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Profits Passport Review – Scam or a Legitimate Opportunity for Making Money Online?

Welcome to this Profits Passport review. If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you’ve come across the program and are wondering if it’s worth a shot. Can it really help you make receive $2,000 cash payments?

Doing some research always proves to be fruitful since it can help you avoid scams and also assist in finding legitimate opportunities that work. Is Profits Passport a legit program for making money online or a scam? That’s what we’ll be covering today.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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What Is Profits Passport?

Profits Passport is a new program created by an online marketer named David Dekel. It’s more of a funnel than a standalone system, though (more on that shortly).

Profits Passport Logo

This platform is all about making crazy income claims:

  1. Receive $2,000 checks delivered straight to your mailbox
  2. Receive up to $16,500 in commissions on autopilot
  3. I do the work, and you make the commissions (now that’s a bold statement)

To an extent, this is true, you can surely receive $2,000 checks with it, but there’s a catch.

This funnel promotes at least 5 MLM offers as of this writing. Once you’re into David’s system, you can clone it and start making money, but there’s a process you need to follow.


It’s free to sign up with Profits Passport. At least in the very beginning.

However, to ‘unlock the several income streams’, expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $30,000. Just buying all the products and positioning yourself doesn’t mean you’re all set to get a step closer to financial freedom, though.

It’s the first step, but to earn commissions, you will have to promote the program aggressively.

How does It work?

Once you’re on board, you will be asked to set up 5 income streams.

These income streams ‘qualify’ you to receive up to $2,000 checks and other commissions, but to set these up, you need to ‘position’ yourself.

Profits Passport Sales Pitch

Let’s take the example of Easy1Up, one of the products David promotes in this funnel:

  • The Profits Passport funnel will get you to sign up with Easy1Up (Using David’s referral link)
  • Once you’ve set up a free account, the program will ask you to position yourself (like with any multi-level marketing business opportunities).
  • If you want commissions, you have to purchase a level.

If you just set up your accounts for free and promote the funnel as David suggests, you won’t be making any money. All these pay-to-play programs require you to buy a level before you’re eligible to make them as a distributor.

Profits Passport Alert

Purchase prompt on Easy1Up, one of the products in the ProfitsPassport funnel

All 5 products this funnel promotes utilize an MLM structure. 

If you simply promote it and don’t upgrade, the commissions will pass to your upline/referrer (in this case, to David) since you’re signing up using his link.

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The Products

As we’ve already discussed, Profits Passport is hardly a standalone product. It’s a funnel created by David Dekel to promote 5 products at once.

These products/programs are built into the system:

1. Easy1Up

This is the first product that this program promotes.

Easy1Up Logo and Slogan

It doesn’t necessarily ask you to pay $2,000 immediately to set up your Easy1Up account. All it will say is to go to these platforms and set up your income streams.

Once your Easy1Up account is created, you will be prompted to purchase a level.

Easy1Up level Commissions

Buy a level and ‘position’ yourself to earn commissions

If you buy the top plan (Vertex Live), it will cost you $2,000 one-time, and you’d be supposed to send the money to David directly if you joined the platform using his referral link.

Vertex Live Membership

You’d only be able to make $2,000 in commissions if you activate Vertex live (above screenshot), and send $2,000 to your upline. If you don’t pay and position yourself, you earn nothing. The program offers 100% commissions to the direct referrers, that’s why $2,000 in this case.

Just positioning you to receive $2,000 doesn’t guarantee you any income either. Once you’re positioned to receive the commissions, you have to go out and promote the program. Whether or not you’ll do well with the system depends on your skills as a network marketer.

If you’re Vertex Live, and someone you signed up through your links buys the same membership, you make $2,000. In this case, they will be shown your details on this page and asked to send money your way to activate the account.

If you own the $1,000 product and get a $2,000 sale, it will be passed up to your sponsor.

This is one reason why most MLM programs suck. They have pay-to-play characteristics, any legit program shouldn’t ask you to actually buy the product before you’re allowed to promote it.

2. Funnel X Advance

Funnel X Advance offers a Pay-Per-Lead/PPL program.

Funnel X Advance Logo and Card

For every visitor that you send their way, you get $1 per conversion (per successful email submission). You will also get access to a handful of capture pages and sample email swipes you can use to promote the platform.

