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Is Shaw Academy a Legit Learning Platform or a Scam?

If you want to learn something, simply head over to websites like YouTube. Often the information is available out there for free, but it’s all scattered. It takes a lot of time to connect the pieces and assemble the bigger picture.

This is where fully-fledged learning portals come in. If they can save you a truckload of time and share good information, they are definitely worth a shot.

Shaw Academy is one such platform. You’ve come to the right place if you wonder if it’s worth your time or not. Is it a legitimate portal or a scam? In this review, we will take a closer look at the popular learning platform and share the things you need to know.

Shaw Academy Review

Shaw Academy ( was launched in 2013 by Adrian Murphy and James Egan.

Shaw Academy Logo

The portal offers a wide range of training programs that span multiple topics. You get access to live training classes and video tutorials. The pricing is a little steep at $45/month and can be an overkill for some who are interested in specialized learning.

You do get access to a free 7-day trial, though. Upon completion, there’s also an option to receive diploma certification. The platform updates content regularly, and they have close to 50 training courses as of date. If you wondered, these are not widely recognized. 

Shaw Academy also has over 800,000 likes on its Facebook page and if you want to learn more about the platform, definitely check out the following video.

The program is definitely legitimate, but there are a lot of alternatives that pack a punch—looking for a solid learning platform? Check out our favorites here.

The Training

You can carve your own learning path and arm up with specific skills via the following categories:

  • Photography (9 courses)
  • Finance (3 courses)
  • Health & Wellness (4 courses)
  • Marketing (6 courses)
  • Technology (7 courses)
  • Design (4 courses)
  • Beauty (1 course)
  • Music (3 courses)
  • Business (6 courses)
  • Language (1 course)

The platform is regularly updated with cutting-edge courses, and you can choose to learn the topics of your choice. Be it Photoshop skills or playing the piano or developing an application, they got you covered.

Shaw Academy Popular Courses

You get a Q&A section, a quiz, and assignments with each course to help with your progress. You can either take the assessment (which will cost a fee) or go through the training modules at your own pace.

Shaw Academy Sales Pitch

Support is only available to premium customers as of this writing. Back in the day, email support existed for all members.


After a 7-day free trial, it will require you to pay $45 monthly to stay as a premium member with Shaw Academy. The certificate would cost $59 (which is useless), and the assignment ($49) should help with your learning.

However, our favorite learning platforms are way cheaper and are just as good if not better if you want to learn a skill. If you don’t have a starting budget, you might as well go check out YouTube; tons of useful information is readily available for free.

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Things We Liked

Here are the things we liked about ShawAcademy.

  • High-quality courses – step-by-step and beginner-friendly
  • 7-day trial – you get a free 7-day trial for the platform
  • Assignments and assessment tests add to the arsenal
  • There’s an actual thing called Shaw Academy diploma
  • Is Shaw Academy recognized? Yes, they have a decent rating on TrustPilot

Things We Didn’t Like

While the platform is decent and comes with some high-quality training modules, there are a few areas with room for improvement.

  • Pricing is not readily visible, and there are some hidden charges that a new user will be unaware of.
  • Limited support – only premium members get access to e-mail support
  • Relatively expensive – Platforms like Udemy are not only cheaper, you can find decent courses for as little as $10. These can be over 20 hours long and can contain a lot of useful information if you know where to look (the bestsellers).

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Verdict – Is Shaw Academy a Scam?

No, Shaw Academy is not a scam. It is a legit learning platform that comes with a dozen of unique training categories (and courses). They also have a 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot and approaching 3,000 student reviews. Most people are content with the training modules, and it helps a premium member also gets access to live training (and 1-1 coaches).

Shaw Academy Rating

This may help advance your career paths, and these step-by-step videos should minimize the learning curve as well. We also found a few critical reviews, but most complaints were about unauthorized payment deductions. This probably could’ve been because they either failed to cancel the membership or there was a system error.

However, we didn’t like how the platform doesn’t display the pricing-related information upfront with the website visitors. This will not only improve the website’s trust factor, but it should also help visitors stay on the same page (so they don’t get disgruntled and call Shaw Academy a scam).

Shaw Academy Review Update:

As of late, a lot of people are reporting numerous issues with the Shaw Academy platform. This is not reflected in the majority of the Shaw Academy reviews that you’ll find. Here are a few of them:

  • Inability to cancel accounts past the free trial period – If you happen to make a phone call for the same (which again is automated), it will take you through loops and will ask you to visit the website for cancellation (which doesn’t work).
  • Glitches in the paid membership – Sometimes, the platform glitches out, and you won’t be able to rejoin classes anymore. This, however, may be fixed at a later time.
  • Unauthorized transactions during the free trial period – Shaw Academy complaints don’t end here. After signing up for the free 30-day class, some have reported unauthorized charges on their credit cards. It could be a glitch/temporary error on the website or something else which may be fixed later, but this, unfortunately, is how most scams operate on the internet.

For the above-mentioned reasons, until we have another update, we can’t recommend the platform to our website visitors. For further reference, feel free to check out the comments section.

