Real Profits Online – Scam or Can You Make $500 a Day With It?

Can you really make $500 a day just by pushing a button? That's what Real Profits Online claims.

Doing some research can take you far since it can help you avoid scams, and also assist in finding legit opportunities that don't disappoint. Often the programs that rely on making bold claims end up as mere disappoints. Is this one any different?

In this review, we shall explore the system and reveal the truth you need to know. Is it legitimate or a scam? That's what we'll be covering today.

Real Profits Online Review

The moment we found a news article on Amazon work from home jobs on the Real Profits Online website, we noticed a striking resemblence with another site called Amazon Cash Websites.

Both these sites use the same news article, same website design template but operate under a different name. Here's a screenshot from the first website:

real profits online


Now, the second one, it's an exact replica:

These are identical clones, and they're using a geo-location software to trace a user's location. If you're based in Denver for example, the software will pull out your location and show Denver on the web page to make it look more targeted.

In fact, it's a generic yet fake news article promoting a fake work from home job. If you're on the other side of the globe, it will extract your location and add it there. It's definitely not a legitimate system, and mocking your location is another tactic scammers often use to their advantage.

This is how the process looks like once you land on the main page:

Once you click on the so-called work from home program with Amazon, you're redirected to a video sales page. The spokesperson (Mark) claims how you can make $500 a day exploiting his little-known system.

Just push a button and your money making system will be ready to go. Moreoever, it's also limited in quantity and only accessible to the first 200 action takers. None of this is true though, it's making use of fake scarcity to boost product sales, and this system is hardly as autopilot as one would like.

The person in the video talks about affiliate marketing which is a legit business model, but it takes some time and consistent efforts to get results. It's anything but a push button system.

How Real Profits Online Works

This is how it all works:

  1. You land on the main website to a fake news article
  2. If you click on 'A new "work from home" program with Amazon' or any other hyperlinks, it will take you to a sales page with a video.
  3. This page will collect your personal details and try to 'sell' you the system.

In the vdeo, Mark claims to have went from a struggling newbie to an internet marketing ninja who rakes in an excess of $15k per month online. The moment he found this money making site, he was able to set it up within 2 minutes and start banking hard with a few button clicks.

It doesn't talk about the actual system except that it has something to do with marketing Amazon products as an affiliate. You can make some dough as an Amazon affiliate but the process isn't a cakewalk as this system claims. Moreoever, you need to shell out $47 just to see what it's all about.

Mark's story is obviously fake and is just used to tempt you to purchase the program. This happens once you make the initial $47 payment to get 'secret access' to the system:

  • You're bombarded with a few more upgrade offers that cost between $197 and $697. These claim to 20x your results with 20 websites (again, not true)
  • Your information may then be compromised since this system is a scam. People behind this platform may misuse your data, or worse sell it to other people.

The upgrade offer videos are hosted on this YouTube channel (

The initial sale is just to help get the foot in the door. Once you're in, you may be bombarded with product offers via constant emailing. It's just a way for the website owner to make money off you.

Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 online businesses that sound promising disappoint big time.

Fake Testimonials

Yes, as one might have guessed, the testimonials used on the website are also fake. If there were people actually making some bucks with Real Profits Online, you would expect there has to be a few real testimonials in there but nope.

They are all fake, and are done by paid actors hired off freelancing platforms. Here's a few of them:

These are all actors hired off Fiverr, they were paid one-time for doing the testimonial videos. There are no real testimonials for the platform because the system is not a legitimate one, and you shouldn't be expecting to make money with it.

Final Words - Is Real Profits Online a Scam?

No second thoughts here. Real Profits Online definitely is a scam. From the fake news article to a cloned website to promoting a scam, there's not much legit about this platform.

You can't make $500 without lifting a finger either. All those income claims are very misleading, and in reality, things don't work that way. You can have a profitable online business, but it takes a lot more than that and requires you to put in some efforts and give it time.

This website uses every misleading tactic out there to close the sale. It uses a geo-location software to find your physical location, add it on the page to make it look tailor-made for you, and then the fake (un)limited spots. These spots are unlimited and it's just a fake counter that resets on its own.

Try visiting it from a different location (or a VPN) at a later time, and the content will automatically reflect the changes with the new location (and 200 spots). The counter will refresh as well.

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