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RewardFish Review 2024: Is It Legitimate?

Remote earning can be a tricky business. From the hassle of scouting for an opportunity to the struggle to ensure legitimacy, there are many chances for it to go wrong. Consequently, the fear of being scammed is real.

However, some methods of remote earning are far safer than others. One of these methods is taking surveys for money. We are sure you have stumbled upon it already.

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Rewardfish Review

RewardFish is one of the many sites that pay you for sharing your opinion. This RewardFish review answers some of your most pressing questions about this site.

Is RewardFish safe? Is RewardFish a scam like many others? Or is it a legitimate site for making some extra cash on the side?

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We will deconstruct the site for you step by step here, and we are sure you will have your answer long before we get to the final verdict.

What Is RewardFish?

Like we normally do, we’ll begin our RewardFish review with this particular question: what exactly it is.

RewardFish is a survey site developed by Edvisors that helps you earn money by filling out surveys.

Edvisors is a trusted company that has been working on projects to help parents and students through school. RewardFish is another endeavor that allows students to earn money from the activities they were already engaged in.

All you need to do is share your opinion and collect points. Once you have gathered enough points, you can redeem them for money. You may access this money via gift cards and coupons.

Moreover, surveys are not the only thing you can find on RewardFish. In addition to paid surveys, RewardFish provides you with an earning opportunity through other tasks such as watching videos or shopping online.

How Rewardfish Works

How Does RewardFish Work?

The next step is understanding how RewardFish works. Although primarily a survey site, RewardFish offers a lot more opportunities to earn money. Let’s look at the basics.

The first step is to register yourself, without which you cannot get surveys to fill out. We will look at details of the sign-up process in the next section of this RewardFish review.

Here, we will analyze the following two steps. First, there are many ways that you can earn points on RewardFish. Then, following specific guidelines, you can redeem them for money.

Collecting Points

Taking surveys is perhaps the easiest way to earn money. Having said that, many people have trouble completing them because most surveys are tedious and monotonous in nature.

However, you need not worry if you are one of these people who find surveys endlessly dull. RewardFish has a lot more earning opportunities for you. Moreover, you can alternate among all these methods to collect points without falling into monotony.

Collecting Points On Rewardfish

Let’s look at all of them one by one.

Taking Surveys

With RewardFish, you can get new surveys daily. These surveys are free to access, and finishing them earns you points.

Having daily surveys to look forward to means you will not face any lags in the daily minimum of points you can accumulate. You don’t have to scour for surveys to fill. In addition, the more opportunities you take, the more points you can earn above your minimum.

Completing Quizzes

Another way to earn points is via quizzes. Again, you can use your knowledge or your opinion to earn money. The quizzes are in the form of multiple-choice questions that you can answer by picking the best possible option.

Quizzes can be a fun break from the monotony of surveys. Of course, the extra points don’t hurt either, do they?

Completing Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes is a modified form of gambling with the stakes split equally among the members. Therefore, you don’t have a lot to lose, but there is much to gain. Participating in and completing regular sweepstakes can help you level up your points quickly and efficiently without getting bored.


Offerwalls are in-site advertisements that direct you to other sites, products, videos, or apps. By following a set of instructions, you can earn a predetermined number of points for the task completed.

For example, the site may ask you to subscribe to some YouTube channel for a set reward. Or perhaps it might ask you to download an app to earn points. This option can be a fast and non-taxing way to rack up points.

In addition to this, you must be careful to complete every single step of the task. Any missed step means you will not get the points you were promised, and all that effort would just be time wasted.

Online Shopping

You read that right. You can get paid for shopping online. Interesting, isn’t it?

Shopping online is already something most of us do regularly. With the fast-paced world we live in and the immense variety of products of our choice available online, it is fast becoming the go-to method for making a purchase.

You can earn points by shopping through the RewardFish app. So all you have to do is go about your regular shopping to earn points.

Not only does this benefit a large number of people generally, but it is also beneficial for students.

As the site was developed while keeping earnings for students in mind, this can be a great way to ensure that they can make a little money on the side already doing their daily activities.

Redeeming Points and Getting Paid

This portion of our RewardFish review focuses on analyzing the payment aspect of the site. Compared to other sites that pay you for taking surveys, RewardFish has a good reward package. By only investing a small amount of time, you can make a considerable amount of money.

Many factors determine how much you can make by taking surveys and completing quizzes, sweepstakes, etc. We will look at factors in more detail in the upcoming section.

However, the most important of these factors is the points to dollars ratio.

Points to Dollars Ratio

RewardFish pays $0.01 for every point. This ratio means that you end up earning $10 for every 1000 points.

Earning With Rewardfish

This payment ratio is desirable because most survey sites maintain a ratio of $1 to 1000 points. Some pay even as little as $0.5 for every 1000 points. With RewardFish, 5000 points mean you have earned $50, which is as good a rate as any.

However, collecting points needs work, and the steep value per point means it will not be child’s play.

You have to complete multiple surveys to reach 1000 points, and the points per survey depend on its length and complexity. The lengthier and more detailed surveys always pay more than the shorter, simpler ones.