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    Hello Admin, exact same listed here: Link Text
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  3. Avatar of Lee Hollingsworth Lee Hollingsworth says:

    Do not again do not go here. They offer free classes for a month they charge you almost $100 for the free classes they offer you a free diploma they charge you $30 for the diploma. They then fight on getting your refund they do not offer refund I disputed it with my credit card company I’ve lost twice but twice I’ve also got my money back. Now I actually have an advertisement that they put in the paper that shows that I was supposed to have three classes so now I’m sending that to them my bank that is

  4. Avatar of Michael Heil Michael Heil says:

    I listened to the first class or two and decided to cancel immediately, it was not a good fit. I canceled several times online but it wouldn’t process the cancellation fully until I called. I tried calling five different times and each time it said they were closed even though it was during the middle of the day. Finally, I discovered that they were on UK time, which it doesn’t say in the voicemail. All my other calls were still placed between 9 to 5 but I finally got through by calling at 8 in the morning. A human didn’t even answer, it was an automated voicemail! And the voicemail said you have now canceled your membership. I don’t understand why on earth they couldn’t just send me to the cancellation voicemail all the other times I tried calling but they didn’t.

    The worst part was that once I finally was able to cancel it, they still charged me two days later.
    When I tried to contact them about it, they don’t even have an online helpdesk.

    This was a horrible experience. It feels like a scam. Shaw manipulated me and made it almost impossible to cancel. Then they charged me anyway.

  5. Avatar of Victor Victor says:

    Scammers, based on my experience and loss(charged me for not being interested in their services…) avoid them unless you don’t care about your card being charged just like that

  6. Avatar of C. Brock C. Brock says:

    I am glad you guys did an update on Shaw Academy. They are a scam. They are very slow to respond for refunds / errors but someone will call you to get you to keep their service. BEWARE: They will keep the payment from the free trial and bill you using 1 click banners on their website. Meaning IF you click on a course to get more information, you might be purchasing the course without warning or confirmation

  7. Avatar of Adina Serban Adina Serban says:

    Shaw Academy is a SCAM company !!!

    Yesterday, 11 February 2021, I was the victim of a scam of Shaw Academy LLC company. They offered me a free 4-week trial course, but they took the money from my account from the first click on the chosen course to do it. I want to denounce this company to the authorities empowered to ban their activity, having proof that hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been deceived by them.

    They declare the registered office located at 170 Commerce Way, Suite 200, Portsmouth, 03801 but this is just a virtual address.

    Shaw Academy LLC is a New Hampshire limited liability company and has its registered office located at 170 Commerce Way, Suite 200, Portsmouth, 03801.

    Don’t trust this company. you will be deceived with much more money than the 44.99 Euros they took from me!

    Adina Serban, Romania .

  8. Avatar of Ravi s Ravi s says:

    Scammers so stay away before they steal money. They say free subscription but they charge heavy amounts to your card and don’t even ask authorization. No customer service

  9. Avatar of Jay B Jay B says:

    BEWARE! The company is a scam. Read their trustpilot reviews. DO NOT do the Free trial as they will ask for your CC for ‘verification purposes’. They WILL CHARGE YOU within 48 hrs and then good luck trying to get your refund.

    They will send you 20+ emails a day, try to sell you course material for your ‘Free trial’ class. Even if you choose not to buy, you’ll get charged even if you click anything around seeing the price of that material. They will then charge you without any authorization. After raising negative reviews, a BBB complaint, a paypal dispute, emailing them multiple times, calling them, i got my refund once. They told me and confirmed the membership is cancelled (i have it writing). In the apology note they told me that they’ll leave me having access to the courses. Of course, that was a ploy to keep my membership ‘active’ and try charging me again next month. i took my bank account details out from paypal and their payment failed then next time they tried to charge.

    In the emails, customer service tells you that they can’t cancel via email or phone and it has to be done online. When you do it online, they’ll make it so hard to get to the cancellation page, and on the they ask you to call and confirm. Its a non-stop wheel of lies and deceit. I have done trustpilot reviews, app reviews, BBB complaint and now need to get them blocked from FB.

    • Avatar of Adina Serban Adina Serban says:

      In the same way, I was cheated just yesterday. I wrote to them at [email protected], asking them to return my money, because I did not have a Free Trial hour, they took my money from the first click on the selected course, but I have no answer from them. I complained to Paypal, but they did not find the payment as unauthorized. How can I still get my money back?

