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Is Shaw Academy a Legit Learning Platform or a Scam?

If you want to learn something, simply head over to websites like YouTube. Often the information is available out there for free, but it’s all scattered. It takes a lot of time to connect the pieces and assemble the bigger picture.

This is where fully-fledged learning portals come in. If they can save you a truckload of time and share good information, they are definitely worth a shot.

Shaw Academy is one such platform. You’ve come to the right place if you wonder if it’s worth your time or not. Is it a legitimate portal or a scam? In this review, we will take a closer look at the popular learning platform and share the things you need to know.

Shaw Academy Review

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Shaw Academy ( was launched in 2013 by Adrian Murphy and James Egan.

Shaw Academy Logo

The portal offers a wide range of training programs that span multiple topics. You get access to live training classes and video tutorials. The pricing is a little steep at $45/month and can be an overkill for some who are interested in specialized learning.

You do get access to a free 7-day trial, though. Upon completion, there’s also an option to receive diploma certification. The platform updates content regularly, and they have close to 50 training courses as of date. If you wondered, these are not widely recognized. 

Shaw Academy also has over 800,000 likes on its Facebook page and if you want to learn more about the platform, definitely check out the following video.

The program is definitely legitimate, but there are a lot of alternatives that pack a punch—looking for a solid learning platform? Check out our favorites here.

The Training

You can carve your own learning path and arm up with specific skills via the following categories:

  • Photography (9 courses)
  • Finance (3 courses)
  • Health & Wellness (4 courses)
  • Marketing (6 courses)
  • Technology (7 courses)
  • Design (4 courses)
  • Beauty (1 course)
  • Music (3 courses)
  • Business (6 courses)
  • Language (1 course)

The platform is regularly updated with cutting-edge courses, and you can choose to learn the topics of your choice. Be it Photoshop skills or playing the piano or developing an application, they got you covered.

Shaw Academy Popular Courses

You get a Q&A section, a quiz, and assignments with each course to help with your progress. You can either take the assessment (which will cost a fee) or go through the training modules at your own pace.

Shaw Academy Sales Pitch

Support is only available to premium customers as of this writing. Back in the day, email support existed for all members.


After a 7-day free trial, it will require you to pay $45 monthly to stay as a premium member with Shaw Academy. The certificate would cost $59 (which is useless), and the assignment ($49) should help with your learning.

However, our favorite learning platforms are way cheaper and are just as good if not better if you want to learn a skill. If you don’t have a starting budget, you might as well go check out YouTube; tons of useful information is readily available for free.

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Things We Liked

Here are the things we liked about ShawAcademy.

  • High-quality courses – step-by-step and beginner-friendly
  • 7-day trial – you get a free 7-day trial for the platform
  • Assignments and assessment tests add to the arsenal
  • There’s an actual thing called Shaw Academy diploma
  • Is Shaw Academy recognized? Yes, they have a decent rating on TrustPilot

Things We Didn’t Like

While the platform is decent and comes with some high-quality training modules, there are a few areas with room for improvement.

  • Pricing is not readily visible, and there are some hidden charges that a new user will be unaware of.
  • Limited support – only premium members get access to e-mail support
  • Relatively expensive – Platforms like Udemy are not only cheaper, you can find decent courses for as little as $10. These can be over 20 hours long and can contain a lot of useful information if you know where to look (the bestsellers).

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Verdict – Is Shaw Academy a Scam?

No, Shaw Academy is not a scam. It is a legit learning platform that comes with a dozen of unique training categories (and courses). They also have a 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot and approaching 3,000 student reviews. Most people are content with the training modules, and it helps a premium member also gets access to live training (and 1-1 coaches).

Shaw Academy Rating

This may help advance your career paths, and these step-by-step videos should minimize the learning curve as well. We also found a few critical reviews, but most complaints were about unauthorized payment deductions. This probably could’ve been because they either failed to cancel the membership or there was a system error.

However, we didn’t like how the platform doesn’t display the pricing-related information upfront with the website visitors. This will not only improve the website’s trust factor, but it should also help visitors stay on the same page (so they don’t get disgruntled and call Shaw Academy a scam).

Shaw Academy Review Update:

As of late, a lot of people are reporting numerous issues with the Shaw Academy platform. This is not reflected in the majority of the Shaw Academy reviews that you’ll find. Here are a few of them:

  • Inability to cancel accounts past the free trial period – If you happen to make a phone call for the same (which again is automated), it will take you through loops and will ask you to visit the website for cancellation (which doesn’t work).
  • Glitches in the paid membership – Sometimes, the platform glitches out, and you won’t be able to rejoin classes anymore. This, however, may be fixed at a later time.
  • Unauthorized transactions during the free trial period – Shaw Academy complaints don’t end here. After signing up for the free 30-day class, some have reported unauthorized charges on their credit cards. It could be a glitch/temporary error on the website or something else which may be fixed later, but this, unfortunately, is how most scams operate on the internet.

For the above-mentioned reasons, until we have another update, we can’t recommend the platform to our website visitors. For further reference, feel free to check out the comments section.

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