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Push Button System Review – Legit or Yet Another Scam Out There?

Is there a Push Button System in existence that can help you make money on complete autopilot? That’s what a program claims, which goes by the same name.

The website claims it has never been easier to make a living working online. All that’s needed are a few button pushes and a few clicks. Simply click a button, and watch your bank balance grow. The Push Button System owner also claims that it is the easiest way to make money online.

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Is it the real deal, or is yet another scam out there? That’s what we’ll answer in this review. It’s always a good idea to research a program before you commit to it in any way. It can help you avoid scams and, thus, save you a boatload of money.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the system.

What is Push Button System?

The Push Button System asserts that, by using a complex training algorithm built over the course of a decade, it can ensure your financial success each and every day of the week. No prior knowledge is required. There is no effort needed. All these strategies are meant to lull you into a false sense of security by promising you a certain amount of earnings.

As soon as you land on the product’s sales page, you’ll be greeted by a video that is all about false hype. It makes some ridiculous claims and makes the ‘money-making process’ look easy. Whereas, in reality, things aren’t as easy as it looks.

Push Button System

It looks like the people featured in the video are merely paid actors hired off freelancing platforms like People Per Hour. This is apparent from the way they applaud the product. It seemingly has no cons and can help you make a fortune online without putting in any effort.

The video focuses on selling the ‘dream’ – huge mansions, fancy cars, and whatnot. This is the ultimate dream of many, and scammers take advantage of this fact. By selling the dream to them instead of the product, they’re more likely to make a purchase. They surely put everything you as a target would love to have: a huge amount of money without exerting effort.

Making money is simple but not easy. It can bring in profits, but only if you commit to it. Commitment in terms of investment of time and resources is definitely required. If there were an actual road to the riches like this, it wouldn’t even be publicly available.

What Is It All About?

Jay Brown’s program focuses on Binary Options, Binary Options, which is a financial product. If you don’t know how to day trade, trading options is no better than gambling. There’s simply no way you’ll click a button and receive hundreds of thousands of dollars instantly. That’s not how things work.


Trading is a whole different ball game. To be successful with trading, you need to acquire the required skills. Also, it took a lot of effort and continued learning to improve as a trader. It’s also too easy to lose money with trading if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s also worth noting many scammers take advantage of the fact that most people don’t understand how trading works. They simply make unrealistic claims and make it look like a walk in the park. They eventually con you with platforms like this and escape with the acquired funds.

At this point, it should be pretty clear that Push Button System is not a legitimate website. It’s merely a trap to get your money by promising you the world. Anything that makes unrealistic claims and associates riches with ‘push buttons’ is a big red flag to look out for.

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How does Push Button System Work?

Push Button System Scarcity Tactic

To make use of this button, you must pay some dollars. However, this price drops if you try to leave the Push Button System website.

Upon submitting your personal details and credit card number, you will be forwarded to an unlicensed broker who will want a $250 deposit. You can set a high and low limit for put and call trades in the standard trading software. You shouldn’t expect it to guarantee a profit on every sale, and it doesn’t offer anything new or different.

Putting your faith in a computer program that cannot forecast all market conditions is a bad idea. The guarantees Jay Brown is making here are impossible to fulfill for even the most seasoned traders.

The site claims it will provide you with individual service. You will, however, receive phone calls claiming that a glitch in the system is to blame for your lack of success and that your odds of winning would improve if you deposit more money.

The more faith you put into the Push Button System, the more money you’ll lose.

Push Button System Pricing

The system costs a measly one-time $67. Try exiting the sales page, and it will redirect to a new page, which gets you an instant $30 discount. Sneaky, ha! If you’re one of those unlucky people who get started with them anyway, their broker will ask you to make a deposit of $250 right away.

Push Button System Scam

It uses an automated trading bot with an unknown success rate. No trader on the planet, even the elite ones on Wall Street can’t predict the markets with utmost accuracy. Let alone fancy software.

Even if software half as good as this one existed, why would anyone throw it away for like some 50-odd bucks? You can be sure such a thing would easily sell for millions, if not more!

Push Button System Review: Promises vs. Reality

Push Button System Wild Claims

At the very least, since 2017, this “system” has been around. Many other names have been used for it over time, like the now not functional and The creator has moved the website again and hired excellent actors and a video team to tell you a “story” designed to convince you that his technique can turn you into a millionaire overnight.

His name is Jay Brown, he claims. When he pulls up to the large estate in his Ferrari, he proclaims, “Never underestimate the power of a button.” Then he claims that this “Button” transferred thousands or perhaps millions of dollars between bank accounts. Do you have any idea how simple it is to create a phony screenshot of your bank account? Photoshop or any other image editor can do it easily.