  10. Avatar of Esther Barnes Esther Barnes says:

    We had a poverty Christmas. Because of their fraudulently taking money from my account, I had no money to buy food, no money to buy a Christmas present for my son, and my credit card was NOT paid incurring charges.
    Unacceptable. Illegal.
    This company is very clever at luring you in with free course materials, free trial etc,
    I signed up for a free trial and they took 3 payments from my account without my permission.
    I wrote to them 23rd wanting a full refund because they took money WITHOUT MY PERMISSION from MY ACCOUNT.
    I got a phonecall from a call centre in India telling me i can have lifetime membership! I just wanted a free trial!!!(I dont want a lifetime membership)

    I was told that I asked for the tools etc, I asked or pressed nothing. Either something very wrong with their computer system or this is the biggest scam in the Name of Education.
    I also complained of the harassing texts to complete a transaction, I got so many messages while in the doctor’s surgery harassment is not the word.
    I decide when I pay for something or NOT.
    But they still took the money.
    I sent emails.
    The guy Marcus on the line reads off a script, couldn’t answer yes or no, just repeated parrot-fashion over and over again that I’m getting a Lifetime Membership and a refund is NOT possible.
    I explained I have a mental health problem, I am with the NHS Acute Mental Health Team for Acute PTSD.

    I want a full refund, My Money was taken without MY permission, which is Fraud.
    This has left me desolate over Christmas( thank you to Shaw Academy whose Fat Cats at the top are Stealing Fraudulently taking money from accounts without Permission) taking advantage of students and single parents living in poverty like myself!
    I couldn’t care less about a Lifetime Membership!

    I will be taking this to the Financial Ombudsman as I think it’s time for Shaw Academy to get redress!
    I will be also reporting this as Fraud to my bank account and I will be sticking and pasting this review in every Shaw Academy Review on every website I see.
    I will also be writing to my MP to address this Fraudulent Education Company.
    I will be writing to the Education Minister the same.
    I will be writing to my Bank.

    All because taking MY Money from my account without my permission is stealing- food out of My Son’s Mouth.

    Shaw Academy claims that the organization is accredited by the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).
    The Academy lost this accreditation on 24 July 2019.

    Today, Shaw Academy is not an accredited institution. Any claim of accreditation is not legit.

    Distraught Single Mother

  11. Avatar of Cristina Cristina says:

    They scammed me, they stole my money without my consent, they told me that several times they made me a payment reminder and that’s not true. all false. they are scammers and I must do, complaint for extortion of money

  12. Avatar of Stefani Stefani says:

    Shaw Academy charged me membership fees $140 without my consent in my first week of free trial. When I request a refund they deleted my account from their website. The way the treat their customers is not acceptable and I will not stop commenting until I see my money sitting in my bank account.
    Please do yourself a favor by not signing up. The free trial is a lie.

  13. Avatar of Cindy Cindy says:

    Trust me when I say don’t use this company. I took a free course 7 months ago and almost immediately cancelled because I could find better content on YouTube. I just got notice a few days ago that they illegally charged my card $70 and they are refusing to give it back. Instead they deactivated my account and said the $70 is payment. PLEASE, read their reviews on the internet. This is a scam. I wish someone warned me.

  14. Avatar of Marian Marian says:

    I have cancelled my subscription even before the trial period ended and made sure they know I didn’t have time to study that’s why I was cancelling. But I was surprised when my credit card was charged $70 after 2 months from my last contact with them. No notice at all. I emailed them regarding this issue and asked them to refund my money. It turned out, they reactivated my account without telling me. Their support center replied and told me they would call me within 48 hours to resolve this issue. But I never did get a call and a refund. I didn’t even receive my e-certificate which they promised me after failing to refund my money when I clicked the “get your tool kit” button that didn’t say it was to be paid. They just told me to click it on the first day of my subscription. Apparently, it was a one click purchase. Anyone here who can help me? I really need the money to pay for my house loan. And I am being honest here, I haven’t been receiving any services from them since the day I cancelled my membership. I didn’t know they would reactivate it on their end without telling me.

  15. Avatar of Ugnė Bulotaitė Ugnė Bulotaitė says:

    Absolute scam! They charged me for the course I didn’t even choose, then claims that I opened the module with that money and I have to study it and refuses to refund me, even though I never wanted to have that course in the first place. I’m going to fight for the money they stole from me.

  16. Avatar of Olga R Olga R says:

    It seems people read the reviews after they have gotten scammed, rather than before. Unfortunately, I was not an exception.
    Yesterday I was charged by SA straight after I had signed up for 4 week trial, both for the allegedly ‘free trial’ and the course material which I did not buy.
    Due to SA refused to refund the funds, I have no choice but to report them as a fraudulent company.
    It would be best for these scammers to start their own courses as they might come in handy when looking for a new job.

  17. Avatar of I got scammed I got scammed says:

    Yes, please make it noticeable for everyone that this is a scam. I was charged for premium membership when I never authorized. It’s taking them a week to get back when I made a complaint.

  18. Avatar of Marley Bowers Marley Bowers says:

    Shaw academy is indeed a scam. They steal money during trial periods or for products you NEVER bought or authorized a payment for.

  19. Avatar of Shaw Academy Is Scam Shaw Academy Is Scam says:

    This is a scam, and you should change your topic content.
    I registered then cancelled in the first day. After one month they are charged me 69.99 USD. Then I show them evidence that already cancelled, they call back to me and told me that I did reactivate my account which I did not. Luckily I record all information.
    This is a big scam and fraud. You should remove this post otherwise you help them to scam a lot of people. Be responsible for what you did

    • Avatar of WFHR Editor WFHR Editor says:

      Thanks for stopping by, this article was updated sometime ago and reflects the same (issues with payments/cancellations).