On the first tier, you can earn 50% commissions for referring new people to the platform. Upon signing up, you can opt between three membership levels:

  • Builder – $200 one-time
  • Super Affiliate – $597 one-time
  • Leader – $1,997 one-time

3. ROI Panel

ROI Panel is a link tracker software. With it, you can track your ongoing marketing campaigns.

ROI Panel Logo

It sports the following pricing plans:

  1. 3,000 clicks per month – $197
  2. 15,000 clicks per month – $597
  3. 65,000 clicks per month – $1,497

ROIPanel offers these for up to 48 months, so if you intend to use the click tracker for a while, this may offer decent value for money in the long run.

However, the website doesn’t accept direct signups. If you go to the main website directly, it won’t let you create an account. You need to use an existing user’s referral link if you want to sign up. In case you wondered, they don’t offer a free trial, unlike other platforms.

4. Udimi

Udimi is a platform where you can buy solo ads. If you happen to have a high-quality email list, you can also sign up as a traffic provider.

Udimi Logo

There are hundreds of solo ad providers on the platform. Simply select a product you want to promote, build a funnel around it, and spread the word. With a solo ad, you can send your message to hundreds of people within days and get more leads (and ultimately sales) in your business.

If you’re on a budget, you can also use Udimi’s filter to only show sellers matching your criteria. Apart from price, you can also sort by niche, sales percentage, and ratings/reviews.

Udimi’s registration process is free. You can get $5 credit just for creating a free account with them that you can redeem on your first order. If you refer users to the platform, you can earn 15% on all their purchases.

There’s also a Prime option that costs $30 per month. As a prime user, you can also make 50% off all your Prime referrals’ subscription fees.

5. OPM Wealth

OPM or ‘Other People’s Money is a Cryptocurrency business opportunity.

OPM Wealth Logo

They offer various products ranging between $2,000 and $27,500. You can also sell them as an affiliate and earn commissions on your sales. Your payouts will be in cryptocurrencies only.

If you’re interested in buying one of their premier offerings but can’t afford to shell out a fortune, they also offer crypto loans. However, this is not something you would want to get into.

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The Bad

  • Bold income claims and slightly deceptive promo tactics.
  • Lack of transparency – Profits Passport never mentions in the back-office you need to buy a specific level to make commissions up to that level. You’re instead asked to set up 6 income streams as if it’s free to register with them.
  • Profits Passport is just a funnel, but the five products it promotes have pay-to-play characteristics. You can’t make money without actually buying those levels first. Legit affiliate marketing programs never require you to buy a product before you’re accepted as an affiliate.
  • Positioning yourself is just the first step. Whether or not you’ll make any money with the system depends on your skills as a network marketer. It’s not as autopilot as one would think.

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The Good

  • If you fancy MLMs, have the fortune to spend and are willing to promote the platform, there’s definitely a lot of money to be made. It’s possible to make $2,000 in commissions and more, but you have to position yourself first, like with any network marketing program.
  • If you’re a total beginner, you can learn over David’s shoulder and see how it’s done. His funnel probably converts very well for him for obvious reasons. It promotes everything at once and doesn’t make it look like it’s trying to push things down your throat.

Final Words – Is Profits Passport a Scam?

No, Profits Passport is not a scam. It’s merely a funnel designed by David Dekel to promote 5 MLM programs simultaneously. The funnel promotes them but doesn’t make it look like you’re being pushed into taking action.

Thumbs Down Icon

Income potential is also there, but you can’t simply join the platform and get a step closer to financial freedom. Even after buying all the products, you still have to invest a lot of money and time into promoting your new ‘system.’

It still doesn’t feel very ethical, though. For the most part, you’ll ask other people to do the same thing that you did (to make money). Your referrals will position themselves, and so will your referrals’ referrals and so on.

For the many reasons mentioned in this review, we cannot recommend this platform. If you buy multiple levels and struggle to make a dime, you’ll end up with a huge dent in your wallet.

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Simply select a product of your choice (the one you like), and get some sales. Moreover, unlike most multi-level marketing programs that have pay-to-play characteristics, you don’t have to pay a dime to be an affiliate for a product. At least not to legitimate affiliate marketing programs.

You’re also never married to a product in any way. Since you don’t have to pay to promote the system, you can always switch between different products. You can even ditch the ones you don’t want to promote at any point, as there’s no risk involved.

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Definitely check it out if this piques your interest.

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