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Rakuten Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

It’s great to save money while you shop, and that’s just what Rakuten offers. In this review, we’ll check out all the details about how they make online and in-store shopping more affordable for customers through cashback rewards. We want everyone to get the best possible deal with their purchases, so let’s take a closer look at Rakuten’s features and find out how to maximize savings on every purchase!

Review aspects Rating Comments
Product range 4.5 Wide variety of products
Customer Service 3.8 Could be more responsive
Price 4.0 Competitive pricing
Website Usability 4.3 User-friendly interface
Delivery Speed 4.1 Fast and reliable

Key Takeaways

  • Rakuten is a legitimate and reliable cashback platform with a user-friendly interface, mobile compatibility, and diverse cashback deals.
  • Setting up an account is free and easy. Users can use double cash-back bonuses, referral programs, and cash-back Visa Credit Card discounts for military members.
  • Rakuten provides automated deals plus payment systems via check or PayPal every three months to ensure secure money savings opportunities for its users.

Rakuten Unveiled

Rakuten Logo

Rakuten is a completely free cashback platform that allows you to save money on in-store and online purchases by utilizing their specialized offers. By signing up for an account, users can get access to cashback rewards, and referral bonuses, as well as the chance of getting some extra funds through maximizing the available opportunities. So how does Rakuten work? Whenever an eligible purchase is made at any store with them attached.

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They will award you with your earned amount of cashback from the retailer’s offer. Primarily it serves as a medium that utilizes internet marketing strategies like affiliate links allowing them to give out portions of earnings collected back in the form of incentives such as referals or discounts when shopping using those services either in physical stores or digitally.

Setting Up Your Rakuten Account

Rakuten Sign Up
Rakuten / Rakuten

Signing up for Rakuten is an easy and free process. All one has to do is visit their website, click the ‘Join Now’ button, and use your email/Facebook/Google account info. After shopping online or using a credit card in-store, shoppers can earn cashback via rewards on Rakuten! What’s more: new members will receive a $10 bonus after making purchases of at least $25 within 90 days.

Referral bonuses worth 25 dollars are given when inviting others to join the program so they too may enjoy all Rakuten offers. For those with the Cash Back Visa Credit Card, there’s even better savings available – get 3% cash back on eligible items by purchasing them from the Rakuten site or app plus cost reductions for both store & hotels as well as travel-related expenses.

How to Start Earning With Rakuten

Rakurten How It Works
Rakuten / Rakuten

Reap the rewards of your purchases with Rakuten’s cash-back system. To activate offers and kickstart earning, users must go through Rakuten’s website or app and turn on applicable promotions for double cashback at select stores/brands when shopping via affiliate links.

Utilizing the browser extension provides extra convenience during checkout from online retailers- just be sure to enable it each time you shop! In return, a percentage of what was spent will be reflected in one’s account that can then be cashed out every 3 months by either check or PayPal payment, which requires updating information such as mailing address if using traditional mail instead of virtual banking services.

Rakuten’s User Interface and Functionality

Rakuten Best Features
Rakuten / Rakuten

The attraction of Rakuten lies in its user-friendly interface, which is accessible through the free mobile app and browser extension. The browser extension allows customers to view cashback percentages directly from their Google searches while alerting them about coupons or discounts when visiting a store. Similarly, via the helpful Chrome Extension tool, shoppers can obtain coupon codes more quickly during checkout at partner sites with automated applications for rewards plus notifications about available deals.

It’s no wonder why over 3 million people use the prominent Rakuten Cash Back Button – activating it enables users to enjoy offers on cashback without any extra work as they shop online since this feature operates independently yet sends out popups if another store has better bargains than what you’re currently viewing! Last but not least. Using such features results in greater convenience and hassle-free experience that one could never forget easily due to time savings potential plus bonus benefits earned along the way.

Evaluating Rakuten’s Cash Back Offers

Rakuten Cashback Feature
Rakuten / Rakuten

Rakuten offers a vast selection of cash-back deals, which vary depending on the retailer and product. Consumers have various shopping options with well-known stores like Amazon, Best Buy, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Old Navy.

Priceline..and Target. Customers can benefit from these discounts that range up to 20%. In the Double Cash Back section, one will find promotions for more than double their returns! And who would miss out on such great opportunities?

Rakuten provides additional ways for customers to make money through its referral program, which pays $40 per successful signup as well as making purchases eligible under this scheme. They offer a cardholder option with no annual fee via ‘the Rakuten Credit Card Visa’ giving perks including zero fraud liability price protection & product return security, all adding value towards receiving even higher amounts regarding rewards or cash backs.

Military personnel receive exclusive special benefits when shopping through Rakuean, so don’t forget that if applicable. When participating in promotional sales or limited-time events, providing double full cashback is often beneficial both short-term and long-term since members can likely maximize earnings at any given moment.