  20. Avatar of DEEPIKA C DEEPIKA C says:

    It is a freaking scam!! They charge you money even when you don’t authorize and they are not available for billing questions. The only phone number goes to marketing. How can you validate as it is legit

  21. Avatar of Stoyan Stoyan says:

    They have confirmed my cancellation on the 27th of March and I have lost access to the online course on the 1st of April. Yet they charged me 2 x 49,99€ on the 3rd and on the 31st of May, so I had to block them from my PayPal. After 6 months of dealing with them I still have not received my refund, they continue to try charging me and on top of that I don’t even have access to the services. I would not recommend this Plattform even to my enemies.

  22. Avatar of Ken Ken says:

    They are a scam. I canceled after the four week trial, stopped using their product and they still charged my card $140. They are not legit. I have reported them to my credit card company. Run away!

  23. Avatar of Mara Mara says:

    I just went through the whole process of a “free trail” I used may PayPal for information and honestly I’d say its a scam. Once I got to the point of registration, I then went on to the “unlock courses” where they cost about $39.99 for the entire course material for each one. I’d say 4 weeks free is how they get you, they charged a $0.50 fee on my PayPal. When I went to cancel they refunded that back and I still had to call the number where I was lucky to talk to someone who then tried to continuously convince me that I should go through with it. I had to come to the point of interrupting him to get him to cancel my subscription after that I kept him on the phone until I received the email that it was cancelled. So yes, cancelling is a whole shebang but it’ll happen. there’s plenty of other less hassle programs that are amazing that you can sign up for.

  24. Avatar of Dee Dee says:

    THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM! When you do try and cancel your membership through the phone number they are very persistent in upselling additional courses and toolkits to get you to stay in their supposed trial. You have to talk firmly or they won’t cancel the membership. It’s really disgraceful how they mess people over. I 100% don’t recommend ever joining any trials or putting your credit card information in.

  25. Avatar of Florence Florence says:

    Shaw academy is a very big Scam. There’s no better way to say it. Please everyone, stay away from them.

    Their reviews and ratings are bought. Almost every one who tried learning with them has sad tales to tell. So what’s the point?

    I recommend that they be investigated for fraudulent business practices and are stopped from operating online. They are seriously misleading and stealing from people.

    They have no integrity.

  26. Avatar of Rod Rod says:

    TOTAL SCAM! I signed up for a 30 day free trial and they charged me $99.95 and wont returned my money. I called several times, left messages but they never answered or returned my calls. STAY AWAY!

  27. Avatar of Vincent Vincent says:

    Really think you should put the 2020 update at the top of this post as a warning.

    They took full payment from me at the time of joining 2nd July 2020, on a free trial. Then said I didn’t cancel the free trial, how do you cancel something that hadn’t started?

  28. Avatar of Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Avoid, avoid, avoid!! I tried them out but found the overwhelming number of reminders and sales pushes extremely annoying. So I cancelled immediately and received written confirmation. The next month they charged me £50! I have contacted them again, called them (can’t speak to anyone just a very weird, repetitive message about ‘turning your back on your goals’). Nightmare!

  29. Avatar of Connie Connie says:

    Shaw Academy is completely a scam.Trust Pilot has raised an investigation on them. The unauthorised transaction is not glitch or any tech issues. What kind of decent company refuses to refund clients when they are wrongly charged by website errors? Totally disgusting way of marketing! Rubbish

  30. Avatar of John B. John B. says:

    These guys from Shaw Academy are the most discrete thieves ever. Once they have your debit/credit card details they’ll make unauthorised transactions and steal your money legally for whatever stupid reason. If you make a complaint and ask for a refund they’ll tell you it’s written in their Terms & Conditions and they can’t accept your request. Also when you call to cancel your account (apparently you have to call, you can’t just do it directly from your account, they’ll never mention this so they have time to screw you up), you’ll be bombarded with offers for new subscription (so called “cheaper options”), the opportunity to add others on your account and many more instead of simply asking you to confirm your account cancellation (the worst part it that you’re talking to a robot so you have to waste time like crazy). One day I got a call from one of their guys and he offered me some full subscription for less then he asked if it sounds good. I told him that it sounds good, I’ll think about it and let them know but once I hung up my phone they wanted to charge me £100 for something I never agreed on, good thing the transaction was cancelled due to insufficient funds. Listen everyone, don’t get near these guys if you really want to invest in your future, everything that’s eye-catchy about them is just marketing crap and once you give them access to your bank account they’ll screw you up. Don’t let yourself get fooled by so called “good reviews” on their website cause it’s all a lie and not only that, the courses are too much theory based, unprofessional and a waste of time (feels like they are teaching kids, not students/adults). Be wise, invest in something that’s actually worth it, don’t lose your money like me with this scam and always read the bad reviews first before starting a course online. These are not the only ones, there are others that charge you £1000, then at the end of the day you’re left with nothing and obviously you can’t go against them and get your money back, because of the legal power, and what I call “legal stealing”.
    PS: Always be cautious, it’s full of scams everywhere!