According to our RewardFish review, the payment ratio and point allocation balance out decently. This algorithm allows you to make much more than many other survey sites while putting in the same effort.

Minimum Redeemable Points

The minimum amount of points you need to redeem in the form of gift cards or coupons is 10,000. However, this limit is steep and can take a while to reach.

However, 10,000 points equate to $100, which is an amount that is definitely worth the wait and effort.

Factors Affecting Your Earning from RewardFish

Despite the excellent pay rate, you need to consider multiple factors to determine how much you can make from the site.

Here are a few most important variables that can affect your earning potential on RewardFish:

  • The number of opportunities you have to earn, including surveys, tasks, offerwalls, etc.
  • The points to dollars ratio
  • Mode of redeeming points and retrieving the money earned
  • Picking the tasks based on rewards
  • The minimum redeemable limit
  • Time invested on the site daily

What Does All This Mean?

We have already seen the multiple ways in which you can collect points with RewardFish. Not only can you fill surveys, but you can also shop online, take quizzes, and complete sweepstakes for money.

This variety of tasks makes your time spent earning via RewardFish a lot less tedious. Additionally, the different opportunities mean that there is always something to do even if they are not in abundance.

Moreover, when you have a range of activities at your disposal, you are more likely to spend an increased amount of time on the site.

In addition, even the time you spend shopping online will be counted in as you are earning points as you shop. Therefore, you can easily spend a few hours per day on the site.

Another little tip that can enhance your earnings is picking only tasks with the highest reward points.

Apart from all this, you will need 10,000 points to be able to access your earnings. This limit can only be achieved successfully and quickly when you allocate your time and effort properly.

Last but not least, you can only retrieve the money via gift cards and coupons. Gift cards are the primary mode of redeeming the points earned on RewardFish. Therefore, the inability to redeem them as cash directly might be a dealbreaker.

How to Sign Up for RewardFish

The sign-up process for RewardFish comes with a bit of a challenge. There are several membership rules you must conform to register.

First and foremost, you must be residing in the US. All legal citizens of Puerto Rico can also get a membership. The site is not accessible for other countries, and you will be informed of it on the sign-up page.

Rewardfish Sign Up

In addition, only persons above 18 years of age can register. The company claims a strict policy of monitoring members’ adherence to membership rules.

Violation of membership rules leads to account termination. Moreover, accounts that remain inactive are also removed. Therefore, to be able to access your earnings, you must remain active on the site.

The actual sign-up process is simple. All you need to do is fill out your profile, confirm your membership, and get to the fun part.

Is RewardFish Safe?

According to our thorough RewardFish review, it appears to be relatively safe. In addition, there are neither user reviews nor any other complaints indicative of malpractice.

Moreover, Scam Advisor gives RewardFish a score of 80 out of 100, which is a reasonably good score given the site’s traffic.

Speaking about traffic, we found out in our RewardFish review that the site is ranked number 727,672 on the Alexa traffic rank. This number suggests that the site receives a good to moderate amount of traffic.

This observation sits well with the site’s popularity, and so RewardFish appears to be safe.

RewardFish Review In a Nutshell

Let’s sum up what we have discussed so far about RewardFish. Weighing pros and cons would aptly summarize this RewardFish review and help you figure out if the site is worth it.

Pros of Using RewardFish

Here is a list of all the factors we came across in our details RewardFish review that make the site a good option:

  • Easy sign-up
  • Strict membership policies
  • Multiple earning opportunities
  • Great points to dollars ratio
  • A practical minimum redeemable point limit
  • Easy interface
  • A Trustscore of 80/100 on Scam Advisor

Cons of Using RewardFish

However, an excellent RewardFish review will shed the same amount of light on some of the downsides of this site. Here are the most concerning factors:

  • Points not redeemable directly as cash
  • Account termination in case of inactivity
  • Moderate traffic and user interaction
  • Available only for people in the US and Puerto Ricans

The Final Verdict: Is RewardFish Legit?

We have finally reached the most critical part of our RewardFish review.

Is RewardFish Legit? Or is RewardFish a scam?

Well, no. It’s not a scam, and it appears to be a legitimate site for earning money via surveys. Moreover, as the site was developed by Edvisors, who has been in the business for more than twenty years, we can most certainly give it the benefit of the doubt.

Rewardfish Reviews

Moreover, and more importantly, the site seems to be free of any risk. Therefore, you can safely sign up for it and experiment until you are assured.

The Bottom Line

Making money via surveys is one of the simplest ways to earn remotely. First, however, you must invest some time and effort into incorporating it into your routine.

Not only should you make the best of your downtime by taking surveys, but you also need to register for as many sites as possible. With time, you will learn to navigate them to fit a payment of your liking.

Therefore, there is no harm in signing up for RewardFish, especially if you’re a beginner. We hope you found this RewardFish review helpful.

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User Friendly




Survey Options





  • Easy Sign-Up
  • Points to Dollar Ratio
  • Multiple Earning Opportunities
  • Easy Interface
  • Redemption Minimum


  • No Cash Option
  • Account Termination
  • Avaivable in US and Puerto Rico Only
  • Moderate Survey Availability