Can You Make Money WIth PTC Bank or Is It A Scam?

PTC Bank claims you can earn money in seconds with them. Is it a legitimate system or a scam? We will try our best to cover it all in this review.

Sadly, most of the scams out there look legit, they have fake testimonials, fake results and this is one reason why people fall for them. It's always a smarter idea to do your own research first.

What is PTC Bank?

The website says you can earn just for clicking on the adverts they provide, and viewing them for a set time-frame.

Most of these paid to click/PTC platforms never pay, even if they do the amount is insignificant and it's a total waste of time. There are many sites like BTC Clicks is another one of these infamous websites. You can use this time to learn something new and be more productive instead.

You hardly make a few cents which is peanuts compared to the time you put in. The time that's wasted, you will never get that back. It can be an option for you if you want to make a few cents for every 30 minutes put in. We don't think anyone in their right mind will want something similar!

The platform claims to be paying up to $0.10 per ad and there's a minimum  $100 threshold for withdrawals which is simply insane. You can be sure 99% people who sign up with the system never get to cash out their earnings.

They also provide different payment options which include but are not limited to PayPal, Payza and EFT. They also claim to pay users but a screenshot we found was fake. the fonts are clearly different, they could have done a better job here. 😉

How It Works?

PTC Bank makes it look like you're getting handsomely paid for the ads you view and the actions you take (and the time you spend). The website also claims you can earn up to 50% on your referrals' earnings which of course is all false information just so you fall for it.

When you approach the minimum payment threshold, your account will get disabled out of nowhere. It clearly is a planned exit strategy so they don't have to pay you anymore! The company intentionally closes down accounts when you get closer to the threshold.

All that time that you spent on the website will never come back and you receive ZERO bucks for it. It operates in a similar fashion compared to most paid-to-click schemes out there.

Is PTC Bank A Scam?

No doubts here, it definitely is a scam and you must stay away from it. We don't see a single reason to recommend it. If you're getting bored, don't need money and want to waste your time, go for it!

Scams like these make the whole industry look bad. These bunk programs are the main reason why people struggle to earn online. However, there are legitimate training programs which can get you up and running with online businesses pretty fast.

If you want to make some dough, and are ready to put in some work (and have patience), definitely check out our #1 recommendation for making money online.

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