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Pure Profile Review and Rating: Scam or Legitimate?

Pure Profile is a survey website that is designed to measure the opinions of people about products and services. This website is also used by companies to know how much their customers like them and to improve what they produce.

This is not an actual job platform, but Pure Profile does pay survey takers. The company has been reviewed and ranked as one of the best survey sites to work for in 2017 and 2018 by various websites and online surveys.

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How does it work as a survey site?

Pureprofile Webpage

You can register with Pure Profile just like any other survey company that offers you a chance to do some easy work for some paid surveys. The registration process is pretty simple if you want to join pureprofile for extra cash as you just have to enter your name, email, and the password of your choice.

Once inside the website, you can verify your email address so that you will be able to log in automatically every time you want to go back and complete a survey. Once you have verified your email, Pure Profile will send a verification message to that address which you can simply click on and then they will be able to verify your account.

You have to complete enough surveys before being eligible to earn money, earn rewards and take real cash. The pay for pure profile is not very high, but pure-profile does tend to pay quickly than other survey sites which is a plus.

How Pure Profile Pays Its Survey Takers?

The pure profile website will offer you three different ways of getting paid for completing more surveys such as gift cards, prepaid Visa, earn rewards and direct PayPal payments. The most common way is by gift cards as Pure Profile will let you choose your favorite gift card to be sent.

The Pure Profile Products

The Pure Profile products are products that asks takers opinions for companies to know what their customers like and dislike about the product so they can improve it. Takers may also increase or decrease their chances of winning a pure-profile gift card depending on how fast they complete pure-profiles surveys.

Pure Profile Awards

Pureprofile Gift Card

The Pure Profile survey site also has a points system that personifies the best takers in several different categories such as the Best Answer Award, which is awarded to those who most accurately answer review questions, the Loyalty Award which is awarded to those who have pure profile surveys completed regularly, therefore pure-profile knows that they are real customers and so they are more likely to win pure-profile awards.

The pure profile website also has an On Time Award which is given to people who complete reviews with an accuracy of at least 90% and pure-profile awards for completing reviews within the required time frame.

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Pure Profile Rating

Out of pure-profile rating, pure profiles rating is rated as one of the best survey sites, so if you want to join a good survey site that will allow you to make some extra reviews, pure-profile is the website for you!

About Pure Profile

Pure Profile is a research marketing company based in Australia, though they offer membership worldwide. There website is a bit more versatile than most surveying websites, since you can not only get paid to take more surveys, but to also fill out questionnaires and watch ads, along with many other things.

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Is Pure Profile a Scam?

Scam Alert Handwritten Note

No, Pure Profile is not a scam. Rather, they are a surveying website dedicated to giving research marketing companies what they want so that they can increase the quality of their products.

This allows them to not only help with how products are designed, but what’s used in them, how they’re manufactured, and much more. Pure Profile allows you to earn money by giving your opinion on things that matter to impact how companies make their products.

The best part about Pure Profile, however, is how short the surveys can be. Most survey websites give you surveys that take 20 minutes to an hour, and sometimes even longer. Pure Profile gives you many surveys that can last less than a minute, and will give you multiple diverse surveys so that you never get tired of filling out the same boring thing.

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How is Pure Profile Legitimate?

Legitimate Written On The Keyboard Button

Pure Profile is legitimate because they care. They help to further the quality of modern day products so that consumers like you can continue to enjoy them. 

They give you between two to five surveys a month compared to some websites that will only give you one, and offer them at a good price for the work you’re actually completing. Thanks to Pure Profile, you can earn the money you deserve in little to no time with a surveying website you know you can trust.

Pure Profile has been reviewed and ranked as one of the best survey sites to work for in 2017 and 2018 by various websites and surveys.

Pure Profile also offers you three different ways of getting paid for completing surveys such as gift cards, prepaid Visa, and direct PayPal payments. Their rates are among the highest in the industry so if you want to receive pure-profiles pay on time pure profile reviews are the right choice!

The cost is continuously increasing where a single income barely covers the expenses; thus, many people are now looking for alternative and passive income online. Due to these reasons, many research companies offer paid surveys where they get their needed information, and those who take and complete the survey get compensation.

Taking paid surveys has now begun to rise, and the number of sites that offer survey opportunities to earn also increases.

But among the overwhelming number of survey opportunities on survey sites for quite a few years, it is important to be aware of scammers.

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Who Can Sign Up for Pure Profile?

Anyone thirteen years of age or older is eligible to sign up for Pure Profile. Though they are based in Australia, they offer membership for anyone worldwide, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world so long as you meet the minimum age requirement.

Pure Profile pays through a wire transfer to your bank account of by a physical check via ground mail each month. Since it is an international company, many people prefer the wire transfer since it is more efficient and you receive it a lot quicker depending on where you are in the world.

 The minimum balance before you can withdraw is 25 Euros, or $31.26 in USD. Though it may seem like a lot, when you quickly earn money for just a minute of your time it quickly starts to add up.

You’ll be seeing checks or money transfers in no time.

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How Does Pure Profile Make Payments?

Paper Bills

Pure Profile makes payments by wiring the money straight to your bank account, or by sending you a check via ground mail. All the money is usually sent between three weeks and a month, and you’ll have your money delivered each time with no problems.

Pure Profile is one of the more convenient surveying websites, and gives you many choices that most survey websites wouldn’t. With Pure Profile, you can start having extra money in the bank quickly and have yourself a large sum you never knew you deserved. Join Pure Profile today and get started making money the efficient and easy way.

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