ProfiTORIAL Review

ProfiTORIAL Review - 1-Click Traffic App?

This ProfiTORIAL Review covers everything you need to know about this one-click traffic generation app. Read on to learn the ugly truth.

Is ProfiTORIAL truly a 1-click app that can get you traffic on autopilot and ultimately leads and sales? Or is it just a scam you should be wary of? Most of the systems that promise the world end up as mere disappointments.

Let's see what this app is all about.

ProfiTORIAL Review

ProfiTORIAL Review

ProfiTORIAL Review - An Overview

Vendor name:

Jason Fulton



Launch Date:

Aug 2 2020

Launch Time:




ProfiTORIAL is a 1-click app that can get you an 'unstoppable' flood of free buyer traffic and commissions.

Created by Jason Fulton, it claims to be a system that creates countless mini nitro profit engines (NPEs) that bring in niche-related traffic in minutes.

All you have to do is set up a campaign, plug in your affiliate link and watch the money roll in.

ProfiTORIAL Review

ProfiTORIAL Review

This sounds great from a distance, but in reality, getting traffic is often the hard part.

Organic traffic/free traffic works, but there aren't any push button 1-click apps in existence. If you work for it and build a YouTube channel or even an affiliate website of your own. this may work. 

If you're expecting instant results from systems like these, you're in for a rough ride. As per ProfiTORIAL, the setup is pretty straightforward. Here are some highlights of the application:

  • Comes with 5 done-for-you plug and play campaigns
  • Automated software that doesn't require your intervention
  • Gets you instant results (within minutes of setting up a campaign)
  • Doesn't require you to spam on social media
  • Comes with a step-by-step video training
ProfiTORIAL Review

ProfiTORIAL Review

Wish things were as automated as the ProfiTORIAL system claims. It contains some elementary training but that alone can't help you get buyer traffic (or commissions).

That's just a piece of the puzzle, and you need a lot more than that.

Push button trainings almost never work, and it's purely hype. You can't get sales in minutes no matter how good a training program may be.

It takes a lot of efforts to build an online business, and you need to be persistent.

ProfiTORIAL Review - The Ugly Truth

Simply put, the app can't help you make money. To make money with free traffic or with anything else, you need proper step-by-step coaching.

ProfiTORIAL Review

ProfiTORIAL Review

Just having these NPE builders and the web-based ProfiTORIAL app won't be enough. You need to learn how to do online marketing the right way, and have a strong foundation in marketing.

Traffic can't be built-into an application, there's no way. ProfiTORIAL is a basic app and it comes with some training, but if you want to get real results, look elsewhere.

ProfiTORIAL also offers a few upsells/upgrade offers:

OTO1 of ProfiTORIAL offers unlimited nitro profit engine (NFE) sites.

OTO2 of ProfiTORIAL offers additional done-for-you campaigns to help you get web traffic.

OTO3 of ProfiTORIAL shows a new traffic source to help you get more free traffic.

OTO4 of ProfiTORIAL shows the power of free YouTube traffic.

OTO5 of ProfiTORIAL gets you a reseller license that you can use to sell the product as your own

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