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Russell Brunson – Things You Need To Know About the ClickFunnels Owner

Founded by Russell Brunson in 2014, ClickFunnels has been the topic of the town lately. From having a customer base of more than a hundred thousand people to hosting hundreds of thousands of sales funnels, CF’s growth is on the rise.

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It takes care of all the technical stuff and designs and lets you pump out high-quality sales funnels—all designed with easy drag-and-drop functionality.

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Since its inception, Click Funnels has helped thousands of entrepreneurs sell products using marketing funnels. If you have a product and could use some help in promoting it, funnels may be the missing link you’re looking for.

Russell Brunson – Interesting Facts

Russell Brunson has been in the entrepreneurship space for more than a decade. Before forming CF, he used to be a very successful salesperson. He has also sold thousands of copies of his books which are among New York Times Best Sellers.

From books to software to t-shirts, he was good at marketing all of them. He even won a Ferrari for generating over a million leads for a company in a short span of 6 weeks. He also ran into multiple tech issues, and ClickFunnel was formed as a solution to the problems he had faced.

Russell Brunson
Russell Brunson – CEO/co-founder of Click Funnels

Like him, many salespeople struggle with the technical aspect of things. You may be good at selling but what if you’re not a programmer or don’t have a design flair? Any sort of bottleneck will only do you more harm than good. This is where the product steps in; it does the heavy lifting for you.

Russell’s Books

Russell Brunson has built quite a resume in a short amount of time, and this definitely adds credibility to his products too. Apart from the marketing software suite, he is also the author of the following US best-seller books:

  • Dot Com Secrets – Teaches how to drive traffic to your products and puts a focus on conversions. If you’re having difficulty generating new prospects/leads for your business, we highly recommend you check out this book.
  • Expert Secrets – Focuses on expert positioning. If you know a skill, this book will teach you how to monetize it, so you’ll be considered an authority in the niche/industry. If you want others to ‘pay’ for your advice, this book comes across as a highly recommended one.
  • Network Marketing Secrets – If you’re a network marketer and are into multi-level marketing business opportunities, this teaches the MLM secrets which aren’t very well known.

These books are based on a lot of trial and error with his marketing strategies and his past experience. If you’re looking for a mentor and are low on budget, his books may be what you’re looking for. Give them a read, and you’ll definitely have a good time.

The Platform

His sales funnel builder tool is more than what you might guess. Apart from building landing pages, you can also enjoy email automation and affiliate marketing integration with your product. Send follow-up emails to your audience and recruit affiliates who promote for you for a commission.

From getting the lead (via the landing/capture page) to sending them emails to closing the sale, Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels makes the entire sales process a breeze.

It’s also a better idea to have everything under one platform instead of using a dozen different tools which all cost a fortune. Also, it’s often a mess to integrate them all and ensure the combination works in harmony.

We also liked how the web-based platform comes with an array of stock images that you can put to use right away (at no additional charges). The free Affiliate Bootcamp Program is another one of our favorites with which you can make money with CF once you master the fundamentals.

What Does It Cost?

As of this writing, ClickFunnels has a wide product line. The products are all differently priced. The investment for the basic plan is $97, and for the flagship Platinum/Etison Suite plan, it’s $297. You can get a FREE 14-day trial on either of these (it comes with all the features and unlimited usage).

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