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Is Product Testing USA – Scam or a Legitimate Website? (Review)

How would you like gadgets like Apple iPad delivered straight to your doorstep without paying a dime?

Product Testing USA is a product testing website that claims to provide this opportunity. Is it a scam or the real deal? Read on to uncover the truth.

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What Is Product Testing USA

It’s a free-to-join product testing website that has been around since 2012.

All you will have to do is provide unbiased feedback for the products you receive. Other than the USA, there’s a version available for both Australia and the UK.

According to the website, the whole process is very easy to follow.

Product Testing Usa Instruction

Other surveys/product testing websites send cash payouts, but with this website, you instead get to keep the product you receive.

If it’s an iPad you receive for review, it’s easily worth $800+, so it’s a good deal for sure!

What Is Your Job As A Reviewer?

No one will send out products worth thousands of dollars to random people. It’s obvious there’s got to be some prerequisites or requirements that one must fulfill to get started as a product tester.

Joining the website was an easy process – just fill in the form with your contact information, demographics, interests, and so on. This probably is to ensure you only get relevant offers that are a good fit.

Product Testing Usa Reviewer Instruction

Once done, you can opt to review any of the products from the available catalog. You will be promoted via e-mail if you get selected.

For the product, you will have to use it for a few days, do a short text review with your honest feedback, take some high-quality photos, and finally do a video review.

Here’s an example of a product review:

Product Testing Usa Review Sample

We are sure thousands of people apply to review the same product, and there’s a screening process, and you only get to review the product if you’re shortlisted.

When you think about it and keep a realistic standpoint, it’s obvious your chances to test a product are quite slim.

People may have high hopes of getting product review jobs, but not everyone will get to review products, and it will end up in disappointment. This should be something they should address on their website.

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What Are Others Saying?

There is a mixed bag of reviews for Product Testing USA. These points are mentioned in most of them.

1. Your Chances Are Slim

It can be a great opportunity to make a side income reviewing products, but this is not a replacement for your full-time 9 to 5. For testing a product, hundreds of thousands of people will compete at a time, and only a few will get to test drive the product.

2. Less Potential To Make Money

This again is because it’s not very likely for you to be shortlisted for doing any reviews. As a result, you will hardly make money, if at all.

3. You May Receive Spam

Since you’ve signed up to their mailing list, it’s likely you will receive regular product updates and other information via the email channel which can be spammy at times. If someone sends emails too often, it can be a nuisance. Even their privacy policy page mentions this:

“We may use your email address to notify you about certain offers, including 3rd party offers (collectively the “Offers”), and other opportunities, and provide general updates if you have opted-in. Emails are sent only to ST users who have chosen to receive them (opted-in) or who have completed a transaction on the Website. At any time, you can notify us to opt out from receiving these emails.”

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Is Product Testing USA a Scam?

No, it is not a scam; however, the way they do business, it’s often a little too misleading for the users who expect too much and then get disappointed soon after.

Product Testing USA should make things a little clear so the potential reviewers will have more realistic expectations instead of hoping for the product to arrive at their door!

They sure are sending out products for reviewing but 99% of the people will never receive anything via mail, so consider yourself lucky if you’re selected to test something.

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