  31. Avatar of Alex B Alex B says:

    This is a scam! Stay away from Shaw Academy, one of the worst business experiences of my life. Constantly nickle and dime you, make it unreasonably difficult to cancel and they will charge you for products you do not use or do not want. It took about a month and a complaint to the BBB to get a refund from Shaw Academy. STAY AWAY FROM SCAM ACADEMY. You have no idea how many future headaches you will enjoy

  32. Avatar of ray ray says:

    Shaw academy is definitely a scam. cancelling your subscription is pretty much impossible. Anyone wondering how they can avoid being charged any further should either contact their bank or paypal. When i messaged paypal about this issue they ended the billing agreement for me, so i can not be charged in the future. I also removed my card details from paypal just to be safe. calling your bank regarding this issue could also be resolved by them. As long as you cancel any billing agreement you have with them and they do not hold any of your payment details you should be good.

    The only thing Im having trouble with is deleting my phone number from their account..

    Someone should report this to instagram as through their page and various ads they generate new customers..

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Ray. I guess contacting bank or PayPal should do the trick if you can’t cancel your Shaw Academy subscription.

  33. Avatar of Feyi Feyi says:

    it is a Scam,i registered for the free trial and 2 deductions has been from my account, Ist one was 39 dollars and the other one 69.99 even after cancelling subscription.the customer service number does not work

  34. Avatar of Ghitta Ghitta says:

    I think you should update your blog because Shaw Academy is definitely a scam. See the latest update on TrustPilot. Theres also 2x shaw academy scam.fb groups, a scam insta group, numerous posts on reddit and twitter. They are definitely scammimg millions.of people. Please update your blog.

  35. Avatar of Sana Sana says:

    I had taken a course with Shaw Academy a year or so ago and I wasn’t charged anything. This time when they opened up the 4-week free online courses, I thought it was going to be just like last time. I tried to cancel before the free trial ended but it told me to call the number and since it was late on Friday night, I couldn’t call right away. I put my account on pause, only to be charged $66 anyway for the membership. I have sent them an email and am still awaiting their response. I’m also contacting PayPal to complain of their behavior. Is there a government agency here in the US we can write to about how this website has been taking people’s money?

  36. Avatar of Julia Julia says:

    Do not use them! I would give them negative stars if I could. They are a complete scam! First off, their reviews on their website are fake. If you write a negative review on their website they take it down. I signed up for a week-free trial, and I did not even finish it because the course was so terrible. Later I found out I was charged for 2 months. Their customer service has no phone number so you cannot call anyone, you can only email. I’ve emailed back and forth with who I think is their customer care, because they don’t even have a dedicated email. They refuse to give me a refund, they say that I repurchased the course when I never did. They can clearly see I never use the course, I didn’t even finish the trial. They refused to give me a refund and instead offer me 6 months free, and after those 6 months they will charge my card again. Please do not use them! Refund my money shaw academy.

    • Avatar of Deborah Deborah says:

      Hi Julia this has just happened to me and i am determined to get my money back. Did you get your refund? Wish I had seen all these reviews before I signed up.

  37. Avatar of Julia Julia says:

    I don’t think anyone will be able to read this review, because Shaw academy only posts fake reviews on their main site. All of their negative reviews get buried deep in the back, or even taken off of their website. I have posted time and again on every other review site I could to expose Shaw academy. I have posted on job sites, learning sites, all over Google, and I have seen review similar to mine. Do not use Shaw academy. They are a complete scam! They offer a free trial and then charge your card for months until you find out. Then when you confront them about it, they tell you nothing can be done. Shaw academy doesn’t even have a phone number! Please refund me my money already, I will keep posting and I will keep emailing. I will report you to the better bureau for businesses. Anonymous should come by or some other hacker and take you down. I will not stand for being blindly scammed.

  38. Avatar of Disgruntled customer Disgruntled customer says:

    I started to sign up for a free trial photography course. It was unable to confirm so I then sent an email requesting help but received none. Only an email asking how their customer service was in answering my question. There was no answer so not helpful. Then without receiving any product because the course was never able to be confirmed I was charged $69.99 on June 17. This is probably when the free trial ended, but I was never able to receive any of their services. I was also never warned that the trial was ending. I had actually forgotten about it because it had never gone through. I am no longer interested in the course, and since I was never able to use your services, I would like my money back. I am investigating this now.

  39. Avatar of ruth ruth says:

    this is fraud. they will charge your bank account regardless you have requested to cancel your subscription.

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Ruth. Have you tried connecting with their support team for the same?


