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7 Best Ruby on Rails Jobs for Web Developers

Do you want to learn a new skill, like Ruby on Rails, but are confused about career opportunities? Here is a complete guide on Ruby on Rails jobs.

If you are a web developer, you must learn ruby on rails to select a top-rated framework for the smooth performance of the websites.

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You must be wondering why you should opt for Ruby on Rails, which is a relatively new programming language, while HTML and CSS are available. We’ll discuss the prospects of Ruby on rails and will share the remote jobs for web developers.

The basic principle of RoR is that you don’t reinvent the wheel, meaning you don’t need to rewrite every piece of code to develop a website. In this way, a developer saves a lot of time in developing basic web tasks.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Released in 2003, Ruby on Rails is an open-source application framework that enables web developers to develop efficient websites within limited time and money resources.

Ruby On Rails Logo

The straightforward framework offers a model view, routing, and controller architecture (MWC) for quick web development. You should know that MWC assists web developers with new structures to write simple codes.

Many renowned businesses and websites, including Shopify, Twitter, GitHub, Hulu, and Airbnb, have Ruby on Rails deployed at the back end.

That’s why Ruby on Rails jobs abroad and local are on the rise because of the easy programming and implementation.

Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, acknowledges the improvement of Ruby on Rails Instagram even though Instagram hasn’t been developed on Ruby on Rails.

You can use the operating system’s command-line interface to install a package library such as RubyGem.

RoR offers a collection of code libraries to offer a tailored-made solution or a relevant model for repetitive tasks to create tables, forms, and other website menus.

Ruby on Rails serves as a back-end or server-side web development platform. Consider Rails for Ruby, similar to Laravel for PHP and Django for Python.

Ruby on Rails Background

Ruby is a programming language first developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto in the 1990s. The primary purpose of Ruby is the fast creation of new projects with seamless performance.

The Ruby language has had around 1,082 releases since 2002. Another interesting fact about RoR is that more than 350,000 websites have been built on this framework globally.

Ruby On Rails Jobs

The convention over configuration principle of RoR minimizes the time spent configuring files to get set up. It’s because Rails include a set of conventions to speed up development.

Benefits of Ruby on Rails Jobs

Here are some key benefits.


If you are a beginner in blogging or want to develop a new online business or website, you should select Ruby on Rails, courtesy of its open-source framework.


Another reason behind the popularity of Ruby on Rails is the scalability of the developed websites. This way, you can scale your website based on the website traffic projection to achieve future business goals.

All the developed modules offer flexibility so that developers can implement the desired changes.

You can modify and migrate the code to define the final changes in the database schema. This way, you can use a version control system to synchronize all your things online.


As a developer, you must know the advantage of using an open-source platform to get the internal code to understand the system.

The Ruby on Rails framework enables you to customize the functionality of the app or website. Moreover, you don’t have to spend extra bucks to fix bugs or perform any updates while working with the Ruby on Rails framework.

Text Files’ Library

You require the following three essential files if you want to create a rich repository of the code to create customized modules:

  • Ruby code file with .rb extension
  • YAMP configuration files
  • Templates of HTML, including RXML and RHTML

These files help you to edit, shift, and deploy the codes along with their backups. This way, you don’t have to use any complex environment to develop a website.

Moreover, you can create RoR files even on a notepad. Later, edit these files in Textmate and implement them in the Linux server.

Easy Learning

Ruby on Rails offers simple English-like syntax codes to simplify the daily life of developers to write simple codes.

Not only that, but you can also add functionality days after building a website in case of an additional requirement.

Another advantage of learning Ruby on Rails is the availability of documentation and online tutorials.

You can enroll yourself in an online class and land on one of the Ruby on Rails remote jobs. This way, you can learn how to methodize apps and websites that are essentially web-oriented.

Supportive Tools

The RoR libraries support different tools to create interactive and attractive websites. This way, developers can modify a large-scale website in less time.

Ruby on Rails offers easy integration of components by supporting functionalities such as RESTful app design, rapid development, and other libraries (gems).

Additionally, other in-built gems such as respect, cucumber, and unit test are used to develop quality websites. Moreover, you can build custom gems to facilitate fellow developers.

You can use all these tools to facilitate developers and testers to follow different approaches like test-driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD).

Model-View-Controller (MWC) Architecture

The MWC architecture enables multiple developers to collaborate on a project remotely and debug the codes on numerous levels.

The RESTful application design (Representational State Transfer) is a software architecture style based on the client-server relationship.

Active Record

One of the most potent libraries of Ruby on Rails is Active Record, which allows developers to design interactive database queries.

It means you can write a query in Ruby programming, which can automatically convert it into an SQL query to receive the output and return an object.

Active Records represent the database as Ruby objects. This way, you can read and modify the objects in the code.

It’s the responsibility of Active Records to take care of the correct construction and execution of SQL queries behind the scene. You no longer have to worry about dealing with SQL implementation.

Convention Over Configuration

Ruby on Rails evades configuration files by assigning values automatically without user intervention. Moreover, it increases productivity by reducing the time spent on setting up the config files.

Agile Web Development

Ruby on Rails supports agile web development, which is essentially an iterative development methodology to support a flexible and collaborative approach.

Agile Web Development

Released in the second half of 2019, Rails 6 introduces multiple features, including:

  • Parallel testing
  • Automated Email support
  • Working with different databases
  • Tools for interaction with front-end technologies
  • Built-in mechanism to organize user file storage

Required Skill Set to Learn Ruby on Rails API

Landing on one of the Ruby on Rails engineer jobs certainly requires you to develop the desired skill set to build websites in RoR.

