Making Money as a Search Engine Agent – Does Such a Job Even Exist?

Can you make a living working online as a search engine agent? We're sure you've come across a bunch of websites which claim you can. In this review, today we'll share the ugly truth behind these so-called 'money-maker' jobs.

Do these even exist? There are many websites which say you can bank hundreds of dollars a day for being a search engine agent. What are you supposed to do? 

Post links. Yep, you read that right.

Search Engine Agent - What Is It?

Long story cut short, there's no such concept in existence. You can't make money as a search engine agent. All you're supposed to do is do link posting which isn't even a real job position. Programs which claim you can make money doing this make similar claims, here's one of them:

Start making up to $449 a day with this once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity

We've encountered multiple websites which pretty much say the same thing. Some of them even present you with an income calculator for posting links. (image below)

These websites say you can start banking immediately after you sign up. Start placing links and wait for your paycheck. The more you place, the more you fancy your chances of a big check. Other than this, you may also find a sobbing story of a mother who went from 'zero' to 'hero' in no time.

To make things interesting, fake news channel endorsements and testimonials add to the misery and increases the chances one may fall for it. However, all this stuff is hardly legitimate and you won't make any money in the process. More on that soon.

Hype & False Claims

Let's face it - it's too easy to fake testimonials and show false results. Don't believe everything you see unless you've done some research first. On one website, we found endorsements from companies like CNN, Fox News and ABC.

We found this on a disclaimer on a similar website:

For obvious reasons, these companies share the truth themselves on their legal pages (disclaimer/terms). This is to make sure they comply and stay away from legal troubles. Often these shady websites use mislead tactics such as:

  • Faking a persona (broke pizza delivery boy, broke single mother etc)
  • Lying about the availability (spots are limited) - in reality, they are unlimited. Try visiting the same website after 2 weeks again, you'd find the 'limited' spots are still up for grabs.
  • Fake news endorsements and testimonials (they even admit this on their websites' legal pages)

There are many websites which rely on similar unethical marketing practices to deceive people. Some of these include, but are not limited to Secure Job Position, Home Income System, Second Income Center, and WAH program.

Many of these websites claim to provide you with a 'certification' so you can bag a job. However, this is totally fake and you can rest assured you won't make money with these.

How Link Posting Works?

Most of these companies simply mislead you into believing such a concept exists. The closest model that comes close to link posting is affiliate marketing which is totally legitimate. If someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you get compensated for the same.

It all depends on your skills as an affiliate marketer, and the business opportunities you promote. Some of them are free to promote, and some cost money. However, if you're looking to skip the work and want to get rich quick without learning the right skills, think again.

Search Engine Links

Don't believe what these companies have to say, you can't really place links in the search engine results (SERPs) and get paid. This is totally beyond your control. To show up in the search engines, you must rank organically. This can be achieved with the help of an advertising agency or with organic ranking through content marketing.

This is how an organic Google search looks like:

To rank highly on the search engines, you need to do the following:

  • Build a website/blog
  • Conduct a keyword research
  • Produce content on a regular basis

Affiliate marketing is one of the more profitable business models today. It can truly provide for a location and time-freedom if you put in the work and efforts.

Final Words

You simply can't earn online as a search engine agent. There isn't such a concept in existence, the job profile is as fake as it gets. If a program suggests you to pay money for a link posting job, it's a big red flag and it's an obvious scam.

You won't just lose some bucks in the process, but also dabble into something which won't produce any results whatsoever. There are many unethical marketers out there who simply are interested in making a quick buck off you. Look out for these obvious scams which involve posting links.

Let's face it - making money online is not easy. This is because of the presence of dozens of bunk programs and scams. Thankfully, there's a legit way to earn from home and profit from your online business.

Our top recommended training teaches just that and can help you get one step closer to financial independence provided you put in the efforts. Definitely give it a go if you want a change for the better and are looking for a potential day job replacement.