    I availed of the free trial and I am fully aware that I was one day away from the last day of trial. So last night I searched on how to cancel membership and I knew that I have to call a number in order for me to cancel. So I did what I was told to do the whole day today. But I could not reach the number they placed in the site so I opted to PAUSE MEMBERSHIP because I CANNOT CANCEL IT. SO AS I TRIED CLICKING PAUSE, I CANNOT PAUSE IT. Minutes after, STRIPE messaged me that I PAID 500 PESOS VIA AMEX and then, SHAW ACADEMY BILLED ME 500 PESOS WITHOUT EVEN NOTIFYING ME FOR THIS ACTION.
    My account was in the PAUSE MEMBERSHIP STATUS because no matter how many times you will call, you cannot really reach them. I did not want to continue membership that is why I called them again and I got to reach them and they kept on saying UNECESSARY THINGS and there desperation is really reeking.
    For goodness sake, do not ever fall into this scam. Pre-recorded videos, and unnotified payments will not help you learn. THIS IS A HOPELESS CASE. BOYCOTT SHAW ACADEMY.

  41. Avatar of sam sam says:

    Last month after being charged and wanted to cancel and get a refund, they told me they couldn’t proceed to a refund but instead they cancelled my subscription and gave me 6months free, i was like ok why not, seems fair. I just got charged another time a few days ago, and they’ve been ignoring my emails since then.

  42. Avatar of Nathan Nathan says:

    Hi, Any news on whether these issues have been resolved? If not what other online study platforms would people recommend. I am looking for something that gives you a diploma or at least certificate of completion.

  43. Avatar of Tikya Tikya says:

    This is a scam!

  44. Avatar of Tikya Tikya says:

    How can i disable this platform. It charges to my account even if i cancel my subscription

  45. Avatar of Tenaya Browning Tenaya Browning says:

    They are scams!!!

  46. Avatar of Richard Richard says:

    BEWARE. SCAM. Please update your review to reflect the unlawful and fraudulent business practices from Shaw Academy. They are intentionally taking money from people’s accounts without permission. They are soliciting bank details by promise of a ‘free trial’ and then not allowing people to cancel and taking money anyway.

  47. Avatar of Lance Lance says:

    It’s a scam. The cancel process is just a loop. Only way to stop payments was to cancel our credit card. Disgusting business

    • Avatar of kajol kajol says:

      Hey! If I were to cancel my card, would they really stop billing me, or do they send bills to my home?

    • Avatar of Faith @ WFHR Faith @ WFHR says:

      Sorry to hear that, Lance. Unfortunately, a lot of people are facing similar issues with them. Can you get a hold of their support team?

  48. Avatar of Sam Sam says:

    Guys help me I want to cut off my membership!

  49. Avatar of Carla Carla says:

    They are a scam. The 4.5/5 rating are most likely fake reviews by fake people. Nothing good came out of subscribing to this company. Aside from them stealing money, they’re content is not good at all and the courses are not even offered live, which is what they advertise. I could probably make better videos myself. You’re better off learning from Youtube.

  50. Avatar of Anna Anna says:

    Definitely a scam. Trustpilot rating is all paid reviews from third World countries. I have been unfairly charged and nothing has been solved. Please stay away.

  51. Avatar of Shawacademy SCAM Shawacademy SCAM says:

    Hi, can you please update your article with a scam warning at the beginning? It’s not enough to warn people right at the very end, especially when they’re most likely to only read the first paragraph. We want to prevent as much victims as we can and our website is a good source to do that.

    • Avatar of Richard Richard says:

      I agree. Please do amend your review to help us warn people. We are trying hard to warn people about this practice and the defrauding of thousands of people. We need a concerted effort to stop this organisation.

  52. Avatar of Allen-dvc Allen-dvc says:

    Since everyone complains about Shaw accademy, can anyone reccomend an online reliable school that offers same level (I regard shaw accademy courses very well done as I am doing the free trial) sport and nutrition courses?

    • Avatar of Faith @ WFHR Faith @ WFHR says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment. For sport and nutrition courses, you should check out Teachable and Udemy. These platforms are among the best ones out there, and they cover a wide range of topics.

      For building an online business of your own, it’s recommended you check out our free affiliate marketing guide instead. It’s a step-by-step blueprint anyone can follow to get started online.

  53. Avatar of Márcio Márcio says:

    Did you get paid to tell they are not a scam? Off course they are. They claim to have 4 week free trial but they charge the credit card as soon as you sign up.

    I opened a dispute in paypal, this is no way to do business.

    • Avatar of Valentina Leon Vanegas Valentina Leon Vanegas says:

      HI! same story here!. did you get any solution?

    • Avatar of Faith @ WFHR Faith @ WFHR says:

      Please check there was an update to this review some two weeks ago, and it mentions the same. As of late, not many people are having a positive experience with the platform. We are in the same boat – I don’t recommend the platform either.

  54. Avatar of Rebekah C. Rebekah C. says:

    I received several unauthorized charges on my account. I also attempted to get a refund for a module which they had previously said would be free, but which I was charged for anyway. They just continued to repeat that all their policies are clearly communicated and they couldn’t give me a refund. what a terrible experience. And the classes I took weren’t even good.

    • Avatar of Faith @ WFHR Faith @ WFHR says:

      Thanks for sharing this, Rebekah. Sorry to learn about the experience you have had with the platform. As of late, a lot of users are running into issues with them.

