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Profluence Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Rather than signing up for popular micro-task websites, you should go for dedicated survey sites to increase meaningful income. This Profluence review will show how you can earn money by voicing your opinions.

Let’s face it; even if you have an established career, your 9-5 job will only pay you enough to clear your bills. If you want to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle with frequent night-outs and annual vacations, you’ll have to take up a lucrative side hustle.

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I know what you’re thinking. Managing a business or a paid hobby alongside a full-time job can be tedious. But, what if I told you about a way to earn money every month without using any extra time or effort?

Yes, paid survey sites are the ultimate portals to make money online without any hassle. However, choosing a reliable option can be tricky.

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In this article we will review, we will check on the legitimacy of the company and what you need to start airing your vocal opinion and helping with market research through surveys.

Profluence Review

Profluence Logo

If you look for reliable online survey sites, you will come across many other survey sites on your Google search page. While you could easily go with the highest-ranking options, they might not be the best companies to offer market research surveys to you.

Why? It’s simple. Even if the highest-ranking websites offer the most online surveys with prompt payments, you might not fit into their market research criteria or have time to manage the work influx.

That’s why it is important to know how different survey sites distribute paid tasks, classify users, and provide remuneration. This will help you see if it fits your needs and is the right option.

However, you probably won’t have the time to select the right one through each eligible option. That’s where my Profluence review comes in.

Unlike other reviews, this review provides a detailed overview of my personal experience on the platform. In short, I have gone through the effort of assessing each of its features and user reviews, so you don’t have to go through the hassle.

Read through each section to get all the information you need to make the ultimate decision.

What is Profluence?

Before we head toward the detailed part of my Profluence review, here’s a brief introduction for newbies. Profluence is an online rewards website similar to platforms like InboxDollars and Swagbucks.

However, some prominent aspects of this survey set it apart from websites in its league. First of all, it is a dedicated survey website like Survey Junkie.

Instead of offering a list of paid activities for users, Profluence focuses on providing regular highly-paid surveys. Although it is affiliated with a renowned market research company, Profluence also partners with various third-party research companies.

This means while there are limited money-making tasks on the website, there will always be plenty of online surveys for users to take and earn a passive income.

Most importantly, unlike other meek and straightforward websites, the Profluence portal is quite catchy and interesting. Rather than focusing on sheer revenue from selling consumer data, the platform believes in making a difference using public opinions.

If you are interested in voicing your opinions and influencing a business or service, and helping them increase their sales, check out further details of the platform further in this review.

How Does Profluence Work

How Does Profluence Work?

Mainly, the app works just like any other survey website but operates using a slightly streamlined approach. This survey site aims to collect calculated opinions and constructive criticism rather than collecting information and data about trivial objects on a massive platform.

Through market research, this approach aims to bring a meaningful change to the products, services, and support systems offered in society today. This makes Profluence a powerful medium for those who want to influence the factors around them.

What’s more, besides doing your part to bring the change you need in society, you’ll get paid for your opinions. That’s because while you’re influencing companies and brands through your opinions, they are also increasing their sales simultaneously.

They mold their production, manufacturing, and advertising strategies according to customer demand using your valuable input. Thus, they generate more revenue for which they pay market research companies like Profluence, who share the profit with users like you.

The surveys on Profluence range from various topics, including fashion, food, product reviews, entertainment, and even complex subjects like history and politics.

The remuneration you receive for completing surveys depends on their length, complexity, and qualification. Sometimes, you might earn rewards that seem like peanuts compared to most survey sites and side hustles, which might make you wonder, is Profluence worth the time?

But remember, by joining Profluence, you are taking a dual approach; voicing your opinions by answering surveys and getting paid for them. So if that seems like a good deal to you, read the next section for sign-up details.

How Profluence Works

How to Sign Up for Profluence?

One thing I loved about Profluence was its catchy and clutter-free interface. As soon as you reach their landing page, you will see the sign-up instructions.

To initiate the process, all you have to do is open the sign-up form by clicking on the join now button to create an account. You’ll have to fill in your details in this form, including your name, email, home address, office address, and phone number.