Rakuten’s Affiliate Partnerships

Rakuten Brand Partners
Rakuten / Rakuten

Rakuten has created a network of affiliate publishers to boost their clients’ brands and offer cashback possibilities for users. These partnerships provide enhanced savings options through Rakuten, such as 3% off Ulta Beauty, 2.5% off GameStop purchases, 3% return when shopping at JCPenney, and 1.5% back on Nike products—allowing shoppers greater opportunities to make money while they shop with these merchants. Not only does this generate more avenues for customers seeking out the best way to save via Rakuten offers, but it also maintains its reputation as a legit website that provides real-cash returns in exchange for using its platform’s services or goods purchased elsewhere online or offline.

Rakuten’s Payment System

Rakuten’s payment system is a crucial element that adds to the trustworthiness of its cashback platform. Users have ensured regularity when they receive their rewards as Rakuten pays them out every three months by check or PayPal – making sure users can count on getting their funds in an expedient and organized way.

Paying users quarterly is because some companies may take time to submit affiliate payments, so this timeline ensures prompt delivery of earned money-back awards.

Rakuten’s Mobile Compatibility

Rakuten Mobile App
Rakuten / Rakuten

Rakuten’s mobile app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices, provides users the opportunity to gain cashback while doing online shopping as well as in-store purchases. With this user-friendly platform, they can quickly access deals and monitor their earnings wherever they are. The application also has a feature that allows them to easily utilize any coupon available for an in-store purchase scan products when necessary or get informed of new offers instantly via its interface.

Rakuten Wallet permits people to add debit/credit cards, making handling transactions from within the same app even more comfortable. All these features make this popular CashBack tool one of the most reliable ones out there thanks to its easy accessibility through just about any portable device you might have at home.

Rakuten’s Customer Support

Rakuten’s customer support is accessible through their website via a contact form and detailed help topics. They offer users an extensive range of information to address any queries they may have about the service, which makes it easy for them to find solutions quickly. Plus, Rakuten’s highly responsive team provides prompt assistance if needed when contacted by using the supplied contact form on their site.

Pros and Cons of Rakuten

Pro Tips In Rakuten
Rakuten / Rakuten

Rakuten offers many advantageous features, such as comprehensive cashback rewards for purchases from over 2,500 stores and varying percentages depending on the store. Its user interface, coupled with a convenient browser extension or mobile application, makes it easy to access Rakuten’s shopping portal so that customers can quickly manage their earnings.

Though there are drawbacks associated with this platform – most notably quarterly payments rather than more frequent ones- these minor issues still pale compared to the drawbacks associated with this platform. All the advantages users can reap by opting for this service: offering various discounts plus the opportunity to save money without relying heavily on one’s impulse buying habits.

All things considered then, those interested in taking advantage of every bonus regarding budget management will be pleased with what they get when using Rakuten: generous returns via exclusive deals, an easy way to keep track of everything through friendly UI, and additional savings thanks to thoughtful promotion options.

Rakuten: A Legitimate Cashback Platform?

How Legitimate Is Rakuten
Rakuten / Rakuten

No doubt, Rakuten is a reliable cashback platform that provides customers with an accessible and effective way to economize on their purchases from countless retailers. As it has already given out $800 million in rewards and attracted more than 10 million members, the trustworthiness of this system remains uncontested.

Due to its easy-to-use interface as well as mobile accessibility, Rakuten also values collaboration with big brands or travel sites, which strengthens its credibility even further. Not forgetting secure payment processing solutions and responsive customer support services for users globally. All these features ensure people can capitalize on potential discounts without hassle through one of the leading online money-saving services, Rakuten!


Rakuten is an extremely beneficial platform that allows users to save money on their online and in-store purchases. The user-friendly interface, the mobile app, browser extension, and a variety of cashback offers make it simple for people who want to get maximum savings while shopping. Despite its quarterly payment schedule, which might motivate one’s impulsive spending habits.

Overall benefits definitely exceed any cons associated with this service. Try Rakuten today – you won’t regret experiencing how much easier your shopping will be when using this great cashback resource!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the downside of Rakuten?

Rakuten provides a simple connection to PayPal accounts, though the time needed for funds to be received can take up to several months. Making it an unsuitable choice for those who often shop online.

Is Rakuten worth it?

For those looking to save some cash, Rakuten makes it a breeze. It allows you to get money back on your purchases, which can add significant savings over time. Taking advantage of this great offer is definitely worth considering!

Can you make money with Rakuten?

If you don’t take advantage of Rakuten, you are not getting free money. Through the program’s 3,500+ partner stores, there is an opportunity to save with discounts and earn cash back when shopping online or at a physical store. Referring friends who sign up can also be another way for users to make money from using Rakuten!

How do I sign up for Rakuten?

Head to the Rakuten webpage and hit the ‘Join Now’ button for a quick sign-up using your email, Facebook account, or Google credentials. Begin purchasing items online while also accumulating cash-back rewards through Rakuten!

How often does Rakuten pay out cashback earnings?

Every quarter, Rakuten provides cashback rewards either by check or through PayPal.

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