Then he claims that he can keep winning at the slot machines by repeatedly pulling his “jackpot machine lever” (or pressing his “Button”). About 5 minutes in, he admits that no one else believes him, which is why he’s been keeping this “Button” all to himself; nevertheless, he’s willing to give it to you in exchange for making you a millionaire.

Another actor out for a “walk” runs across Jay, has him put the “button” on his phone, and 5 minutes later, he has $7,789.25; after 30 seconds, he checks his bank balance and finds that he now has $8,482.22. Within 30 seconds, you managed to make about $700! So much money, right? You and I both know that this is impossible. You’re not making money online more than making money out of thin air in this Push Button System scam.

The video sales letter also states that it has no fake proof, no actors, and just real money. This is a very obvious indication that they, indeed, have all of those mentioned. “Jay Brown” gave this fake assurance to reel in more victims he can “help” to “earn” money online.

Push Button System Red Flags

It operates using mysterious software.

If I could show you the magic button that creates money out of thin air, what would you do with it?

It’s the oldest con in the book to tell people they can make a ton of money immediately by doing something as simple as clicking a button. The number of internet scammers claiming to offer extremely speedy trading software with amazing algorithms has increased exponentially in the past years.

What all of these fake money-making websites have in common is the allure of quick money with minimal effort. Of course, I understand; who wouldn’t want that? This is, however, a trick designed to appeal to your emotions rather than your intellect. Notice all the fake testimonials included.

In the 10-minute movie, you’ll hear about the revolutionary Push Button System, but you’ll never learn how it operates, what it does, or how you can make money with it. It lures you using a fake result without giving you a real explanation, just like what other scammers would do.

The promotional video is just a fictional film.

Do you recall the video’s subjects, who expressed utter astonishment at the success they had with the Push Button System? Well, if you think their acting is bad, it’s because they’re amateur actors.

They lied about how much money you could make. Someone had given them a screenplay to read from. You can get amateur actors to say anything you want on the internet for a low price.

Consider this: if the Push Button System were genuine, its creators would feature testimonials from satisfied customers. Shares would go through the roof, and they would be featured on the news. Naturally, though, given that this is a hoax, they’ll need to cast actors.

How can I tell whether they are professional actors? In fact, if you look at the website’s footer, you’ll find the answer right there! For reals, it says actors were hired to portray the success of the actual business owners in the video testimonials contained in the promotional film.

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Everything doesn’t add up.

The video is filled with so much exaggeration that it would take too long to analyze it all here, but suffice it to say that they make some very big and bold statements, such as that you will be flush with cash by the end of the day.

In stark contrast to this, their earnings disclaimer reveals a sudden lack of confidence in the incredible, lightning-fast nano-speed software. So, what are we supposed to believe?

Push Button System Pros and Cons


  • None. There is no good side to this scam at all. If you want to start making money online, try other legitimate options.


  • It is a scam. You’ll lose money, and there is no real money generated.
  • It works by taking advantage of people who will believe their false and fake testimonies.
  • Everything in the video is fake: the people are actors, the places are probably rented, Jay Brown does not exist, and the bank account proofs are fake.

Is Push Button System a Scam?

Hand From Laptop Grabbing Money From Man

Yes, it is a scam. Everything from the video on the sales page to the product is all based on false hype. The Push Button System Scam relies on deceiving the visitors by trying to sell the ‘dream’ and hope for sales.

Scammers often use deceptive strategies to sell stuff simply because people fall for them. This, in turn, gets them a ton of money in their pockets stolen from innocent people. If you aren’t convinced yet, the following points may add more weight.

  • A magical push button can’t bring you riches. There’s no such thing in existence. To be successful online or offline, you need to put in the work to see results.
  • Try visiting the website from different IP addresses. You will notice their ‘limited spots’ are, in fact, unlimited. It’s just a false timer that helps add the element of scarcity (a marketing tactic used to increase a product’s conversion rate). The timer also resets once every 24 hours.
  • The website’s disclaimer says otherwise. It says the ‘typical’ purchaser makes no money with the program. We believe they had to tell the truth in the T&S and disclaimer pages to avoid legal trouble.

Thankfully, if you want to make money online, there are many ethical ways to do it. Granted, it won’t be easy, and you won’t see overnight success, but it will still be worth it in the end. Learn the skills, and put in the work to get results – as simple as that.

We hope this Push Button System review helped you save yourself (and your money) from this scam. Good luck on your journey to your own profitable online business.

2023 Update

As of the year 2023, the Push Button System website is defunct. This is another clear indicator that this is just a scam.

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