Besides that, the platform also asks for your ZIP code, age, gender, and other preferences. So, while only the basic details are required to create an account, I recommend you complete all the profile details.

That’s because the website uses this information to suggest relevant online surveys. So, the more details you provide, the higher your chances to make money from home on Profluence.

Remember, when you sign up on Profluence, the platform records information such as your IP address and browser type.

The best part is that Profluence does not limit its user base to citizens or residents from a particular company. This means it is open for users worldwide, including the US, UK, and Canada.

After providing all the details by filling out the sign-up form, you have to verify your account through your email. Once you do that, you will be directed to your member’s dashboard, where you can check survey opportunities and monitor your rewards.

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Pros of Profluence

If you’ve found the basic details of Profluence appealing, you probably want to know how to make money on Profluence. However, before we get to its features and details, you’ll need to confirm if Profluence is legit or a scam.

To help you out with that, I have listed the benefits of the platform so you can decide whether to go for it or not.

Affiliation With Well-Known Companies

Apart from being backed by a popular market research platform, Profluence partners with third-party companies. This means users will get more surveys and generate a higher passive income monthly.

Easy to Use

The website is highly intuitive and easy to use. Its straightforward call-to-action and visible directions make it easy to navigate, even for newbies.

High Earning Potential

As mentioned, Profluence has a high influx of online surveys from its market research company and its third-party partners. This means that even though surveys are the only ways to make money, you will get invitations for plenty of them throughout the month.

No Demographic Limitations

Profluence is not limited to citizens or residents of a particular company. It allows users from various parts of the world to participate in market research surveys, including the US, UK, and Canada.

Strict Security Policy

The platform might seem shady to some users attributing to the amount of identifiable information it collects. However, it has a strict privacy policy and the SSL encryption protocol to protect your data.

Multiple Redemption Options

Profluence offers multiple ways to redeem your rewards. Once you reach the minimum payout threshold, you can exchange your points for gift cards from various brands and even PayPal cash.

Compatible With Multiple Devices

You can sign in to your Profluence account and take online surveys from any device you like. The website is compatible with your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Cons of Profluence

While the benefits of Profluence are quite appealing, that doesn’t mean the platform is void of all faults. Here, I have listed a few shortcomings of Profluence so you can make an informed decision.

Membership Saturation

This is a major drawback of Profluence. The platform has a limited capacity of respondents, so there’s a chance you might not get to create an account in the first place.

Profluence Overwhelming Requests

In case you get a saturation notification when you sign up for the platform, the trick is to keep checking until you find a vacancy.

No Signup Bonus

Profluence does not offer any initial bonus for becoming a member. However, similar to other survey sites, you will receive a few extra points for completing your profile.

Points Expiry

If you do not remain active on the website for more than six months, your points will expire. That’s why you should make sure to redeem your points when you plan to abandon your account.

Limited Contact Info

Unlike other survey websites, Profluence only provides an email address if you need to contact them. Through the address, you can write your queries and complaints to their support team.

Unfortunately, user reviews show that they seldom provide resourceful replies through the email portal, making their customer service team inefficient.

Key Features

I know what you’re thinking. You could’ve easily found the above information in multiple Profluence reviews online. Don’t worry; here’s the detailed part of my review to give you a clear representation of the platform.

User-Friendly Interface

What I found most appealing about the Profluence website was its catchy and colorful user interface. The bright landing page comprehensively defines the company’s motive and showcases the various tools available on the website.

You can easily go with the flow following the call-to-action buttons to become a member and earn money in a matter of minutes. Besides that, the website is optimized for mobile use.

So, even though Profluence does not have a mobile app, you can access their portal through your mobile browser and make money on the go.

Earning Opportunities

Unfortunately, Profluence does not have multiple earning opportunities like other survey sites from its league. However, that doesn’t mean the earning potential is low on Profluence.

Even though you and your family can only earn by taking the most surveys, you’ll get a steady workflow to ensure a good passive income. So make sure to answer as many questions as possible during the membership process.

This way, the website will get ample information about you to recommend relevant paid surveys. Besides that, Profluence pays more to qualified users when they complete surveys marked as complex.

Complex surveys pay more, so if you belong to a particular profession, such as law, medicine, or education, you can make more money than other users.

