Is Reward Survey a Scam? (A Brief Review)

Reward Survey is a website that claims to send rewards your way for doing surveys. This may sound too good to be true to some, and there's a good reason for that.

Read on to discover for yourself if Reward Survey is worth your time or if it's a scam.

Reward Survey Review

Let's kick things off in this Reward Survey Review with the look and feel of the landing page. The website's landing page is quite different and it hardly resembles other survey websites out there.

The Onboarding Process

After entering information through the signup form, we were asked demographic-related questions which only made sense here as survey companies' first goal is to learn more about their users. This helps in showing them targeted surveys which they are likely to take.

Soon after, they started bombarding us with irrelevant sports-related questions which we reluctantly answered anyway. A sudden shift from demographic-related questions to sports-related questions.

We realized a pitch is on the way and it came in no time. The final question asked if we wanted to subscribe to a magazine named Sports Illustrated for 1 year.

The Rewards

For completing surveys, you do get some monetary credit in your account but instead of getting to claim the cash, you will be suggested to take up magazine subscriptions instead.

Reward Surveys Reviews

Let's say if you made $20, you will be eligible to get some magazines that cost up to $20. Most of the magazines they had in their catalog were totally random and we had no interest in any of them whatsoever. 

It's more of a personal opinion though, if you really want these magazines it can be something you may consider.

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Is Reward Survey a Scam?

No, Reward Survey is not a scam but if you really have high hopes with the website, we hate to bust your bubble. If all you care about is getting a few free magazines for doing surveys, it can be something you may look into.

Unlike most too good to be true Reward Survey reviews, this one will be a honest one. Wrong expectations may lead to disappointment, and if you get started anyway, know what to expect.

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