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Is Seven Dollar Click a Scam or Can You Get $7 per Click?

Can you make $7 a click with Seven Dollar Click or is it a scam? If you’ve come across this website, you might have noticed the bold claims they make.

The website claims you can receive $7 per click and that you will be able to cash out when you hit the $7,000 threshold. In this review, we take a closer look at the system and share what you need to know beforehand.

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Seven Dollar Click Review

It’s free to get started with the website (; however, to cash out, you must buy an upgrade. It’s a paid-to-click website that claims you will get paid $7 for every ad you click.

Most of the PTC websites we’ve encountered turn out to be obvious scams, and there are very few of them which actually pay. The ones who pay, pay peanuts and the earnings will be very insignificant. Unless you have a few hours to spare, they are usually not worth it since the payouts are between 1-3 cents a click.

After some research, we discovered most of the Seven Dollar Click members never received any payouts. Throughout this review, we will share more reasons why you should be wary of similar sites.

Things You Should Consider

  • It claims to have ridiculously high payouts. Most companies don’t pay 1/10th as much. Has the characteristics of an obvious scam. If things look good too good to be true, they are.
  • Pretends to be free – the PTC website encourages users to buy a paid upgrade to be eligible for payouts. This is something the website should clarify on the sales page beforehand and not after a user hits a set payment threshold.
  • Most people never received any money from the site. Since the website is not paying them for the work they did, it’s safe to bet Seven Dollar Click is a scam.

How It Works

You’d sign up, click on ads, and get paid – as simple as that (in theory). It’s similar to other paid-to-click websites like PTC Bank and BTC Clicks except that it claims to have higher payouts.

Legitimate PTC websites can only afford to pay you in pennies, let alone anything over a dollar. It’s an obvious trick to get you to sign up and have you work for them for free. We didn’t like how the website relies on deceit to get more signups.

It says you must buy an $80 upgrade to get paid. Why would you be asked for $80 to receive $7,000? That doesn’t make any sense to us, does it to you? The answer is simple – you won’t be receiving any money from the system; you’ll only lose 80 dollars which you will never get back.

This probably is how the website makes money. They keep cheating with users and get them to pay $80 and then never pay $7,000 to anyone. The only person who makes money here is the person who runs the website.

Payment Proof

If you happen to click on the ‘proof’ tab on the main website, it takes you to the company’s Twitter account. It’s full of fake payment screenshots clicking on whom you’ll see the real story. Most people here are disgruntled, and they have been waiting for a payout for ages.

Seven Dollar Click Payment Complains On Twitter

It’s clear no one has ever been paid even after doing all the hard work (and buying the so-called paid upgrade). We recommend you stay away from this scam and save both your time and hard-earned money.

If you’re looking to make money online, you should consider affiliate marketing instead.

Is Seven Dollar Click a Scam?

Yes, Seven Dollar Click is an obvious scam. Not only does it rely on unfair means for promotions, but it’s also a total waste of time, you’ll lose $80, and all you’ll receive is a big fat ZERO.

Thumbs Down Icon

If you have high hopes and think you can make a lot of money with these websites, you need to think again. With the PTC business model, you’d struggle to make $10-20 a month, which won’t do you any good.

If you’re looking for a real way to work from home, we recommend you check out our #1 recommendation instead. It utilizes the affiliate marketing model and can provide time and location freedom provided you put in the work.

It definitely works, but you will have to take massive action on what you learn from it. If you’re looking to register a change for the better, give it a go.

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