Multiple Payment Options

When it comes to payment options, you have various choices on Profluence. For example, once you reach the minimum payout threshold on the platform, you can choose whether you want your earnings in the form of gift cards or cash.

Profluence Payment Options

If you opt for gift cards, you can choose vouchers from Amazon or Tango. Similarly, if you want hard cash, you can go for PayPal or Visa cash. However, the points and credits you earn on Profluence will expire if you remain inactive for more than six months.

So, even if you diversify your strategy and use multiple money-making platforms, take surveys on Profluence at least once a month to retain your earnings.

Customer Support

There are plenty of complaints reported about the customer support employees in various user reviews about Profluence.

Upon checking the portal, you will see that basic contact details like live chat and direct phone numbers are missing. This means you won’t find anyone from the team to assist you immediately if you face a problem while operating the portal.

Instead, there is only a contact page to fill in a form and send through email defining your query. Profluence claims to send replies to these queries in around 1-2 days.

Additionally, they don’t seem to have an online community where you can get the help you need from other Profluence users.

Profluence Contact Page

However, most user reviews show that the replies through this portal are not prompt and are usually unhelpful. So, if unresponsive customer service does not work for you, this isn’t the platform you should go for.

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use – 5/5
  • Features – 3/5
  • Customer Support – 2/5

Is Profluence Legit?

For users searching for a mobile-friendly platform with highly-paid surveys, Profluence is a legit option. It uses its member’s profile information constructively to suggest relevant surveys and help them influence brands and businesses with their opinions.

Moreover, it offers multiple redemption options to receive gift cards or cash according to your needs. On the downside, the platform is mostly saturated and doesn’t allow new members.

Additionally, your points can expire if you remain inactive, and it might get tricky to get support from the portal.

Tips on taking surveys to earn more money

If you’re anything like most people, you probably dread taking online surveys. Your fear might be they can be long, tedious, and frankly, a little bit boring. But did you know there are ways to make the most out of surveys? With a little effort, you can start to enjoy taking them! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Find a good survey platform: The first step is to find a site survey that you’re comfortable with. There are many different options, so take some time to explore until you find one that suits your needs. A good platform will make the survey-taking process much smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Please take advantage of Profluence features: Once you’ve found a platform you’re happy with, be sure to take advantage of all the features it has to offer., for example, comes with amazing features; make sure to take advantage to grow your income.
  • Choose the right surveys: Not all surveys are created equal. Some are longer than others, some are on different topics, while others might be perfect for you. Pick what is right for you to reduce the risk of disqualification.
  • Answer all questions truthfully to get targeted surveys.
  • Check your email and spam folders regularly for survey invitations.
  • Complete profiles fully to get more relevant surveys.
  • Use a separate email account for survey sites to keep your main inbox clutter-free.
  • Actively use the referral program. Refer friends and family members to increase the money you make from the survey sites.
  • If there’s a loyalty program, work hard to ensure you are part of it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a mobile-friendly platform with highly-paid surveys, Profluence is a legit option. It uses its member’s profile information constructively to suggest relevant surveys and help them influence brands and businesses with their opinions.

Moreover, it offers multiple redemption options so you can receive gift ability – 4/5


How does Profluence pay its members?

Profluence pays its members through PayPal or with gift cards from various retailers. The minimum amount you can cash out on Profluence is $10.

Is there a limit to how many surveys I can take on Profluence?

Relatively speaking, no. There is no limit to the number of surveys you can take on Profluence. However, the platform is mostly saturated and doesn’t allow new members, so there may not be as many surveys available as there once were.

Is a survey panel different from a survey site?

A survey panel is a group of people who have been recruited to participate in surveys regularly. A survey site, on the other hand, is a website that hosts surveys that anyone can take.

What are survey focus groups?

Survey focus groups are a research methodology used to collect feedback and opinions from a small, select group of individuals. This type of research is often used in marketing and advertising to gather insights on products, services, or campaigns.

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Ease of Use




Customer Service



  • Affiliation With Well-Known Companies
  • Easy to Use
  • High Earning Potential


  • Membership Saturation
  • No Signup Bonus
  • Points Expiry