Can You Make Up To $4 Per Survey With Radial Insight? (Review)

There’s a lot of buzz going around Radial Insight for a while now. Is it a legitimate website where you would complete surveys and get paid or is it yet another scam like countless others out there?

We will dig deep into this survey website and show you how it works, if there’s a catch and the earning potential which they claim to have.

Radial Insight does market research for the most part and they pay people based on the demographic-based data they receive from the surveys they conduct.

They are a Virginia-based organization which was founded in 2009. We’ll soon find out if this survey site is something you should consider or dump straight into the bin.

Some websites with which you can make money completing surveys ask you a series of questions and then come up with a rather unwanted reply – ‘sorry, you don’t qualify’.

We find that rather shady – why even collect users’ data in the first place and waste their time only for them to find out it simply isn’t good enough and won’t work?!

How Radial Insight Works?

We like how Radial Insight surveys don’t forever, and they instead ask a few simple questions when you get started with them.

After you sign up through their main website, you’ll hear from them mostly from the email channel.

Radial Insight

You’ll be able to take your first survey upon the completion of your account verification. Their surveys are pretty straightforward – that’s one thing we really liked.

We were able to take a screenshot of one of their surveys.

RadialInsight Surveys

You’ll either get multiple choice questions/MCQs or choices where you would put things in an order of their importance like in the above image.

How Much Can You Make?

Some of these surveys are pretty basic and some of them can get a bit complex – they pay between $3 to $10 depending on the survey. There’s definitely some potential in there, we were able to make $6 in just 25 minutes.

You’ll only receive a handful of surveys each week though, and the earning potential from these is hardly life changing. It can only make for a handy side-income.

You can make a decent amount with radial insights though – that’s if you let your earnings sit and grow over time. The surveys don’t take a lot of your time which is a good thing.

Like any other product or service out there, radial insight has both pros and cons. Let’s throw some light on the cons first.


  • You only get surveys once a week (through emails)
  • There’s no currency option (only gift cards available)


  • They pay anywhere between $4 to $10 per survey
  • You can chose to let your rewards sit for a while or you can withdraw them instantly
  • You won’t be disqualified out of nowhere in the middle of the survey!

What Are Receipt Rewards

RadialInsight introduced a new feature in Q4 2018 called receipt rewards where you’d get paid for providing them with your billing receipts from stores like Amazon and Walmart.

Pretty sure with time, this list of online retailers associated with this company will only grow with popularity.

How Radial Insight Rewards Work?

You’ll have to install their web browser add-on to join their receipt rewards program which seems to work best with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

To activate this extension, you’ll have to click on the radial insight icon and enter your email, and then enter the 6 digit code which will be in your mailbox.

As a market research company, their main job is to collect users’ data and analyse it. The goal is to learn your shopping habits better so the retailers can market their products to you more efficiently.

They are able to fine tune their marketing approach by learning your purchase habits, and for that they pay you. The information is also used to analyse the latest market trends.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Undoubtedly, Radial Insight is among the finest survey companies out there. Just with answering a few questions, we were able to make $6 within 30 minutes.

Most shady-looking survey sites take an hour of your time and you soon realize they disqualify you for some reason, and they never pay on time if at all!

However, by completing only a few surveys each week, don’t expect for an early retirement! Working with them full time is not the best idea in the world.

You can however combine radial insights with multiple survey websites like swagbucks, survey junkie, and paidviewpoint if you intend to do this full time – can be totally worth it.

If you’d rather want to skip all the guesswork and save yourself the time and want to learn how to build a real online business, and make money from the comfort of your home, you should learn a real skill instead, and not bother with survey websites.

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