to common questions formed by the company.

Similarly, the video quality should be coherent and provide an honest picture of the product. Remember, if your review is not up to the mark, the website has hundreds of other users to select from besides you.

Your video should be at least one minute long, with a write-up of at least 500 words. The company will post your video and a written review on its social media portals.

If you’re uncomfortable with this aspect, you should rethink joining the platform because you provide all the rights to your content once you submit it on their website.

They can also use your reviews to promote their website to bring other users in.

However, I’d ask you not to become too optimistic on the platform. It does have legit review offers, but the chances of getting selected are thin. There are thousands of members bidding for the same product, so you’ll be lucky to get selected in the first place.

I think the company should have made this clear on its website, as it leads to disappointment in most of its users.

Payments on Product Testing USA

In the future, with our Product Testing USA review, let’s talk about the rewards on the platform.

If, by chance, you do get selected and review the products effectively, their payment method is pretty straightforward. You get to keep the product you review on their site.

Test Products And Keep As Reward

You heard it; there’s no cash involved when signing up for Product Testing USA. Even if you go for mystery shopping and in-person research gigs, you will receive gift cards to redeem your rewards.

Nevertheless, I mentioned before that the platform offers expensive products worth working for.

Similarly, the products they send out are 100% genuine, so you won’t face any errors while using them. If you do, you can easily include the errors and construction glitches in your review.

Besides that, you select the product you review yourself without any intervention from the platform. It means you can easily choose a product you need or like to keep.

Bottom line, if you like getting free products as payment, this site is a great option. But if you were looking for cash prizes, you should check out other product reviewing options from popular survey sites.

Work Availability

Latest Reviewers At Product Testing Usa

Work availability is the biggest concern for anyone who joins the website. On Product Testing USA, there are no guarantees of getting selected for reviews.

You can register for a product as soon as you join the platform, but you can never be sure if you will get selected. That’s because they choose only one candidate for each product.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t get work at all.

Also, bidding for products doesn’t take much of your time. So the best way is to be consistent and keep registering for the products you like. You never know when you’ll get lucky.

Other Rewards

Apart from free products, the platform offers some promotional rewards for reviewers. These include cash prizes and gift cards. But again, no one knows the criteria by which they pick reviewers for these additional rewards.

Similarly, the cash vouchers and gift cards are up for taking if you sign-up as a mystery shopper or conduct research for them in person.

Product Testing USA Requirements

Naturally, Product Testing USA is only available for US citizens. If you’re living in the US, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old to sign-up on the platform.

Furthermore, the company has another website, Product Testing UK, for UK citizens. Similarly, their platform, Product Testing AU is dedicated to Australian users.

Customer Support

Efficient customer support is always an attractive feature for online rewards sites.

If users don’t get their rewards on time or don’t get selected for any product they register for, it would be nice to consult a representative and state their concerns.

But, Product Testing USA lacks in this aspect. They provide a contact number but do not respond quickly to any queries or problems.

You can find an FAQ section on their website, so you can refer to their page if you have any basic questions.

What I like about their FAQ page is that it’s interactive. They provide a contact option under some questions, so you can go for additional support if you don’t find a solution from their provided answer.

Product Testing USA Payout Options

Is product testing at home a legitimate job? Yes, but only if you operate as a remote product tester for a company that offers consistent wages or remuneration.

Product Testing USA, on the other hand, will not provide a source of income. The service does not compensate users for completing surveys. It only allows you to qualify for testing various things in its inventory if you apply for them.

If you want to make money, look for other legitimate product testing jobs. Use Product Testing USA only as a free lottery to win gadgets, appliances, and beauty products.

Product Testing USA Pros

Now that you’ve been through our Product Testing USA review, you’re probably ready to sign-up for the platform. Before you make a final decision, check out these benefits you’ll get from the platform.

  • The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • There are lots of expensive products to choose from
  • Some products listed on the sites are not even released officially.
  • No membership fees or hidden charges.

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Product Testing USA Cons

Concluding our Product Testing USA review, here are the main concerns you’ll face while using Product Testing USA are,

  • Lots of spam emails and messages
  • Long waiting time
  • Doesn’t guarantee wins
  • Tedious registration process
  • No cash prizes
  • Inefficient customer service

Final Words

Wrapping up our Product Testing USA review, it all brews down to one question, is Product Testing USA a scam? The website does provide ample proof of its legitimacy, but attributing to its closed nature, there’s no 100% way to find out if it is a scam.

However, they charge no membership or subscription fees from their users, so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off when joining the platform.

In a nutshell, it is a great option to get branded products for free, but if you want to generate passive income testing products, this is not the site for you.

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  • User-Friendly and Easy to Navigate Website
  • Lots of Expensive Products
  • No Membership Fee or Hidden Charges
  • Some Products Listed on the Sites are not even Released Officially


  • Lots of Spam Emails and Messages
  • Long Waiting Time
  • Tedious Registration Process
  • No Cash Prizes
  • Inefficient Customer Service