  55. Avatar of Stanley Stanley says:

    They are not legit. They are a scam. The lessons are years old pre-recorded videos, everything is responded to with a bot. They make cancelling the free trial near impossible then take a payment anyway. I really would update this article to acknowledge the feedback you are getting.

  56. Avatar of Ron Ron says:

    Definitely a scam, wouldn’t let me cancel through email or online. You have to call in and listen to 5 different audio recordings of more products and selecting cancel 5 more times. Waste of money!

    • Avatar of Adelaide Adelaide says:

      Hi Ron,

      Did you manage to cancel your account and if so, would you mind explaining how you managed, in the end, please as I have also fallen victim to this scam 🙁

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Thanks for your comment, Ron – that’s unfortunate. As of late, it’s definitely a program to avoid.

  57. Avatar of Steven Lewis Steven Lewis says:

    Ok Shaw Academy, let’s play this game. I see that you respond to the negative reviews really quickly before it’s damage control to protect your image and reputation. But you try too hard with the offers and promotional emails that cries gimmick. I cancel anyway and I then get emails saying that the charges for payment failed. Why charge me during a trial period. You rep offered me 60 days, free toolkit and access to module 1 final assignment. But I didn’t see that accounted for and I was not sticking around to wait for it. When did you ever have to pay for your final assignment. That’s not including the 40 to 70 monthly after the trial period. Yes, they promote now when they know people are home due to the coronivirus. Y’all are taking advantage of the jobless and people needing career change. Opportunists taking advantage of a crisis. Shame.

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Hello Steven, thanks for sharing this. Looks like Shaw Academy definitely isn’t worth joining since their feedback isn’t great over the past few months. I’d recommend contacting PayPal as a last resort, I’m sure they can help in reversing the transactions.

  58. Avatar of Ceci J Ceci J says:

    Don’t do it. They have the worst interface and customer service ever.

    I decided to sign up during the corona virus epidemic since there was an advertisement claiming to offer a completely free trial. I thought I had nothing to lose, and in a time of such uncertainty in terms of finances and health, I was nervous of being scammed but I had faith because I read some positive reviews online. DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE TRICKED. Immediately when I was logged in, checking out their page, it seems I clicked a button that AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED ME $40 without even allowing me to review or approve whatever I was purchasing. It wasn’t anything I wanted or needed. It was a certificate for the first Module. Apparently, taking the courses for 4 weeks is free, but if you want any kind of Final Assignment or eCertificate, they charge you $40 for each one (and the course has 4 modules, so it adds up real quick). These small auto-pay buttons continually pop up all over in the website and in pop-ups. I feel like I’m constantly being spammed with these landmine auto-charges.

    I contacted their support team and after taking several days to get back to me, they said it was not possible to refund or cancel the certificate purchase, even though I had not taken a single class and I said I didn’t ever want or need the certificate. It’s so so sad and horrible for this company to take advantage of its vulnerable users in a time of such need. I’m ashamed and embarrassed that I was so excited to take this course, and that I actually believed that they were doing something kind to educate people while we are forced out of our jobs and struggling with this pandemic.

    After I gave up all hopes of getting back those $40 (which to me, mean a lot… I can’t afford just to lose $40), I tried attending my first lesson. It was AWFUL. Really basic stuff, pre-recorded with some childlike graphics, and the voice was a horribly fake and annoying-sounding girl’s voice. There was no sense of a classroom with other people. there was a chat where I could only see my own responses and nobody else. I hated it so much I wanted to click out of it but I wanted to see if it opened up to questions so I could maybe talk to a real person about what had happened to me, but no. No open questions. Just a faceless annoying pre-recorded robot teacher. And then you can’t pause or rewatch anything unless you buy one of their other $40-per-lesson add-ons. I learned nothing. I wasted $40. Don’t fall into the same trap.

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      That sucks, Ceci. thanks for sharing this with us. I still think you can recover the lost $40 from the PayPal resolution center, simply log into your account, report the transaction, and there’s a fair chance you could retrieve the lost funds.

  59. Avatar of Daniella K. Daniella K. says:

    I saw that Shaw Academy was offering free classes for 4 weeks, but you had to connect a credit card or your paypal account. After signing up, I was trying to navigate the site, and accidentally clicked on a button to find out about getting the classwork slides. Immediately they charged my Paypal account. There was no conformation, just a one click charge to the account I had linked. When I emailed them to get my money back – they could see that I had not downloaded any information, I hadn’t even attended any classes (which they aren’t even classes, they are just pre-recorded videos). I asked to cancel my membership right away and emailed them on Mon 3/23/2020 3:42 PM. I filled out the paperwork to cancel online, and it just took me to a screen telling me to give them a call. They responded that they would not give me my money back.

    I asked for it back again. And again they refused.

    Since they still had not confirmed that I wanted to cancel the membership, I once again emailed them that I wanted to cancel. On 4/10/2020 9:04 PM I received an email saying that my membership had been cancelled. It read “Your membership with Shaw Academy has now been cancelled. It will be reflected within 24 hours in your account. We are sorry to see you go and we appreciate that in the current climate things can be difficult. We have seen a huge increase in the number of students who want to upskill recently, and we take our responsibility very seriously. As a result, we would like to credit your Shaw Academy account with 2 months free access completely free of charge. So that you can continue to study and achieve your goals despite having cancelled your subscription.”