The first step involved in becoming an RoR web developer is to learn HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in addition to Ruby programming.

The reason behind this is that these languages work together to complement a website. For instance, CSS enables you to display certain elements on the website.

On the other hand, HTML helps determine the website structure, while JavaScript enables you to create dynamic website elements.

All these elements work collaboratively to allow the visitors to input passwords and navigate through the website using clickable buttons.

Once you master the above languages, you can learn Ruby language to use specific frameworks and develop customized modules for the websites.

You should know that Ruby on Rails is a complete framework or a one-stop solution to develop small or large-scale websites for businesses and bloggers.

A framework has multiple complex libraries which you can use as a web developer to create the desired web module.

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Potential Ruby on Rails Jobs

Ruby development offers a maximum hourly rate among the rest of the web development programming jobs.

Ruby On Rails Jobs

After developing desired skills of Ruby on Rails, you must be wondering about your potential clients and the type of projects.

Don’t worry because we’ll share the main categories in which you can offer your services of ruby on rails work from home.

Ruby on Rails Jobs of Regular Web Application Development

Ruby on Rails offers a one-for-all and all-for-one solution to develop affordable websites. It provides reliable technology to guarantee seamless and glitch-free web performance.

Ruby on Rail Jobs of E-Commerce

You must have heard about Shopify. It’s one of the biggest E-commerce platforms, developed on none other than the Ruby on Rails framework.

Spree Commerce is also another successful example of a RoR project.

As a web developer, you can find gems for all kinds of E-commerce features so that you can set up and run an online store in no time.

Not only that, but you can also develop a secure payment gateway, help desk, marketing emailing list, and much more.

Ruby on Rails Jobs of Customized Database Solutions

Ruby on Rails framework offers excellent compatibility with the latest database structures to develop innovative business models.

Moreover, the framework provides exceptional Object Relational Mapping (ORM), known as ActiveRecord, to enable web developers to create databases without SQL.

In addition to that, Ruby on Rails offers seamless integration with Database Management Systems like PostgreSQL.

Ruby on Rails Jobs of Content Management

Ruby on Rails offers SEO-friendly tools for both content management and creation. If you have a content-centric website such as a personal blog, Ruby on Rails can surely help to develop the desired content for your targeted audience.

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Ruby on Rails Jobs To Facilitate Start-ups

Are you a startup that wants to develop a business website and doesn’t have a clear idea or a project plan for the website? Don’t worry because Ruby on Rails can serve as your best alley as you can build your web application and keep adding more features while developing.

Ruby on Rails Jobs For Software as a Service (SaaS)

You can use the Ruby on Rails framework to build a successful SaaS project. For instance, Zendesk is a cloud-based customer support platform, that facilitates more than 200,000 global customers.

Ruby on Rails Jobs to Develop Quick Prototype

Ruby on Rails is a perfect option to develop prototypes. You can create an MVP to present your web project to your prospective client to explain their business requirements.

This way, you can pitch your idea of website development to attract more users. Moreover, you can also help your clients in generating leads for better monetization of the web app.

Other Ruby on Rails Jobs

You can use Ruby on Rails to develop a communication-oriented app such as Twitter, Dribble, or Basecamp. Moreover, you can also build media hosting streaming apps such as SlideShare and Hulu.

The Practicality of Ruby on Rails

  • Faster programming, courtesy of Ruby’s object-oriented nature and availability of open-source codes.
  • The developers can use the same structure and coding practices in different Rails projects because of the Rails conventions.
  • Ruby on Rails offers rapid application development (RAD) to accommodate and implement different changes.
  • Ruby codes are readable and self-documenting to enhance productivity. This way, developers don’t need to spend extra time writing separate documentation for other developers to pick up existing projects.
  • Rails offer a good testing framework with its unit testing setup called RSpec.
  • There is no need to invest extra budget in buying an additional license because Rails and its majority of libraries are open sources.
  • The Rails framework allows web developers to combine Ruby programming with other languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create web apps.
  • You can use RubyGems as libraries, add-ons, and software snippets as a ready-made solution to create different modules.
  • Ruby on Rails offers parallel development to speed up a web development project by providing ready-to-use baskets to implement separate business logic.

Limitations of Ruby on Rails

One of the biggest limitations of using Ruby on Rails is that not all website hosts can support it. However, don’t worry because you can run the Rails web app on Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Rackspace, Linode, and Amazon EC2.

This way, you have complete control of the server and can allocate the desired resources accordingly.

Some of the Ruby on Rails companies have shared concern of slower Rails applications than C or Java. Ruby on Rails isn’t an apt choice if you want a higher operational speed with lesser server resource consumption.

The boot speed of the RoR framework isn’t up to the mark. Moreover, it requires more time to start depending on the total number of dependencies and files.

This claim is valid to a certain extent; however, many established businesses such as Groupon, Channel 5, and Yellow pages rely on RoR.

Lastly, another limitation of Ruby on Rails is the scalability. You can either upgrade the server on which Rails is hosted or divide the workload to multiple servers and tools.

Although Ruby on Rails supports multi-threading; however, you should keep an eye on the active requests. The performance of the website can severely affect if the requests queue up at the back.

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Suppose you want to hire Ruby on Rails developer to create a website. In that case, it’s essential to have a general understanding of the language, its practicality, and most importantly, its benefits.

Ruby on Rails is a popular and reliable web development language with a robust online community.

We guarantee that finding Ruby on Rails jobs is a piece of cake after reading this article.

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