    Today 4/20/20 they charged my Paypal the renewal fee and I cannot contact anyone in person to dispute this. I’ve emailed them. I can’t even leave a bad review on their FB because they have reviews disabled. They are obviously all about cheating people out of their money.

    • Avatar of Kezia M Kezia M says:

      Hi Daniella, do you still get charged until today? I have just cancelled my free membership and got confirmed that it’s been cancelled.

      • Avatar of Kate Kate says:

        Hello Kezia, please help me out. I filled up the form for cancellation and called the number given but unfortunately the answered through automated response telling me that their office is closed and that I should call within business hours but I did call within business hours three times.
        Can you tell me how you cancelled it? Please, thank you!

      • Avatar of Noelle Noelle says:

        How please?!

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Sorry to hear that, Daniella. I’d recommend raising a PayPal dispute from resolution center section in your PP account. Might just help you get your funds back. Simply select the transaction and file a claim. Hope this helps!

  60. Avatar of Ground Photos Ground Photos says:

    I signed up for the 30 day free class and the next day got hit with a $35 charge via my paypal. They won’t refund it, they try getting you to buy into $599 program with months of free stuff and some other bait and switch propaganda. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

    • Avatar of Joy Ebri Joy Ebri says:

      Where you ever able to cancel it and get a refund?? pls help me out, I can’t afford to loose that amount of money.

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience, there are way better programs out there. I don’t recommend Shaw Academy either.

  61. Avatar of Anonymous Anonymous says:

    I was a few minutes earlier for my class and was trying to log in to my shaw academy account by the email and password and it said either of them are not correct. I did enter the correct one but it still denied. So I clicked on – forgot password and had reset a new password. Due to the reset for a new password process, I was late by a minute and now I am unable to join the class. It said that I could join the 3rd class next week. I was also looking for another way to re-join the same class that I had just missed just by a minute due to a glitch due to Shaw Academy website, but I still was not able to. That is why I’m cancelling my membership and classes course from Shaw Academy. I was not happy by this experience.

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m sorry to learn that. However, we all usually learn the hard way. Unfortunately, that’s true with most business opportunities we encounter online.

  62. Avatar of Dean Dean says:

    Shaw Academy is a SCAM. Good luck trying to cancel after your trial period. They keep taking you in a loop. Go through all the links to cancel only to be told to call their number. It’s a recording that takes you through endless options only to be told to go to their website to cancel. DO NOT EVEN TRY OUT THEIR TRIAL…YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU DID!

    • Avatar of Florence Florence says:

      It was a bad experience really. Shawn academy is a big scam and bunch of liars. I regretted ever signing up.

      The pop-ups frustrated my efforts to take the free trials so I left trying. Only for them to deduct money from my card.

      When I asked them for refund, they bluntly wrote to say they can’t.

    • Avatar of Noelle Noelle says:

      So how do you eventually cancel please?

    • Avatar of Tee Bee Tee Bee says:

      Thanks Dean. thanks to your comment right here i decided not to put in my credit card number for their supposed free trial. I was a bit sceptic but after your comment in my mind it’s 100% sure it’s a scam.

    • Avatar of Nima Nima says:

      Hi Dean, you are absolutely right. I’ve been trying to call them multiple times now, to cancel my membership but it just goes straight to waiting zone all the time!!
      Were you able to cancel your membership? Any help would be appreciated .

    • Avatar of Marissa Marissa says:

      How did you get rid of them?

    • Avatar of Brian Brian says:

      They have charged me so much money over the last 2 months even though I cancelled due to losing my job, There is no way to cancel

      • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

        Brian, can you try solving this via PayPal? That could do the trick if it’s not working out through Shaw Academy customer support.

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences here, Dean. I’m sorry to learn that. I certainly don’t recommend Shaw Academy as there are better options out there for learning new skills (and eventually making money online). A program that doesn’t even let people cancel memberships after the trial period is over has to be an obvious scam!

  63. Avatar of John John says:

    STAY AWAY! I just signed up, and there is no way for me to log in into my account to take classes. The “Login” button on the top right is gone. April 1, 2020.

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Hello John, thanks for sharing your experience here. I guess that must have been a temporary bug/error on the website, the button is still there. Can you verify this please?

  64. Avatar of Bob Joe Bob Joe says:

    Honestly, I still feel it is a scam. I did the free “trial” class. I took 3-4 sessions. They were ALL pre-recorded but told you they were live. You needed to buy the “tool kit” in order to do anything. That was unexpected. Then, you also needed to buy a copy of the certificate. With all the negative reviews, you would think the company would do something to improve to reduce the # of negative reviews.

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Sorry to hear that, Bob. Looks like Shaw Academy clearly doesn’t listen to the critics and they don’t want to improve their ‘services’. I certainly don’t recommend the program either, and their constant upsells/upgrade prompts make their case even worse.